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IM Creator began in 2011 when they built the website builder to assist friends and family that wanted a “simple and enjoyable experience” to building a website. IM Creator is powered by Google and Amazon, insuring that your website is run by the best of the best. There are new templates each and every month, insuring that your website looks fresh. Located in New York, IM Creator has been featured on TNW, The New York Times, CBS, and Venture Beat. 

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The Good

  • Simple
  • Money back guarantee

IM Creator is a website created for those that want website building at its simplest. With the free version including unlimited templates, you can be sure that your website looks fresh and is easy to use. The Premium and Pro versions are inexpensive, and include great features like unlimited hosting and a customized email account. They also include a 14-day money back guarantee. Run on Amazon Web Services, you can be sure that you website is in good hands.

The Bad

  • Limited customization
  • Customer service

Because it is such a simple website builder, there isn't a ton of customization available. IM Creator also doesn't offer immediate customer service (phone calls).

The Bottom Line

IM Creator offers templates are sleek and elegant, and they are simple to use. But, if you are looking for something with a little more customization, we would recommend purchasing a website elsewhere. With their Pro plans though, IM Creator offers the ability to customize fully, even offering prices dependent on what you want included in your package, which is extremely appealing to website builder businesses. Overall, IM Creator is a great small website builder.

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    Mikey E.

    October 7th, 2016

    Very bad customer service. slow response times. The least you can do is have a customer number to call just in case but this company sucks so they do not have it.