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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Over ten years ago the Soho Launch team set out to help small businesses keep up with the changing times. They wanted to help these businesses create professional websites easily, quickly and affordably. They have succeed at all of these things for over 200,000 websites. Their do-it-yourself builder helps customers to easily customize every aspect of their website to be exactly what they are looking for.  

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The Good

  • Weekly tutorials
  • Commerce features
  • Full access
For customers who want to learn more about different aspects of web design and online marketing, they can turn to the weekly tutorials posted by Soho Launch. These tutorials cover topics that range from basic design elements to how to best utilize the marketing tools available. Since the content is constantly being updated, customers are able to continually improve their business practices and keep up with changing technology. There are many commerce features that are available to use on each website if the customer would like to turn their site into a store. Their easy-to-use editor works for these applications as well, so the installation is a simple process that can happen quickly. The shopping cart feature, as they call it, has readymade ways for the website to retain customers and promote all of their products. Website owners can link products together, so that if a customer selects one of the products the others will show up in a suggested products box. Customers are also able to search for specific products or types of products to quickly find what they are looking for. All major payment methods are accepted, which makes for quick, easy checkouts. The shopping services that are offered through Soho Launch are very advanced and thorough, a customer would be able to quickly add these to their website and begin selling their products. A customer of Soho Launch does not have to spend time deciding which package of features will best fit their website's needs. Once someone becomes one of their members they have full access to all of their services and features. This is especially beneficial to those who want to try things out to see if it will fit with their desired outcome, they can try a service then decide if they want to use it or not without paying an extra membership fee. Their prices are also very reasonable and affordable. An added bonus is that customers have the option of paying a monthly rate or an up-front annual fee.

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • No marketing tools
If a customer has basic questions about their website, products or services offered by Soho Launch, they can easily email the company to receive these answers. But if they have a technical issue they need help solving, they must be a paying member in order to contact the support team. They do get a dedicated support team employee working on their issue, which is very helpful if you are a member. There is also no live chat or phone number to call to get immediate answers to these important customer questions. Some issues can wait, but in the case of an emergency there is no way to get in contact with a support member quickly. Along those same lines, there is no design support team to help customers navigate their way through creating a professional, attractive website. There service offers a quick and easy program to build a website, they even have a large amount of features a customer can quickly chose from to get their desired outcome. But the design aspect is another aspect completely and there doesn't seem to be a lot of help (in the way of tutorials) or support to make sure the customer comes out with a website that will be visually appealing to their visitors. Building a visually appealing website is only the first step in the process to having a successful online business. The customer then needs to be able to market that site and drive visitors to it in order to make a profit from it. Soho Launch does not offer their customers any marketing tools to use in conjunction with their building services. The customer would have to figure out how to market without Search Engine Optimization or similar tools. They do offer a feature to send promotional emails and another to link up social media sites to the website.

The Bottom Line

The services offered are aimed at a do-it-yourself type of website builder. Their easy to understand design process allows the customer to basically fully customize every page of their website exactly how they want it. They don't offer a lot of help or support, so their customers need to have more skills than some other companies.
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