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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Network Solutions has been a leading player in the internet business since 1979. They have seen the internet grow and evolve and have adapted their products and services to match the evolution. All of their packages are designed to give their customer the best possible experience. With their free designing process and affordable hosting services, each customer can find exactly what they are looking for.  

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The Good

  • Online store options
  • Templates and custom designs
Many companies offer the ability to create or add an online store to their website, but not many of them have a variety of options for their online stores. Network Solutions is different in this respect, their customers have a range of packages to choose from. This is helpful to the customer so that they don't over pay for the services that they might not actually use. The basic, starter, package would work great for small business, like a homemade goods shop. It includes the option to list 25 products in the store and a mobile site design. The customer does pay a 1.25% transaction fee to Network Solutions. Their highest package would be great for any large company. With this package, the company can list up to 100,000 products and can manage their products more precisely and fully. These varying options make sure that they customer does not have more to deal with than their business needs and also that they have enough features for their business' needs. While the customer can choose from a selection of pre-made templates, they can also choose to have a designer create a completely custom design for their website. The designers work closely with the customer to understand exactly what they need and want for their website, then come up with a coordinating design based on what they talk about. An added perk to working with the custom design package is the follow-up management that comes with it. Each site that gets a custom design can have an account manager work on their site each month. They go through and make necessary updates, fix any bugs that come up, and correct any design issues. These managers also track traffic to the site and help to optimize the number of visitors. Since the website lives on past the design phase, this perk is especially helpful to making sure it is as successful as possible.

The Bad

  • Commitment
  • Marketing limitations
If a customer decides to forego the custom design services offered by Network Solutions, they can always use the pre-designed templates available. There are hundreds of these templates ready for the customers to use. These templates are said to be professional, clean and attractive looking. But the problem comes because the customer cannot know what these designs look like prior to starting the building process. The library of templates is not available to any website visitor, so the customer cannot decide if they would rather use a template or the custom design feature until they have committed to Network Solutions. The upside to this is that the design process is free, so the customer does not have to pay until they are satisfied with the design and the website is published. The fees the customer is charged come from the hosting and maintenance of the website. Another common service through other companies is the marketing tools of Search Engine Optimization. Network Solutions does offer several marketing tools, including SEO and social media integration, but they are not offered to every customer of their company. Only some of the higher paying packages include these options, like the Web Hosting & Marketing package. This is the middle package that is the best value for the price at $17.64 per month. Though it is not a high price to pay, all customers could benefit from the use of SEO tools no matter which package they decide to buy. The creation of mobile versions of customer's websites is a similar issue. In order to have a mobile version of their site, the customer has to pay an extra fee of $5.99 monthly. It is very important for visitors to be able to come to the site on any device, so this extra fee is vital for customers to pay. These extra charges are not very high, but almost necessary for customers.

The Bottom Line

When a customer analyzes the services and packages offered, they will be able to tell that Network Solutions has been helping customers for over 30 years. There simple, straight forward packages are easy to understand and help the customer find exactly what they are looking for in a website building company. They offer a variety of packages in each aspect of the process to ensure a customized experience.
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