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GoDaddy has been in business since 1997, much longer than most other web hosting sites, and is the world's largest domain name registrar. GoDaddy has 14 Facilities in Arizona, California, Iowa, Washington, Asia, Europe, India and more. GoDaddy has over 13 million customers. With more than 4,500 employees, and 59 million domains under management, GoDaddy clocks in at one of the biggest web hosting companies.

The Good

  • Options
  • Data centers

GoDaddy has a ton of different options. If you are looking to develop your own website, GoDaddy has something for you. If you are looking to develop websites as a business, GoDaddy can help with that too. GoDaddy also offers a simple small website builder for as low as $1.00 a month. There are eCommerce stores available to purchase for your site, and there is a 99.9% uptime promise for all websites. The data centers feature typical benefits, like temperature control, backup plans, fire protection and more.

The Bad

  • Customer service
  • More geared towards web hosting

We believe in not judging a company for it's customer service quality as it can vary widely. This is only our experience.

GoDaddy is built and operated more for web hosting than web building. Consequently their score reflects that even though they do offer web builder services.

We invite you to look at our web hosting rankings if you are looking for a good web host.

The Bottom Line

We would not recommend GoDaddy for purchasing a website, though for purchasing a domain, they seem to be the good option on the Internet. GoDaddy's time in business does give it credit, as well as the amount of customers it boasts: 13 million customers.

Overall, the templates, price and service have shown to be better with other website builders that offer more in a website than GoDaddy.

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Kenneth Okerlund

June 6th, 2017

Really good place to go to purchase domains, would go elsewhere for other services that they offer though.



Jonny Hancock

June 2nd, 2017 Draper, UT

Recently I secured a website name from and the process was fast and easy. I was able to buy my web name for $19 in matter of minutes.



Amy Celeste Kennedy

October 24th, 2016 Gilmer, TX

I have been using godaddy for over two years as I signed up originally for a promo package advertising a special rate which was honored. I then one year later was shocked when I was charged a huge increase (through apparent auto billing that I was unaware of - and I probe didn't read the fine print so that I will accept blame for as well) Where I got duped was signing up for a few more sites when I saw a commercial on tv for getting a "free human" with the purchase of website. I never got that "free human" to assist me but more like a different saleman every time I called in to get helpline promised. Every problem I had they came back with a (paid)solution (meaning I would have to pay for my problem to be solves) Their transparency (due to COMPLETE LACK OF TRANSPARENCY!) would receive a score of 0 from me. Their web builder is basically the same as everyone elses . Now I have 5-6 sites (correction: WEB ADDRESSES that I grossly mistaken for websites ) that I have paid for and only one that actually has a website builder and its one I don't even need the builder for as I pay another company $100 a month for their website(which is needed as I am a car dealer and they manage my inventory uploads from my dealer management software) so i basically have a website builder thru godaddy on the one site I actually forward to another service as its my company's legal name .com and comes up on google search or I would've eliminated it as I don't even use that long name on advertisements due to length ) and 5 mire web addresses that I bought thinking they would be actual sites but they aren't anything besides addresses with no hosting or site builder and the only way i can get help is to pay for it- my "free human" (aka pay per use to me) is apparently signed to so many people that they are never available and so I get redirected to a sales dept. I guess possibly i am responsible for not researching what was in front and guilty for l=believing a salesman trying to make a sale and saying whatever necessary to obtain said sale. Salesman have bad reputations for this exact reason. Being the owner of a dealership I have had many years experience in sales and companies like Godaddy are an embarrassment to the profession of (HONEST) sales. Lesson learned. Also, the pries they quote are mostly yet they debit my credit card annually... why not be honest and tell me that the rate you are quoting is multiplied by 12? Unhappy customer looking for web hosting and website building for a non technical person trying to create site for credit repair company, auto loans and affiliate services. Thats how I actually ended up here on this site.