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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Internap is an award-winning provider of hosting services for businesses. Founded in 1996, Internap's awards include the 2013 InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators Across the U.S. award and the 2014 North American Cloud Services: Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. Internap employs around 500 employees, focusing on cloud computing and content delivery networks. We focused our review on Internap's cloud computing services. Internap is one of the few companies in the industry that guarantees 100 percent uptime, which is discussed later in this review.

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The Good

  • Great perks and features
  • Three web hosting options with 56 plans
  • Customer service options

Perks and Features

Many customers choose Internap to help get their businesses online. One customer reported that Internap was essential to getting products, services, and other website tools up on the Internet. Here are some of the perks and features that we really liked with Internap's cloud computing services:
  • SSD-based storage on its servers, optimizing data connectivity and speed for clients
  • No vendor lock-in makes it easy to connect a cloud with other third party hosting and API providers
  • Hybridization allows clients to connect with other colocation services, making it possible to maximize data transfer
  • Customizable, high-level bandwidth, making it easy to handle a client's needs

Hosting Options

Internap offers several hosting options and plans for their customers. Currently they offer cloud, dedicated, and managed web hosting options. While there are companies in the industry who offer more hosting options, Internap offers 56 plans with their hosting options. These plans allow for customization and scalability for customers.

Customer Service

Internap also offers great customer service options including phone, email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. This knowledge base can be used by customers to find answers to common questions they may have. We like that Internap offers all of these great customer service options, as many companies in the industry do not. It provides their customers with convenience and an overall more positive experience.

The Bad

  • Issues with pricing structure
  • No VPS or shared web hosting options
  • No unlimited data

Pricing Structure

Overall, we found that Internap had a lot of experience in providing the industry with cloud computing, managed hosting, and API integrations. However, we found that Internap lacked a transparent pricing structure. Their pricing paradigm for cloud hosting provides an hourly price and assumes that a customer will use the cloud hosting for 780 hours a month. A clearer and more transparent pricing strategy might draw more customers to Internap.

No VPS or Shared Hosting Options

Internap offers several web hosting options, however they could offer more. We would like to see Internap extend their services to include shared and VPS web hosting options. This provides more options and customization for customers who would benefit more from plans that included shared and VPS hosting options.

No Unlimited Data

Internap puts limits to their customer's bandwidth and storage. Many larger companies are now offering unlimited or unmetered data on a lot of their plans. We would like to see Internap offer customers unlimited bandwidth and storage as well. This would make their service more competitive and more desirable to customers. Customers who are concerned about data limits should consider a different web hosting company.

The Bottom Line

We find that Internap's cloud hosting options are truly amenable for enterprise-level businesses. The no vendor lock-in makes it easy to use third party API apps located on other servers. Also, the data centers employed by Internap drive their cloud hybridization, making it easy for clients to have their transfer speeds happen quickly. The only concern we had came from a negative customer review, where Internap's data center went down to human error, resulting in 10 minutes of downtime. We would also like to see Internap offer more hosting options and unlimited data much like their competitors. Overall, we recommend working with Internap for your web hosting needs
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