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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Network Solutions is a brand of that focuses on providing affordable websites for small businesses. They also offer domain registration, which will be discussed later in this review. In 2007, Network Solutions was one of the largest (top five) providers of domain names for clients, competing with GoDaddy, and held 6,659,150 domains for clients. Network Solutions is also one of the largest innovators in the Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and online marketing. Network Solutions opened in 1979, originally providing consulting services for IBM business machines. Since the late 90s, Network Solutions has focused on domains and website hosting.

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The Good

  • Great Features
  • Money-back Guarantee

Great Features

We found that Network Solutions offered pricing structures that included multiple add-ons, which might be good for some clients who want a straight and forward business pricing structure. Some of the features that we found with Network Solutions to be truly amenable included the following:
  • Many easy-to-install applications, including WordPress, Ruby, and PHP-based applications
  • Affiliate and reseller programs for domain names
  • Marketing paradigms that interface with Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Monthly updates to client websites so that they can focus on running their business
  • Price matching that can lower the operating cost for the website owner

Money-back Guarantee

Network Solutions has a reliable hosting service backed by a 99.99 percent uptime. Network Solutions offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their services. While this is standard in the industry, it should give confidence to customers that their services will go uninterrupted.

The Bad

  • Customer issues
  • Limited hosting options

Customer Issues

We found Network Solutions and their business was not without controversy. Network Solutions, for a while, ran advertising on unused sub-domains purchased under clients' regular domains. We found that some clients also had issues with Network Solutions' database integration with WordPress. One client reported in a review they only ran a WordPress site, but found that it became difficult to make live updates to their web page every week needed for business.

Limited Hosting Options

We found that Network Solutions has a limited amount of hosting options. Currently they offer VPS and shared hosting only. This greatly limits options for potential customers, and may cause some of them to look else where for their web hosting needs.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Network Solutions with some reservation. We found that their hosting services were affordable and pretty straightforward. Since their acquisition by, negative customer reviews have increased drastically, with many clients reporting database issues and uptime issues. Many users who wanted to do something simple, like run a WordPress website, often had issues that contributed to the lack of a functional website for their business.
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