Any customer, from those who want to start a personal or a hobby blog to a major cooperation, will be able to build and publish a website to fit their needs using Yola’s program. Their more than 10 million users have successfully used the features and services to complete their sites. There is something for everyone to find through Yola.  

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The Good

  • Design options
  • Building services

Customers who come to Yola to build their website will find that they will be able to publish a website that has a very professional, modern design. There are two different avenues to accomplish this task the customer can choose from; pre-designed templates or a custom design. Both of these options are common from many of their competitors but the options given through Yola stand out. There are hundreds of pre-designed templates available to choose from. Not only does the large amount of options help the customers to find a design that will work for them, they are also fully customizable. The customer has the option to change colors, fonts, backgrounds, banner, and more. Some customization is common among Yola's competitors for their pre-designed templates, but Yola offers more options for personalization. For example, they can change the layout of the different components on the page. This way the customer has complete control over what their website looks like, even with using a template.

Even with a template as a starting point for the design work, building a website can take a long time. There is a lot that goes into make sure that it turns out exactly how the customer wants it to be. For those clients who don't have the time, or even the desire, to make their website from a template there is Yola Premier. This is a comprehensive service that builds a website from start to finish based on the needs of the business. The customer tells a designer what their ideas are and what feature they need for their website. The designer takes the information and turns it into a website, fully-functioning. They even add some SEO tools to boost the site once it's published. Once the site is finished it is turned over to the customer and they take over the management from there. This service is an additional fee, but that fee covers their yearly package as well.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Limited blogging choices

Along with their different options for design, Yola offers their customers a wide range of features to add to their websites as well. Some of the features they can use are custom domains, blogging, professional emails, and online store. These, and the others offered, help the business the continually grow and reach their company goals. The issue is not the type or number of features offered by Yola, it is that most of these features are an additional charge to the customer's monthly bill. For example, to add online store capabilities to any website, it is an addition $10 per month. That fee gets the customer all of the features for an online shop without any transaction fees. This is different than most of their competitors, who do not charge an additional fee for these types of features.

One more issue with the features offered through Yola is that the blogging is only offered through Tumblr. This means that there has to be an additional app added to the website in order to publish blog posts on it. There is not a problem with Tumblr as a blogging platform; it just may not be the format that Yola customers would want to use but it is their only option.

The Bottom Line

If the customer is willing to pay the additional fees that are charged for using various features, Yola will give them a website that will work well for their business. Yola offers their customers a wide range of services to meet every need, but their design features stand out among those. Their packages are affordable and could really help a customer make their ideal website.

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August 30th, 2018 Saint George, UT

Yola was so easy to figure out and use considering i am not a computer expert. came with clear instructions of what to do. monthly price is affordable. you choose from bronze, silver or gold, depending on the price you want to pay monthly.

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