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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Jimdo operates by the motto, “Pages to the People” meaning that they try to bring as many features a websites needs to as many people as they can. They do this by offering three different plans for very affordable prices, including a completely free plan. Their 15 million customers have taken advantage of their services and published their pages on the web quickly and easily.  

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The Good

  • Free package
  • Options

The main way that Jimdo tries to live up to their motto "Pages to the People" is by offering the most options within their free package. Every site that is published through their company has access to a long list of these features, as the customer upgrades their package they can add on to that list for even more options. Though the customer might not need to add on because Jimdo's basic, free package offers much more than many of their competitors' basic packages. Some of the features included are access to all of the templates created by their team of designers, which are all free for any user. Each website comes with unlimited bandwidth and they start with 500MB of storage. The customer can take advantage of social media buttons and links, as well as basic SEO tools. They can even add 5 products to a basic online store and accept payments through PayPal. Each website is easily edited with their publishing software, which can be done from a mobile device through a Jimdo app. And that is not all of the features available to every Jimdo customer, regardless of package, which makes it easy for them to create a fully functioning website that connects them with their customers. When working with Jimdo, the power is in the customer's hands and they can create any type of website they want. But Jimdo has a team of support members who are available to help these customers achieve their website goals. There are several ways to contact this team but one of the most efficient ways is through their live chat function. There are associates available during regular business hours to chat with customers about any questions or concerns they have, so the customer can get immediate answers. It is easy for the customer to access this as it is located at the bottom of all of Jimdo's site pages. Also located on each page is a quick tab to their FAQ page. If the customer has a problem outside of regular business hours they can email the support team as well. Through all of these different avenues, the Jimdo customers can get all the help they need to publish a great website.


The Bad

  • Limited design templates

Jimdo does offer their customers a very large selection of features and add-ons for their websites, especially for their free packages compared to other companies. But they do not offer such a wide selection for their design options. There are only around 15 pre-made templates for the customer to choose from. These are very professional designs that are organized by type of website; business, store, portfolio, and personal. Even though the templates are all fully customizable, this limited number of templates to start from makes it hard for the customer to get exactly what they are looking for. The customer can start with a blank template and create what they are looking for from there, but that requires them to have some design knowledge to make it look professionally done like the templates. There are no custom design options available through Jimdo either. One reason for this lack of design options could be that Jimdo often pairs with sites that work exclusively with design, like 99 Designs. With this particular pairing, the 99 Designs team takes care of all of the design aspects of the customer's website. Then Jimdo takes care of all of the hosting, management and maintenance aspects of the site. Through this type of partnership the customer can get a lot more design options, but working exclusively through Jimdo will limit their design options severely.


The Bottom Line

The hosting services that Jimdo provides are very helpful for any customer. They live up to their motto, "Pages to the People", and provide services that anyone can take advantage of because they are simple to use and very affordable. The only downside is their lack of design options, if a customer can find a way to get the look they want they will be very happy with Jimdo service. Jimdo can be a great website builder tool for any new consumer, but much of what they offer only sets them just above par in comparison to other site builder companies.

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