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LAST UPDATED: December 23rd, 2020

Since 2003, Bigcommerce has provided a variety of services to increase online commerce forits clients. This company has helped small businesses and billion dollar companies in over 120 countries around the world.

Its designers have created more than 150 sleek, modern templates to be used to build a fully functioning online store. These specialists are also available to create a completely custom site. offers its clients many features to continually grow their success, and according to its website, does so for less than other leading ecommerce platforms.  


The Good

  • Customer Service
  • Design and Marketing Specialists
  • Marketing

Customer Service

One of the better parts of Bigcommerce is its customer service. If a problem arises with a customer's site or more information is needed, a quick search on the Customer Support page will, in most cases, reveal a whole list of possible answers. They will find articles, tutorials and videos produced to provide every customer with the help they need. ‘

If the answer isn't found through this search, the customer can reach a support specialist 24/7 by phone, email or live chat. If none of those options work for the customer, they can create a case profile describing their issue. This will then be reviewed by the support specialists, who will figure out a solution and help the client implement it. 

With all of these options, it is easy to find all of the information a customer would need. Clients who are Enterprise members also receive priority when seeking help from the customer service team.

Design and Marketing Specialists

Along with support specialists, Bigcommerce provides design and marketing specialists as well. The designs available are very professional and modern looking. These designs are organized into varying categories to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for. 

For example, if a customer is creating a beauty product store, they can search in the Health & Beauty section for templates that would best fit that store. Each template has different features that help customers reach their specific goals. So, the client can search for a feature they want incorporated into their store and find a template that matches. 

The majority of the templates are also compatible with mobile sites as well, without any additional charge. Bigcommerce's services do not stop once the website has been created.


Bigcommerce offers a wide range of marketing tools, which help to promote and expand the business. Some of the services it offers for marketing include SEO promotion; fully customizable headers, titles, etc; sitewide HTTPS; and automatic site maps. 

There are many more ways that its specialists help businesses drive more traffic to their sites beyond SEO. For example, its abandon cart saver feature can boost sales by emailing customers to come back to the site and finish their purchase. These and many other services provide customers with whatever they need to have a successful website.

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The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Limitations


While the templates and other web designs shown on Bigcommerce are very well done, many of them are on the more expensive side. There are 12 free templates available for a customer to use. But if they decide they do not want to use one of these or if none of them fit their needs, the customer will have to look at a paid option. 

The price for a template jumps right to over $100 — there is no middle ground. Prices for these templates range from $150 to $300. These templates offer more key features than the free options and can be more customized. If a customer decides to have a fully customized site designed specifically for them, they could be paying thousands of dollars. 

The most expensive design work listed on the site is $29,000. This lack of a middle ground for design prices could make the decision of which template to use difficult, or cause the customer to settle for less than what they wan


Bigcommerce is only compatible for commerce sites; a customer is limited to an online store and a connected blog as far as types of websites they can create. They do promote the use of a blog to help drive traffic to sites and even offer linking to existing blogs hosted by a third party (such as blogger or Wordpress). 

A company looking to create a website without an online store would not be able to do so using Bigcommerce. Along those lines, there are not a lot of options for customization without paying the fee to be an Enterprise member. 

Many of the unique features are limited to these members, like a dedicated account manager. These account managers help to create and implement plans to promote and grow business. They also work with the owner to streamline business practices and manage all aspects of the organization. These features are helpful to business owners but they must be willing to pay for the membership in order to access them.


The Bottom Line

If a person is willing to pay a little bit more for the design of their website, Bigcommerce will be a great fit for them. Its design and customer service opportunities are outstanding. The company offers so much help to its customers, everything from getting started to bringing in customers to growing their business. Bigcommerce is a full-service stop for any online commerce need.

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