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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Moonfruit works to provide a comprehensive package of website building tools to anyone who wants to publish on the internet. Their software and services work well for small, personal websites as well as large, company websites. Each of their products is designed to make the process of getting the customer’s content published as quick and easy as possible.  

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The Good

  • SEO tools
  • Shop features
There is more that must be done to a website after it is designed and published in order for it to be really successful. The management and maintenance of a website is a very big job that has several different components. One of those important components is making sure the site is optimized to be found on search engines (SEO). This is done by adding keywords and tags to the different pieces of content published. So when a potential visitor searches for those keywords related to the content on the website, on search engines like Google or Bing, the website shows up high in the search results. This process is made even easier by Moonfruit's SEO tools that are automatically built in to every website published with their software. There is no need for the customer to add-on any package or app in order to take advantage of these tools. They also offer their customers a wide range of articles that will help teach the customer how to most effectively optimize their site. Some of these articles include how to choose keywords and creating internal links. Tools like these help customer's websites continually grow. Similar to the SEO tools that are available to any Moonfruit customer, the shop features are also available to any package member. This means that any website created through this company can sell products. All the customer has to do is add a shop page to their website and fill in the product information. After that they can begin to sell their merchandise and accept payments through PayPal. It is a simple process to start bringing n revenue for the customer. There are different limitations depending on which package the customer has purchased. For example with the Personal plan, the customer can only add 20 products to their shop. In contrast the Enterprise plan allows 1,000 products to be added.

The Bad

  • Similar packages
  • Pricing
Each of Moonfruit's customers is different and have varying needs for each of their websites. In an effort to help each of their customers get exactly the features that they need, (and not the ones they don't), Moonfruit has created a series of packages to choose from. They offer four paid packages:
  • Personal
  • Start-up
  • Business
  • Enterprise
In theory, the variety of packages works very well for customers to be specific in what they need. But the packages offered here are very similar to each other and there are not many major differences in the products and services offered. For example, the only features that are not available to the customers who purchase the Personal package (compared to the Enterprise package customers) are telephone support, domain vouchers, contact forms, and access to Getty images. This list is small compared to the long list of features they do have access to. These items that are not included are not big features that are more crucial to the success of the website, like blogging, commerce, or SEO tools. The difference in the packages is mainly in the number of different services available. For example, with the Personal package a customer can have 500MB of storage but with the Enterprise package they can have 10,000MB of storage. This increase in number also applies to the number of sites, bandwidth, domain vouchers, and shop products. As shown, there is not a huge difference between the services offered within the different packages. But the price difference between the packages is very different. The Personal package is $6 per month, then up to $12 per month for the Start-up, after that Business is $20 per month, and finally Enterprise is $35 per month. That is almost $30 difference between the lowest and highest packages for only a handful more services.

The Bottom Line

As a whole, Moonfruit gives their customers what they need to create a website that will help their businesses grow. All of the most important features, like commerce and SEO, are available to all customers so that they can take advantage of them. The customer will be very well off if they can work with one of the lower costing packages since they are so affordable and have most of the same features as the more expensive packages.
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