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A leading worldwide company, Web Gandi provides their customers with all the features and services they need to build the website they need for their goals. Though they are primarily a domain registrar site, they offer website building and hosting to go along with their domains. They power over 1.7 million domains in more than 192 countries using their simple, straight-forward domain and website building process. Web Gandi promises to be straight-forward in their policies and products in order to give their customers the best they can.  

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The Good

  • Design tools
  • Coding features

From a design standpoint, Web Gandi offers anyone the tools that they need to create a website to fulfill their needs. Their website builder is designed to help any type of website from a personal, hobby blog to a major cooperation. They have almost 20 years of experience helping to create and manage exactly what their customer is looking for. For their customers that do not have any experience with web design or coding, they have over a hundred pre-designed templates available. These templates are designed to be professional-looking and user friendly. Once the customer chooses one of these templates that will fit their needs, they can simply add in their content and publish the site. But if the template is not exactly what they are looking for, they can use the drag and drop editor to customize the template into what they want exactly. This editing tool is helpful for these basic customers because they can see exactly what they are changing on their website. They can instantly see if the changes are what they are looking for or not.

For those more experienced customers, who have some knowledge of coding and experts in coding, there are design features more helpful to them and their customization efforts. In the editing tool space, customers can easily add bits of code to the already existing code to make changes. This is an easy, straightforward process. There is also a space for customers to add completely original code to their site, if they needed to. Web Gandi's design process is easy to use for all skill levels.

Beyond design, Web Gandi offers customers a variety of features for the website to fulfill whatever purpose the customer desires. With the Professional pack, the customer will be able to build an online store through their website. Their eCommerce features include product galleries, pricing management (including adding shipping costs), immediate purchase buttons and many more. A customer can choose to checkout using PayPal or Google Checkout for a safe and secure transaction. Web Gandi also offers features for blogging, photo sharing, and social media connections. They are a full-service website building company.

The Bad

  • Accessible services
  • Pricing model

Not all of Web Gandi's services are as accessible to any skill level as their design services are. For example, they do not offer general SEO services to any customer no matter which package they have purchased. The only way for a customer to make sure that their website is easily searchable is to add in the keywords and tags to the coding of their site. If a customer does not know how to do this, there is not an automatic feature available to them. There is not a lot of available support that is immediately available to the customer either. The FAQ page is a Wiki that explains basic elements of their services. Some of the answers are very helpful; others use a lot of jargon that can be hard for those customers who don't have a lot of website designing/building knowledge.

Another small issue with Web Gandi's services is the price list that is not easy to understand, which the customer has to decipher in order to decide which products/services they want to purchase. This is especially true for the domain pricing. There is a sliding scale depending on how many sites a customer has and how much traffic those sites get. There are such a wide variety of domains and services offered that it can be a lot to wade through to find the price you need. But once a customer does find what they are looking for they will see that Web Gandi has very reasonable pricing. Customers are required to sign a contract, but Web Gandi promises to keep customers satisfied by doing whatever is necessary.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the services and features that Web Gandi provides are very helpful and would allow any customer to create the website that they need. This is especially true for those customers who have some knowledge of coding, so that they can take advantage of adding keywords and tags to help drive traffic to their site. There really is something for everyone offered through their company.

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