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Linode was founded in 2003 by Mr. Christopher S. Aker. Linode is a dedicated based web host that caters to Linux based servers. It offers a number of different services and features that include SSD storage, speedy processors, and a total of six data centers throughout the world. Linode offers great customer service options, 100 percent uptime, and security options.

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The Good

  • Great features including rescue mode
  • User friendly control panel
  • Dedicated web hosting plans

Great Features

We love all of the features Linode offers right off the bat. Some of the services offered we like include:

  • Linode API
  • Management from the command line
  • Customized click and deploy stacks
  • Rescue mode
  • Cloning

User Friendly Control Panel

We also particularly like the user friendly control panel Linode uses. Screen shots of the control panel are integrated into their website so potential customers can get an idea of what it is they are getting. In addition, when you sign up for a plan with Linode, all inbound traffic is free and is not counted against your monthly allotment of memory.

Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

Linode has a variety of different dedicated plans to fit each possible customer. We are confident Linode has a plan for everyone who is looking for dedicated web hosting. In addition, a seven day trial period is offered so if you don't like the service, you can cancel during the time period at no cost to you.

The Bad

  • No alerts
  • No PayPal payment option
  • Limited hosting options

No Alerts

One item to note is Linode does not alert you should you exceed your monthly transfer quota. We think a nice little feature would be to have an email or some type of alert set to go off when you are approaching your quota for the month. Obviously, Linode doesn't mind if you go over as it translates to more money in their pocket.

No Paypal Option

In addition, Linode has not deemed PayPal a worthy form of payment. These days, PayPal is pretty widely accepted and is an easy and convenient way to exchange funds. Sadly, this service is not offered.

Only Dedicated Hosting

Linode only offers dedicated web hosting. This greatly limits customers who would like other options and will have to go with another company to fulfill those needs. We would like to see Linode extend their services to include cloud, VPS, shared, and managed web hosting options. This would provide more options and customization for customers who would benefit more from plans that included these other options.

The Bottom Line

All things considered we would recommend anyone looking for a Linux based dedicated web hosting service. There is a plan here for everyone and we think their security measures and additional package features makes this a company worth looking into.

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