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LAST UPDATED: September 24th, 2021

Since 1996, The Knot has been one of the most popular websites for excited brides-to-be.

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The Good

  • Endless Content
  • Helpful Planning Tools
  • Personalized Wedding Website

Endless Content

The Knot is popular for good reason: it has all the bells and whistles a bride-to-be could want. In addition to a full range of planning tools, The Knot also has enough visual candy to give Pinterest a run for its money. There are photo-based idea boards for invitations, decor, floral arrangements, cakes, hairstyles and more. Then, if you'd like to see how those fancy ideas could come together at your wedding, you can check out the Real Wedding Photos collection to see how other couples' weddings turned out. Set aside some free time, because you're going to need it to make your way through all this content.

Helpful Planning Tools

The Knot isn't all play, though - remember those planning tools we mentioned? There are to-do checklists, wedding notebooks, personal inspiration boards and features for managing your budget, guest list, RSVPs and gift registry. You can also email Save the Dates with The Knot's email feature.

Personalized Wedding Website

You can create a personalized website to share details about your upcoming event with friends and family. There are over 100 templates and several color schemes to choose from - and you have the option to upgrade to a personal domain for $19.99 per year. The Knot also allows you to integrate your wedding site with your Instagram account or add photos from an iPhone or Android to create an online photo album.


The Bad

  • Community Forums
  • Unethical Articles
  • Technical Downsides

Community Forums

While The Knot is indeed brimming with content, some of that content is less than ideal. Although The Knot has a team of moderators and its Terms of Use lists "no strong, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise harmful language," there is a good deal of profanity used in the community forums. This includes not only curse words, but also memes and images of obscene gestures. If you're simply looking for some lighthearted wedding banter with other brides-to-be or if you're uncomfortable with profanity, The Knot is probably not the site for you. And then there's the Snarky Brides forum (yes, that's what it's called). The Knot features a forum category in which brides-to-be complain, criticize, rant and verbally bash those who have rubbed them the wrong way, from their fiances to members of the bridal party to the guy in the neighboring cubicle at work. A common theme of many posts is to scrutinize other brides' proposals, invitations, bachelorette parties, wedding receptions or dresses, typically in an extremely negative light. When one bride-to-be debated whether she would "resentfully attend" another couple's wedding, a fellow bride-to-be chimed in and said, "please go and provide a running commentary so we can resent them with you." While the users in Snarky Brides are not bullying each other - they're usually tearing apart a third party - this type of conversation could easily lead to bullying behavior.

Unethical Articles

In addition to the profanity and snark-laced forums, our reviewers came across an article titled "How to Plan Your Wedding at Work (Without Getting Fired)." While we're all guilty of taking the occasional personal phone call or scrolling Facebook at work, scheming to covertly plan a wedding while on the clock is not wise career advice. The Knot could improve its content by opting not to present questionable guidance to its brides-to-be.

Technical Downsides

There are a few technical downsides to using The Knot. The site contains many ads, which greatly slows down the page loading time. Also, if you spend a few minutes on The Knot without being logged into your account, a Join Now/Log In box will appear and cover most of the content - and it can't be closed unless you do join or log in. Since membership is free, any visitor should be able to comfortably access the The Knot's content without being forced to create an account - a pop-up that can't be closed is a poor vehicle for obtaining more memberships and doesn't provide a user-friendly experience for the visitors who haven't created an account.


The Bottom Line

What you will get with The Knot: free access to a variety of wedding planning tools and countless photo galleries, as well as the ability to create a quality couples site. What you're less likely to get with The Knot: positive interactions on community forums, quick page load speeds or the freedom to browse the site without creating an account. If The Knot works for you, you can also move onto The Nest and The Bump, which are The Knot's affiliated sites for newlyweds and expectant mothers.

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Rhona Leffler Olney, MD

The Knot is a great tool for the wedding couple to post specifics about their wedding, such as date, time, location, wedding party, and gift registry, therefore making it a useful resource for guests as well.

5 months ago

star star star star star_border

Lindsey American Fork, UT

I used the free services for The Knot when I got married like the checklists and ideas for wedding parties and wedding planning. If I had done a paid one, I bet I could have personalized it better.

3 years ago

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