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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Founded in Cardiff, California, in 2002, Aisle Planner provides individuals and wedding planners with an intuitive dashboard that provides step-by-step instruction and aids to ensure that the wedding is as wonderful as possible. Aisle Planner helps the wedding planner or the individuals getting married stay on budget, manage wedding guest invitations, and ensure that all related pieces to the wedding event are selected perfectly and are in place to add to the splendor of the all-important day. 

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The Good

  • Budget Tools
  • Event, Guest & Checklist Tools
  • Design Studio

Planning an unforgettable wedding has numerous key pieces. If any of these pieces are overlooked or carried out in an incomplete or shoddy manner, the glorious day could turn into disaster. There is literally so much to manage with a wedding, and Aisle Planner will help the wedding planner and the individual do this as effectively as anyone. Here are some tremendous aspects of this company:

Budget Tools

Taste, resources, personal situation and a number of other factors determine how much you can and would like to spend on a wedding. Often, it is very difficult, if not nigh impossible, to stay within established budget constrains. Securing a venue, purchasing flowers, ordering a cake, buying the right wedding dress, hiring a band, and a number of other necessary elements can add up quickly. Watching your expenses skyrocket can happen easily. But with Aisle Planner's budget tool, you can keep within your expense parameters and ensure that you are being wise in your spending guidelines. The tool has a line item list of everything you'll need. It's also customizable to fit your needs and balances as your purchases change.

Event, Guest & Checklist Tools

Whether you are planning a low-key event with only immediate family members, or whether you want to invite everyone you know and everyone your family members know, the Aisle Planning Event and Guest Tool will help you manage whom you want to invite and who has sent their RSVP responses. You can easily add, edit and manage your guests, plus, you can import any existing guest list you may have on an Excel or Word document. This tool shows which guests and how many have confirmed, declined or from whom you haven't gotten a response.

Overwhelmed with everything that has to be done for the wedding? Aisle Planner's Checklist will show you everything that you should do prior to your wedding and when it should be completed. All you have to do is input your wedding day, and Aisle Planner will show you the rest.

Design Studio

From the Aisle Planner platform you have access to a plethora of wedding ideas, including themes, colors, dresses, food and other wedding-related items.


The Bad

  • No Vendor Searching
  • No Post-Wedding Tools
  • No Shopping Tools

Wedding planners and individuals will love the planning tools Aisle Planner has. The platform, however, is not without flaws or shortcomings. Consider the following negative aspects of the company as you are searching for a wedding planning company to assist you in your efforts.

No Vendor Searching

True, once you select your vendors, Aisle Planner has an impressive tracking tool that allows you to manage payments and invoices. But the preliminary stage of simply finding vendors is absent from Aisle Planner. As you begin planning the wedding, one of the first things you'll do is select vendors for flowers, music, food, etc. Aisle Planner won't help you find the right vendors; you have to do that on your own. This can be a painstaking effort that takes valuable time and energy from your other planning needs.

No Post-Wedding Tools

Once the wedding is over, so is Aisle Planner, and any married person will tell you that the honeymoon can be almost as stressful and important to plan. Aisle Planner won't give you any help in choosing a destination or in providing tips or tools to help in this process. If you're looking for help planning the honeymoon, you'll have to look elsewhere.

No Shopping Tools

Aisle Planner does not have any shopping tools on its platform. Other competitors' sites and platforms allow you to purchase gifts, trinkets and other wedding supplies and wedding-related items, but Aisle Planner has no such resource. As well, there is no registry tool. For a couple to register at a store for the purposes of gift giving is an important element of planning a wedding. Many couples use this, but Aisle Planner lacks this function.


The Bottom Line

Aisle Planner has a wonderfully easy to use platform that takes the pain out of planning and managing wedding preparations. The design itself is sleek and nice looking. The dashboard is customizable and easy to use for the user. Undoubtedly, you will be happy with its functionality and usefulness. Aisle Planner is also appealing for the wedding planner and his or her business, as multiple weddings can be planned and tracked on one dashboard. Also, the individual will love the tools and resources as well. For these reasons, Wedding Planner is an exceptional way to make sure the wedding meets your dreams. However, if finding vendors and planning honeymoons are important to you, it's best to look at another company. But, if you can get past those lacking areas, you will no doubt have a successful wedding with the help of Aisle Planner. Wedding planners and individuals alike will love what it has to offer and how easy it makes the sometimes-headache of a process.  
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