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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
For the last five years, Hub has offered quality services to their customers. Their more than 200 US based team members work to provide all the assistance, service and advice around the clock.  

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The Good

  • Package options
  • Refunds
Hub offers their customers a series of three different hosting packages; these vary in price and the features that are offered with them. Each of these packages has a very affordable rate. The lowest package is Spark, which is only $6.99 per month and the highest package is Dynamo at $10.99 per month. Their highest costing product is still cheaper than most of the packages offered by other similar companies. Even though their prices are very low, they still offer their customers a full spectrum of services to make websites fully functioning. One way that they keep their prices so affordable is to offer basic, important features for free. For example, all design tools and services can be used at no additional charge. The customer can choose from the hundreds of pre-made templates to customize to fit their needs. Once they choose a template that will work, they can then customize many of the details as they add content to make it a unique site. Another set of features that Hub provides their customers for no additional charge are those for blogging and ecommerce aspects of a website. Each of these can easily be added to any website through Hub's app selection, (there are more than 300 apps that the customer can add to their website). This installation can happen at any time during the life of the website, which makes it easy for customers to adapt to the needs of their business. Hub also offers free domains, professional emails, and content management for all of their packages. Another perk of Hub's packages is their satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, a customer is not happy with the service or product they receive there have 90 days to get a full refund for package payments (some additional charges are non-refundable). The 90 days gives the customer a chance to really try out the website and work with the features to make sure it is really what they want for their business.

The Bad

  • Blogging limitations
  • Additional fees
While the customer can easily add blogging to their website for free at any time, they can only add it through Wordpress. This means that the customer does not have a lot of options for what features they can take advantage of. There are no varying options to choose from since all the blogging happens through Wordpress. This is a very valid platform for blogging that provides the customer with a variety of features to help customers publish professional content. But the issue comes when a customer has a preference for a different blogging platform and cannot use them. Similarly, the eCommerce feature package can easily be installed to any Hub hosted website regardless of the hosting package that was purchased. These features include the basic needs for an online store, like a shopping cart. This add-on to an exsisting website does not include many extras like promotions or inventory management. If the customer wants to have some of these additional advanced features, they will have to buy an eCommerce package. When they purchase this package their website will be transferred to Hub's chosen online store host. This is done with the help of the technical team to make sure the process goes smoothly and is successful. These higher packages start at $6.99 per month, the same as the basic Spark hosting package. Some of the added features the customer gets for choosing an eCommerce plan include quick page load times and extra security for checkouts.

The Bottom Line

Hub brings together several different hosting platforms for the customer to choose from depending on what they need for their specific website. Each of these packages offer a variety of features for very affordable prices. This is a great choice for those customers who like a lot of support while building their website and also like a lot of options.
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