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LAST UPDATED: December 17th, 2023

Buddy was started by three founders, Charles Merritt, Jay Paul, and David Vogeleer, who have backgrounds in marketing, insurance, and technology and all share a love of the outdoors. 

Buddy is geared towards those with active lifestyles, to cover out of pocket expenses if an accident or injury happens. Coverage starts at around $9 per day, or $51 per month.

Accident insurance can save thousands for adventure-loving world travelers for whom accidents can be a huge setback, financially as well as physically.

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The Good

  • Direct Payment
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Price

Direct Payment

Buddy Accident Insurance is paid directly to the policyholder, unlike health insurance which goes to the medical provider. This means the policy holder has the flexibility to use the money as they need or want.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 10-day cancellation period with a full refund, no penalty. This provides customers with the flexibility to change their minds about coverage, cancel policies, or switch plans without penalty.


Personal Plans start at only $51 per month and a family is $128 per month. A full list of the coverage amounts per incident is listed on the website. As an example, the policy will pay $500 for an emergency room visit or $750 per day (for up to 10 days) for a hospital stay. 

This goes beyond most people’s regular health insurance, and is particularly affordable for big vacations, adventure trips, or other situations. The transparency around pricing is refreshing; other companies like Aflac, MetLife, and Unum do not provide pricing online, but require customers to call in for more details.


The Bad

  • Supplementary Insurance
  • Coverage
  • Exceptions

Supplementary Insurance

This accident insurance is not meant to replace health insurance, but to supplement it. The company does not cover illnesses, diseases, suicide, any injuries sustained during active military duty, and other exemptions. 

For customers without health insurance, Buddy Insurance should not be considered a general health policy or a solution to not having adequate insurance for general medical needs. Similarly, Aflac also provides supplementary insurance, not primary health coverage.


Due to state policies and restrictions, citizens of certain states are unable to be covered by Buddy. California is one of those states. This fine print is very important for customers to understand before assuming coverage will be present for any trip.


The Buddy Insurance website has a list of available policies, as well as exempted activities.

This includes “BASE jumping, big wave surfing, bull riding, cave diving, cliff jumping, cross country eventing, freestyle motocross (FMX), free diving, free soloing/climbing (other than bouldering) without the use of ropes and appropriate equipment, mountaineering without appropriate use of ropes and equipment, highlining, running of the bulls, skydiving/parachuting, street luging, tow in surfing, wing suiting)”. 

Also injuries sustained while high or drunk and while committing or attempting to commit a felony are exempt from coverage. Customers should make sure to check these exemptions before planning trips and activities.


The Bottom Line

Buddy is a solid bet for adventurers who wish to put a little more protection on their individual or family life travels and pursuits. 

Customers should be aware that it is a supplemental insurance, and may or may not cover all activities in all locations. Reading the fine print is advised. 

The competitive coverage rates and reasonable, pricing transparent make Buddy a good deal for the adventure-minded but financially responsible traveler.

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Youngboy Hillsboro, OR

Buddy Accident Insurance has been a game-changer for me, providing peace of mind and financial security in unexpected situations. The comprehensive coverage and straightforward policy terms make it a standout choice in the realm of accident insurance. What sets Buddy apart is its user-friendly platform, which simplifies the process of obtaining coverage and filing claims. The transparency in policy details and the responsive customer support team have made my experience seamless and stress-free. I appreciate the flexibility that Buddy Accident Insurance offers, allowing me to customize coverage based on my specific needs. The straightforward pricing and absence of hidden fees contribute to the overall transparency that I value in an insurance provider. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the prompt and efficient claims process provided by Buddy has been reassuring. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their dedication to helping clients navigate through challenging times. Overall, Buddy Accident Insurance has exceeded my expectations, delivering on its promises with professionalism and reliability. If you're in search of an insurance provider that prioritizes transparency, flexibility, and exceptional customer service, Buddy is a standout choice.

6 months ago

star star star star star

Chad Edgar Columbia, MO

I got a real bad accident few months back and nobody to turn to when it came to someone to see my case through until I found buddy our customer service is so awesome like no longer had to worry that took care of everything for me you're the bestest buddy thank you

2 years ago Edited February 28, 2022

star star star star star

Glenn Hegie Chicago, IL

thanks for the travel insurance, worked well for me and my family, highly recommend it with the best price!

2 years ago