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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Cogeco Peer 1 was founded in 1999, and is based on Toronto, Canada. This company provides several hosting and security options for large enterprises. Cogeco Peer 1 boasts an uptime of 99.99%, while offering many avenues of customer support. They also provide large storage options, but there is no pricing for any of their services listed on their site.

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The Good

  • Hosting options
  • Multi-faceted security
  • Excellent storage

Hosting Options

Unlike the top companies on, they do not offer VPS and shared hosting, but Cogeco Peer 1 does give customers three types of hosting options. These three are classified as managed, cloud, and dedicated hosting. With the offering of three hosting types, this allows Cogeco Peer 1's clients to determine which hosting option fits best with their business, rather than being constrained to one type.


Security is becoming increasingly more critical to maintain everyday business operations for companies around the world, and Cogeco Peer 1 brings this needed protection to their clients. They do this through measures like, network perimeter and remote access security, compliance services, application hosting and security, IT services and security, and infrastructure security. Cogeco Peer 1 also provides the option for customers to custom build their backup and recovery systems to allow them the flexibility they need in case of a data emergency.

Excellent Storage

Cogeco Peer 1 offers large storage options for their customers, the smallest package starting at 900GB, up to the largest package which includes 2TB. While they don't provide unlimited storage like many of the top companies, the 2TB option is substantial. As mentioned in the introduction, Cogeco Peer 1 focuses on products and services for large enterprises. Smaller businesses may not be in need of as much data as the lowest option of 900GB, but this amount of storage is crucial as companies scale up into massive corporations.

The Bad

  • Unavailable pricing
  • No knowledge base
  • No guarantee disclosed

Unavailable Pricing

Cogeco Peer 1 is not clear about their pricing structure. The company's website goes into detail about the quality of the services they offer, while never showing a breakdown of pricing or packages. This leaves it up to the consumer to reach out and inquire, rather than being provided the transparency of pricing immediately. This is a great disadvantage with Cogeco Peer 1, as many of their competitors make it simple for consumers to research and compare pricing.

No Knowledge Base

While this company does provide several support channels for current and potential customers to access more information, they do not have a central knowledge base as a learning resource. By comparison, Arvixe Web Hosting, the top company on, provides both a blog and a support center with articles for those looking to learn more info without having to contact the company directly.

No Guarantee Disclosed

In terms of reliability, some companies provide a money-back guarantee if customers are unsatisfied with their services, or a certain guaranteed uptime. Cogeco Peer 1 does not offer either of these guarantees. This is a disadvantage as guarantees are a comfort to consumers who rely on web hosting services for the success of their own business operations

The Bottom Line

In summary, Cogeco Peer 1 does offer many excellent services to customers looking to support large enterprise-sized ventures, but they are not transparent with pricing, don't provide guarantees, and don't provide simple and easily-accessible information to their customers. With all of these factors considered, consumers would be better off going with one of the top ranked choices to ensure they will be able to compare pricing, have access to all hosting and security options available, as well as arm themselves with helpful and educational web hosting information.
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