Launched in 2007, Style Me Pretty focuses on giving couples the most “chic and style-centric” weddings possible. Style Me Pretty doesn’t just give you basic ideas of an ordinary wedding. Rather, the site will show you how your wedding can be spectacular, gorgeous and ideal for the modern couple. There’s nothing wrong with going “all out” for your wedding; it’s your day—your time to shine and stand out. This is what Style Me Pretty will help you do. Style Me Pretty’s site is packed with thousands of ideas of how you can turn your wedding dream into reality. The site shows you actual weddings and connects you with thousands of vendors and accessories that real people have used with great satisfaction at their own wedding. With Style Me Pretty, there’s virtually no way you’ll be short on ideas for your own wedding. When you give it a try and employs its ideas, you’ll blow people away with your big day. 

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The Good

  • Wedding Ideas
  • Vendor Selection
  • Do it Yourself

Some wedding planning companies and sites will give you standard ideas and cookie cutter visual of what your wedding can look like. Frankly, some of these ideas and suggestions can be stale, out of date and short on pizzazz. Style Me Pretty is not that. The site gives you endless options at making your happy day stand out and showcase everything that is wonderful about you and your significant other. Here's what you'll be excited about with Style Me Pretty:

Wedding Ideas

Style Me Pretty has a robust gallery where the happy couple-to-be can get myriad ideas for their wedding and wedding preparation. Need stylish ideas for décor, hairstyles, dresses, cakes, jewelry, veils and more? Style Me Pretty has an endless array of ideas other have used to pretty up their wedding. You're sure to find what you're looking for as you plan every aspect of your wedding. This section is especially helpful if your short on ideas or have had a hard time finding something that fits your style.

Vendor Selection

This feature is as good as any vendor selection you'll find with a wedding planning company or site. The vendor guide allows you to select venues, destinations, food, gifts, fashion, flowers, photography, videography and more. Also, you can filter by location-U.S. state, region or even international locations. What's more, you'll be connected to actual weddings and see what real couples did for their weddings and where they went and what vendors they used. This tool gives you an accurate look at what various vendors will do for you.

Do it Yourself

Even "fancy" and stylish weddings don't have cost an insane amount. And even if you are able to spend a pretty penny, there's nothing wrong with doing some of the work yourself. Perhaps you even prefer making the centerpieces or wedding favors. Style Me Pretty has an informative section that teaches you how to do some of these things yourself. The list of do it yourself items is lengthy and includes cakes, desserts, photo backdrops and accessories. Don't worry if you're not the crafty type. The guides make it so easy that anyone can follow them.

The Bad

  • Niche Style
  • Few Wedding Tools
  • No Honeymoon Planning

Don't be duped into believing Style Me Pretty has every solution for every couple on Earth. The site is not perfect and will not satisfy everyone. Here are some cons about using Style Me Pretty as you plan your upcoming wedding:

Niche Style

The styles and ideas that you'll find on Style Me Pretty are definitely unique. The founder herself acknowledges that it is meant for the "modern" bride and for couples who prefer more elegance and a more chic ambiance. While this is appealing to some, by no means does every couple desire this in their wedding. Many couples are perfectly content for low-key, modest weddings. Both preferences are perfectly fine. After all, it's all about what fits the couple's needs and wants best. Just be aware that if you are the more conservative side, you won't find as many alluring ideas at Style Me Pretty as you will on other sites.

Few Wedding Tools

You will get a plethora of wedding ideas from Style Me Pretty; however, once you've got your ideas and start putting them into action, you won't have as much support as you'd find with other wedding planners and sites. Style Me Pretty does not have budgeting tools or assistants to keep you on track and to help you stay within limits you have set. In addition, there are no RSVP trackers, save the date alerts, seating chart helps or guest list tools. These are all critical elements in planning and carrying out your wedding, and Style Me Pretty misses the mark on these. Truthfully, the site is more dedicated to giving you ideas and providing education than it is giving ongoing support during the process.

No Honeymoon Planning

After the wedding plans and the actual ceremony and event, there's the important honeymoon. This is a wonderful way to start your life together and to take a well-deserved break from reality before jumping into paying bills and living your fast-paced life. However, Style Me Pretty offers nothing in the way of honeymoon planning or tips. Wouldn't it be nice to have similar attention placed on this special event?

The Bottom Line

If you are into modern style and elegance, Style Me Pretty is definitely for you. You won't find many better options to generate ideas and get you started visualizing your fabulous event. Truly, this is a top-notch site with more real-wedding ideas than most wedding planners will offer. Your wedding will be all the better if you use Style Me Pretty. Of course, as mentioned, your style might not match what Style Me Pretty is all about. If this is true for you, there's no compelling reason to use the site. Plus, if you need help with budgeting, invitations and guest tracking, there are other options outside of Style Me Pretty that would better suit you. However, if you consider yourself "modern" or "stylish" and need ideas, don't hesitate to give Style Me Pretty a look. You and your guests will forever remember how amazing your wedding was.

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