Even if you are planning a modest, smaller-scale wedding, the task list can be daunting. Even the low-key event requires shopping around for various vendors to provide items such as flowers, food and décor. Then, of course, there’s finding the right dress, which is a huge decision for the bride-to-be. Where do you find the right vendor, and how do you go about that? There are so many choices out there. Your friend or family member might have recommendations, but their tastes may be different. Your job would be easier if there was one place to go to have a list of all the different vendors you would need for various categories. Wedding Lovely has a solution. Established in 2011 and based in Silicon Valley, the site provides visitors a free look at hundreds of different vendors for your wedding needs. Reduce the time you spend searching for wedding accessories and let Wedding Lovely help you out. 

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The Good

  • Vendor Search
  • Free Access
  • Reminders and Checklists

Wedding Lovely will ease your burden and take a load of your shoulders as you plan your wedding. Sure, you'll do plenty on your own-Wedding Lovely can't do the wedding for you-but it will help eliminate the hassle of finding vendors and going through the sometimes-painstaking planning steps. Here are some pros about using Wedding Lovely:

Vendor Search

Depending on the scale and scope of your wedding, your vendor needs will differ. Perhaps you've got friends and family to help provide things such as cake, food and décor. But almost certainly, you're going to need to hire some outside professionals for the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, entertainment, wedding favors, and other items. The search will be significantly simplified when you use Wedding Lovely's vendor search, as you can see vendors in specific categories near you. You can even read reviews for other customers and get an accurate gauge of how they will work for you. The site even lists preferred vendors that users have used with success in the past.

Free Access

Any user will love this: the cost to use Wedding Lovely is absolutely nothing. You do have to sign up for an account, but doing so won't cost you a dime...ever.

Reminders and Checklists

Whether your time frame is several months or only a handful of weeks, your planning has to be well-timed and perfect in order for everything to come together as you desire. Wedding Lovely will keep you on track by sending regular reminder e-mails to let you know your planning progress and what is left to do. Your free checklist account integrates easily with your Pinterest account. 

Some people may have a good feel for what needs to be done before a wedding. For some, the planning to-dos are almost innate. For others, a wedding to-do list may be a foreign subject. At the very least, there are important elements that may be easily overlooked. Wedding Lovely solves this problem by providing a helpful checklist to ensure you're doing everything that needs to be done before you tie the knot.

The Bad

  • No Budget Help
  • No Shopping Tools
  • No Post-Wedding Tools

It's not all roses with Wedding Lovely. Indeed, the company has its strong points, as documented above, but it does lack in some areas. As you search for wedding planning assistance, consider the following negative aspects of the company in order to be well-informed and educated:

No Budget Help

Expenses can easily spiral out of control when planning and pulling off a wedding. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a good supply of financial resources and backing, it's prudent to carefully monitor where your money is going during the planning phase. Once you've established a budget, it's more difficult to stay within it if you don't have a budgeting system or budgeting assistance. Of course, you can do it the old fashioned way with a pen and paper or on your self-made spreadsheet, but a budgeting tool would be so helpful. Other competitors have them, so this omission is quite significant.

No Shopping Tools

The list of vendors and the ability to search for them is impressive and helpful, but the company does not offer the ability to shop on its site for accessories and décor, as other wedding planning companies do. It would be so convenient if Wedding Lovely had this function, as it removes yet another step from the tedious planning process.

No Post-Wedding Tools

Traditionally, the groom plans the honeymoon, so wouldn't it be helpful to have honeymoon-planning tools to get ready for this big event? Wedding Lovely has nothing in the way of post-wedding tools or tips. This potentially expensive trip deserves to have more support on a site like Wedding Lovely.

The Bottom Line

Wedding Lovely appears to be a strong company with an easy-to-use website with free membership. That is a huge attraction for anyone. If wedding planning is not your forte (and for most people, it's not), Wedding Lovely has an excellent checklist and guide in getting you started. If you don't know where to begin, Wedding Lovely will help. With thousands of vendors to choose from, you aren't likely to go wrong when selecting the right place to provide flowers, attire, catering, music and decorations. No doubt, you'll be impressed with these planning tools, and Wedding Lovely is an excellent choice to make these selections. On the other hand, the company does lack budgeting tools and registry capabilities. If these are important to you, Wedding Lovely might not be the best choice for planning your wedding. Overall, though, Wedding Lovely provides enough and is a tremendous value. 

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