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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Codero prides themselves on a unique hybrid hosting and hosting platform. Codero has been in business since 1992 and has helped thousands of customers with managed hosts, servers, cloud hosting, and hybrid hosting. The company offers flexibility and stability to its customers with an impressive infrastructure and 100 percent uptime guarantee. The company's headquarters are in Overland Park, Kansas. Codero, considered one of the most reliable hosting companies in the industry, has won several awards, including a Microsoft Gold Certification. Codero offers managed hosting, cloud hosting, and a unique product known as hybrid hosting. The hybrid hosting offers scalability for upsurges in traffic, top-notch IT architecture for superior performance, and customizable network performance.

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The Good

  • 100 percent uptime
  • Hosting options
  • Customer service options

Data Center

Codero operates three large data centers in Phoenix, Ashland, and Dallas. These data centers are PCI compliant, and tethered to other centers across the United States. This gives their customers added redundancy for protection, with the benefit of closer locations to the users for speed. The data centers are each SAS 70 Type II secure data centers with professional technicians working 24/7 to fulfill the company's 100 percent uptime guarantee.


Codero promises 100 percent uptime. The company has been able to deliver this promise nearly every month over the last several years. A recent exception was reported by independent testing sites. They found a four-minute outage in August 2016 (99.99 percent uptime). The only other month in the last three years in which the company did not deliver 100 percent uptime was October 2013. The company had a 46-minute outage resulting in a 99.90 percent uptime for the month. Codero is certainly reliable.

Hosting Options

Codero offers managed hosting that allows customers to outsource their IT to an American-based company with a stable infrastructure. Subscribers to this plan work with Codero's professionals to determine the best option for their needs. Managed hosting is offered in two plans, Essential Managed and Proactive Managed hosting. Codero's Essential and Proactive Managed Hosting include 100 percent uptime guarantee, 24/7 U.S. based support, 365 days per year, no contracts, price matching guarantee, and rapid deployment (often within minutes). Proactive Managed Hosting includes cost analysis, nightly reports, assistance with implementation and planning, and managed firewalls. Dedicated hosting is offered with three options for customers, the Best Value (Xeon Quad Core), Advanced (Xeon Quad Core), and Performance (Xeon Hex Core) plans. These plans each offer a free Plesk control panel, unlimited incoming bandwidth, and a 1TB SATA hard drive. The Best Value plan utilizes a 3.5 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and includes 20TB of outbound bandwidth each month. Advanced plans include a 3.3 GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, and 20GB of outbound bandwidth. Performance plans include a 3.5 GHz processor, 16GB RAM, and 30TB out-coming bandwidth.

Customer Service Options

Codero offers all types of customer service options. These options include phone, email, live chat, and a knowledge base to find quick answers to common questions. Codero offers 24/7/365 support, which is a great convenience to customers.

The Bad

  • Issues with customer service
  • No shared or VPS hosting options
  • Money-back guarantee not disclosed

Customer Service Support

Codero offers its customers several methods to contact the company. Customers can receive help via email support tickets, phone, or online chat. All customer support agents are based in the United States and agents are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days a year. There are mixed reports from customers about the quality of this service. More reports exist than not of slow, impatient, or unprofessional customer service interactions with Codero. These are anecdotal and cannot be confirmed by, but it is notable that these complaints are available from a number of reliable sources.

No Shared or VPS Hosting

Codero has many options for web hosting, but do not have any options for shared or VPS hosting. Without these options, customers are greatly limited and may have to find services through another web host provider. We would like to see Codero extend their services to include shared and VPS hosting options. We would also like to see a money-back guarantee as this is standard in the industry.

The Bottom Line

Codero's awards and portfolio of clients (NBC News, United Way, and Delta Airlines) are impressive. The company is a solid leader in providing dedicated hosting. Codero is an option for companies that do not want to outsource their IT to another country. For companies looking for a stable, American dedicated hosting provider with options for customizing a plan, Codero is a great fit. We recommend trying Codero for your web hosting needs.
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aamir arif Hackensack, NJ

Buyers BEWARE Their employees are rude and if you get upset because of their screw ups, they will ask you to leave. Take my advise, you will never hear something like this from other nothing favorable if something goes wrong they will sell your house I am a professional with 25 years of experience. And i still host with this company They run the company like Mom and Pop and they do not care about when they create irate customers because of their low end service So many problems with them. I was lied to so many times. Its very difficult to detect a hosting company if they upgrade yoru server, and if that really happened. Some problems: Codera is always a whole fiasco i have lost 4 clients in one day with them. Paid them to fix things but they didn't and lied to me I have been with these guys for more than decade and half its unbelievable how my tasks has been handled These guys did nothing, I contracted them to migrate my server, because they never upgraded and lied to me. So server got old and drive died, even when i paid them to upgrade. How can you work with someone like that. They did things without discussing with me, installed plesk with full of errors, I reported all the errors. There was no one who took initiative on their end to fix things. I fixed everything myself I am extremely disappointed with thier service. Plus I upgraded my server two years ago and it turn out to be that you failed to do that.They lied to me that you upgraded, it was never upgraded, server has not been upgraded till 2011. They have reiterated that so many times in our conversation and it'sd so convoluting to know that I was lied to. When I restored server with them they have not fixed my cron jobs - migration had not done correctly databases not handled properly users not created for databases correctly – I had to do everything myself. Even when I created everything myself you failed to follow up They kept insisting to keep everything in one ticket, because their performce is based on how many tickets that are open. Since all the 100s of issues were in one ticket, all my concerns were ignored. They did nothing Even domains not configured correctly. I mean worse service and too many people doing everything wrong whatever i restored myself, They overwritten it with bugs again three times, and i had to do all the work again THREE Times. God forbid, if i get in this situation again, Codero will screw everything up AGAIN DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, FIND A BIG COMPANY. MOM AND POP COMPANIES ARE NOT FOR SMALL, MEDIUM AND ESPECIALLY NOT FOR BIG COMPANIES.

6 years ago

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They suspended my entire server on a FRIDAY afternoon without warning and without good reason. When I contacted support I was told it was not their problem and to speak with another department on MONDAY! I phoned their support line and literaly had their representative laugh at how stressed I was at the situation. This isn't even the only problem I've had with them. My server has been offline countless times due to their poor technical support, datacenter migrations and just general service outages.

4 years ago

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Probably the worst host I have ever encountered with regards to uptime and support. Their support team, whilst quick to respond, have absolutely no clue what they are doing. I am not a qualified sys admin by any stretch, so it should not be down to me to aid their support department and give them instructions on how to fix a problem!

3 years ago

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Alvaro Newark, NJ

There is no support, they only know how to give your tutorials links. 100% desapointed with the service.

6 years ago