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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019 offers their customers a full range of helpful features to create their custom website. The combination of these two things ensures that a customer will be satisfied with their products and experience, if not there is always the money-back guarantee.  

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The Good

  • Customer service options
  • Features
One of the most valuable features offered on is their extensive customer service options. There are over 5 ways to get an answer to a question or the solution to a problem the customer is having. An easy and quick way to do this is to search through the help center. In this space there are articles and tutorials posted on common actions that are taken when building a website. They offer step-by-step instructions, tips and advice on how to best complete the tasks. There is also a solutions center that can help customers walk through their problems in order to figure out how to best solve them. The support team has also produced some videos that walk through the same information for those customers who are more visual learners. Besides this help center, the customer can contact the support team through phone, email or live chat. Their support team is also based solely out of the United States. The customer might need to use that wonderful customer service because they offer so many features. One thing that is very nice for the customers is that the majority of the features are available to all customers, regardless of the package that they choose to purchase. For example, all websites have a coordinating mobile version despite what features are used in the site. This is true for blogs, business sites, portfolios and even online stores. All of the design features are available to the customer for free. There is the option for the client to choose from the more than 4,000 pre-designed templates. Once they choose a template, they can customize it to be more personal and exactly what they want at no additional charge. If they don't find a template that will work for them, they can enlist the help of one of the designers to come up with a completely unique, custom design. With many other companies this type of service requires an extra fee that can sometimes be hefty, but this service is completely free with

The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Template filtering
Though there are so many features that are vital to the success of the website offered, some of the most important ones are not offered to all of the clients. One of these features is the SEO tools. offers help with driving traffic to the customer's site by enhancing keywords so that the published content is more searchable. They also list the website on over 172 search engine sites, including the major ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These services really help the website to be more visible to potential customers, but they are not available to every customer of In order to take advantage of these options, a customer must purchase the Professional package. This is an additional charge of $7 per month. This is not a huge expense, but might be outside of a customer's budget. There are also additional charges for features like "members only" areas of websites, (meaning the visitor will have to log in to see this content) and some others. For the designing of the customer's website, offers over 4,000 templates to choose from. The customer has full access to preview these templates before making any package purchases; they can even take a test run of how the template would look customized to their website. A very nit-picky downside to these templates is the way they are organized. There are so many of them to look through and the customer cannot search by industry or style type. This could make it very time consuming to find the right template to fit the business. But the customer can look at example websites to get a better idea of what they are looking for and what might work best.

The Bottom Line

As the testimonials on their website from some of their 12,000 customers show, offers their customers with the best possible service they can. This would be a great fit for a beginner to the online business since their design and hosting processes are easy to use and kept very simple. The customer also has a huge bank of support for the times when they don't know exactly how to do something.
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