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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
After powering more than one million sites in the last ten years, iPage has developed a system that helps customers to create professional websites. They offer a very wide range of services, packages and options to meet each of their customers’ needs. iPage is a one-stop place for any and all website building needs.  

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The Good

  • Package options
  • Customer service
With over ten different packages of services and features offered through iPage, a customer can definitely find what they are looking for in terms of building a website. The packages range from basic to very advanced. A customer has the option to use the built-in features, like pre-made templates or applications. They also have the option to have the work done for them and have a fully customized website from design to management by some of the iPage experts. But if they have coding or online building knowledge, they can fully customize any aspect of their website as well. The customer has complete control of their experience and how their website gets built. The packages are organized into the different types of hosting the iPage offers, which shows the customer the wide variety of options available to them. The different package types are essential hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server, and WordPress hosting. These packages all include various levels of storage, RAM and other technical aspects. But they all include the option for a free domain (or purchase for more options), SEO tools and professional email attached to the website. Every website can also be turned into an online store with many features to make it successful, like accepting payments through PayPal. When the customer sifts through all of the available information, they are sure to find what they are looking for to build their website. If the customer has a difficult time finding what they are looking for or executing what they need to in order to complete their website, they can always turn to iPage's customer service. They offer a live chat through their website with some of their service team to answer any questions the customer has immediately. They can also reach the support team 24/7 through their phone line service for quick answers anytime. For less urgent matters, the customer can send an email through the website with any questions. They can also look through the articles posted about different aspects, services, and actions of the website building process through iPage. This complete spectrum of customer service options allows customers to make sure all of their questions are answered.

The Bad

  • Overwhelming
  • Technical settings
  • Blogging limitations
While the wide variety of features makes sure that there is something for most customers to use in order to make the website they need and want, that large number of plans can be overwhelming for some customers. There are over ten packages available for the customer to choose from. Many of these packages are similar with just a few differences. Some customers who come to iPage looking to create a website might be beginners to the whole online building process. There are packages made especially for this type of customer, but it might be confusing for them to make sure they are getting just what they need, not more or less, since there is so much to research and look at. Many of these packages are ideal for the websites of major businesses or online stores, they have many technical settings that will help sites with a lot of traffic. There are not many packages that will fit well with a website that is for a smaller scale business or a personal website. Most of the features listed in these packages use very technical jargon and are obviously not for beginners. These packages promote a lot of storage and the ability to upload many files, which is great for a large website but might be unnecessary for a smaller scale If a person does want to build a blog (business or personal) though iPage, they will have to be connected to the blogging platform Wordpress. Though there are other platforms that support blogs, like blogger or weebly, they are not used through the Wordpress hosting package from iPage. This would only be an issue if the customer had a preference for one of the other options. Otherwise the blogging features available allow the customer to make a functioning, professional blog.

The Bottom Line

iPage offers so many great options for website builders to choose how they complete their product. This is especially true for those customers who know a little bit (or a lot) about coding and programming. These customers can take advantage of the different hosting capabilities and really customize their final website to fit their exact needs.
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