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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2022

Unum Group is a Fortune 500 and publicly traded company (UNM) in the insurance sector. The company’s subsidiaries include Colonial Life Insurance. Unum was started in 1848 as a life insurance company at a time when the concept was brand new. 

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the company has continued as an insurance company, merging with Provident Group and expanding to the UK and Poland. 

The company offers a variety of insurance options to both small and large companies, including life and disability insurance as well as other supplemental insurance policies (vision, dental, illness, etc.)

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The Good

  • Cash Benefits
  • Family Policy
  • International Coverage

Cash Benefits

When customers file a claim for an accident, the company provides a check or direct deposit of the money, allowing for a choice in how to use funds. The money does not go directly to doctors or medical providers. This allows customers to use funds in the best manner possible to address costs.

Family Policy 

Unum offers accident policies for individuals, as well as spouse and family plans. Many individuals are limited by an employer’s options of benefits, so providing full-family coverage is a unique differentiator in the insurance marketplace.

International Coverage 

The company’s accident insurance will cover customers in any location world-wide, and is not limited by geography.

This is increasingly important for customers who may work, live, and travel across disparate geographic regions, where being covered in a home residence may not be sufficient.

It also means customers do not have to pay insurance twice: at home for local coverage, and in travel or travel accidental insurance, too.


The Bad

  • Untimely Payments
  • Poor Customer Service 
  • Employer Plans Only   

Untimely Payments 

Numerous customers have complained that Unum’s payments for claims take a long time and aren’t always the agreed upon amount.

This is discouraging for any customer already dealing with the interruption and stress of a claim incident.

However, other companies like Aflac also have similar complaints. With that said, Buddy Insurance is known for quick payouts and easy payments like cash or direct deposit, so there must be a way for Unum to do better in this area.

Poor Customer Service 

Customers have complained that it is difficult to reach a customer service representative when questions cannot be answered through the website.

There are also reports that customers do not receive calls back when promised.

This lack of communication is sub-par, especially in a global economy where auto-replies and 24/7 text-based and messenger-based customer service is ubiquitous, especially in the travel and insurance sectors.

Customers have indicated that other major insurance companies like MetLife also have poor communication as well.

Employer Plans Only 

Plans are only available through employers; independent persons can not apply for policies. This is a disadvantage for potential customers who wish to sign up, but are unable to because the employer is not signed on with Unum.  


The Bottom Line

Unum has a very long history in the insurance business and is a large company with resources. While there are customer complaints, the amount is lower than the national average for companies in the insurance sector.

The international coverage is reassuring for those who travel often, as well as the ability to add family members to a policy.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer individual policies, so it is not an option for those without an employer.

Overall, this is a good option, but careful comparison with other companies and policies will ensure that the best fit is found. 

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Monica O. Folsom, CA

Waste of my time. I was injured and out of work temporarily, I had Unum insurance so I placed a claim. It took over a month to even get a decision and then I recieced 2 checks about 3 weeks apart and for WAY different amounts. Then they needed more information from my doctor to extend claim, which they recieved. This time they put my status as "paying" but I NEVER received a check. I asked for an breakdown several times and was ignored. Now, when they first started paying me, they deducted what they said I would recieve in state disability despite whether I was ACTUALLY getting state disability. They said that there was nothing left after deducting this after they extended my claim. The claims adjuster just kept ignoring my questions. After another few weeks I recieved a letter requesting I sign another form so they could get medical records from my doctor since the first one expired. I explained I refused to sign if I am going to get nothing but a headache as I try to recover from a spinal injury. The answer I got was "you may want to consider continuing your claim in case it goes long term and state disability runs out,, then I will get money"......TOTAL waste of my time.

1 year ago