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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most joyful, memorable day of your life. It’s a day you share with the person you love the most and a day you intend to cherish forever. You want all your closest friends, family members and associates to know about the day and to be there to support you and celebrate with you as you take this important step. Naturally, you want everything to come together perfectly for your wedding, and you want the entire process to be smooth and free of anxiety and stress. More than that, your wedding is a showcase of the beautiful bond that you and your special someone are forging, and you are excited to display that to everyone you know. To help you promote your big day and invite your desired guests to this special event, eWedding has created a way to make your job easier. Founded in 2013, eWedding helps you to create your own wedding website where you can easily communicate details about your upcoming nuptials with friends and family. 

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The Good

  • Customize Your Website
  • Tools & Options

Customize Your Website

Brides and grooms can now send endless information about their wedding to friends and family via their own websites. That's what eWedding does. You'll be thoroughly impressed by the sites eWedding lets you build. You will have access to a number of site templates where you can to choose the theme, look, feel and color. 

Your website allows you to put practically anything and everything you want about your upcoming wedding and about you and your significant other. The bride and groom can each add a message about the other. Feel free to include where and how you met, how you fell in love and came to know your special someone was "The One." You can include a running countdown to your wedding date and share photos, stories and notes-practically whatever you'd like to let people know.

Tools & Options

There's an easy way to keep track of who's coming to the wedding. Your site has an RSVP tool to collect responses from your invited guests online. When guests reply, you automatically get a text alerting you in real time. This can be used not only for the wedding ceremony but for the reception, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or any other pre-wedding events you desire.

You can list where you are registered, and your guests can easily click on a link to the establishment and pick a gift for you. There are few limits to where you may register. You can easily import any mailing lists you have for the wedding onto your site to ease your invitation process. Lastly, you can choose your site's domain name. 


The Bad

  • Lacking Additional Content
  • Limited Contact Info
  • Premium Membership

Lacking Additional Content

As a wedding website builder, eWedding is fantastic-one of the best you'll find. However, eWedding solely specializes in wedding websites and integrated tools. No other content or options are offered. Several other wedding planning websites provide a couples site platform, as well as content, extra tools, and vendor directories to help actually plan the event. 

When you choose eWedding, you can build the website of your choice and put whatever relevant information you choose about your wedding and your partner. But if you need information about vendors-if you need to get started with selecting the flowers, dresses, shoes, cake, food, entertainment, venue and décor, that's not what eWedding is about. This time-consuming, sometimes-exasperating process is all up to you, so you'll have to go hunting for all of these support elements yourself. It would ease your burden considerably if eWedding had a vendor search function.

How much you can and want to spend on your wedding can vary considerably from the ultra modest and conservative to the completely lavish and extravagant. It's all up to you. But it's so easy to overspend if you don't set a budget. This is critical, regardless of how much money you have. And unless you are in the minority, you need some tools and resources to help keep you on track. Unfortunately, eWedding doesn't offer this, nor does it offer any guidelines or advice whatsoever on the subject of budgeting. So if you go with eWedding, be ready to be a meticulous budgeter.

Limited Contact Info

You'll love what eWedding can do to help you build your own site. Ironically, however, eWedding's own site has some eye-opening flaws. First, some pages are missing or have no information at all. Plus, there is little information about the company itself. You won't even be able to find a phone number to call if you have questions or problems. Again, there is no phone number listed on the site to call for customer support. There is no live chat either. The only way to get help is to send an email.

Premium Membership

Users of the basic, free plan aren't given access to all of the site's options. eWedding offers 12 website themes to choose from; 5 are free and 7 are premium. A premium membership is only $9 per month. Other wedding planning websites offer hundreds of themes to choose from. 


The Bottom Line

To put it simply, eWedding is a web developing company that can help you built a personalized website where you can announce your wedding share details about your big day. You can have a sleek, stylish, customized site.  If this is your goal, eWedding is an excellent resource and one you'd be hard-pressed to dislike. Keep in mind that eWedding isn't a full-service wedding planner; it simply helps you build a site, and then you take it from there. If you want support tools to help you budget, shop, find vendors, plan the honeymoon and make a checklist, eWedding isn't for you. If this is the case, you'll want to seek a wedding planner who might not provide you with the ability to build a site with pizzazz but will take the pain out planning. If you fall in love with one of eWedding's website themes, you can always use it for your wedding website, and then add on other outside resources for help planning the event. 

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Lynn Ooltewah, TN

I have a premium membership and our wedding website will not load. I have contacted them via email (because that's the only way to communicate with them) on several occasions and it takes 24-48 hours for a response. Every month I've had issues with the site not loading which isn't great considering it's handling all the RSVP's!

2 years ago

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Samuel Coffey St Louis, MO

I have messaged customer support several time and never heard back. This is a seriously horrible product. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! You will be insanely frustrated.

4 years ago