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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Mikogo is an online application that is dedicated towards desktop sharing and web conferencing. Beam Your Screen, a company that is based out of Mannheim, Germany, developed the product. We found that they were founded in 2004. The company was aimed at developing high-end chat tools for corporate customers. Several customers approached them over the years asking for a smaller scale, robust sharing platform. The company has solutions available for iOS and Android, as well as Apple, Linux, and Windows computers. Mikogo first entered the world of Apple in 2009. On March 11, the company made a free software platform for the Mac. This was the first time Mikogo had made the foray into cross platform screen sharing. The solution was so popular that Macworld posted a review on their website and gave Mikogo the Editor's Choice 4-Star Award. Mikogo is popular for its cross-platform screen sharing, high-end features, and security. Recently, Mikgo has released another version with cross-platform VoIP. Mikogo is small and scalable. While it lacks video features at this time, it does offer one of the best screen sharing and web conferencing solutions in the web conferencing industry.

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The Good

  • IT support
  • Features and tools
  • Mobile compatibility
Overall, we felt that Mikogo might be a great tool for remote troubleshooting in an IT situation. We read about the screen sharing and IT help support functions of this tool in the company's tutorials. Mikogo can make a great solution for turning over control of a computer remotely. We found that a lot of customers used the Mikogo remote support feature for troubleshooting inside and outside of their organization. We felt that Mikogo had some great features, which included:
  • Cross Platform: Share documents and applications across platforms on your computer screen.
  • Switch Presenter: Giving other people in the web conference the power to present.
  • Remote Support: View and use a computer remotely for IT situations.
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Session Recording
  • Create Custom Profiles: Letting your team members make customized profiles.
  • Chat Messaging, which can be turned off by the leader.
Custom profiles were a great feature provided in this paradigm. Whereas with other conferencing tools, the profile let users store their contact information, Mikogo lets users create a custom profile that enables and disables their favorite chat features. This tool was robust and could help users automatically load a chat session with their favorite features. We found that Mikogo had a robust chat tool. You can use the messaging feature within a presentation to ask questions or direct concerns. However, we really liked that this feature didn't impede the leader's ability to control the conference. If a leader finds that team members are messaging during a presentation, this feature can easily be disabled. We also liked the annotation tools. Mikogo has a full suite of annotation tools for marking up a screen during a session, drawing attention to certain highlights. Also, Mikogo records a small video editor, which lets you manage a recorded presentation after the fact. Overall, the annotation tools were strong in this platform that didn't include video. The VoIP audio is another important feature. While Mikogo lacks any type of video sharing, it lets customers enjoy full, high-quality audio. Finally, we felt that Mikogo had some great mobile compatibility. It is very easy to join a session from your mobile device. Unfortunately, Mikogo does not let you start a session from your remote device.

The Bad

  • Video functionality
  • Limitations
  • Number of participants
Mikogo's prices are not that high, but we were kind of dissatisfied with the lack of video functionality. You can share a video from a screen sharing session, but the latency creates issues with the audio. We found that the lack of HD video and any video functionality whatsoever severely impedes the functionality of this service. Many of the free platforms out there include basic HD video conferencing and the ability to stream YouTube and other videos. We felt that Mikogo did have some significant issues that might not make it a good fit for some enterprise-level businesses:
  • Lack of any video functionality whatsoever.
  • Inability to run PPT and other presentation within the chat environment itself.
  • Not being able to start a session from the mobile app.
Another problem that we had with Mikogo was the inability to run a PPT or directly upload files into the conference environment itself. With other products, such as Adobe Connect, we were able to upload the presentation into the chat environment, letting it stream effortlessly across the chat environment. Also, the file-sharing feature is somewhat limiting. You can do a presentation over screen share, but there is a latency issue when sharing files. We also had some issues with the number of participants in a web conferencing session. The lowest level subscription only lets you do 1-3 participants. With the higher subscription levels, you can invite 25 people and share 4 presentation streams. This allows for breakout sessions. However, we wanted to include more participants if we were paying for the enterprise-level subscription. Finally, we wanted to be able to start a session from a mobile app. Mikogo doesn't allow this. You can only join or take over a presentation with the mobile app. Also, there are some limitations with the screen sharing on the mobile app.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we felt that Mikogo was a pretty good web conferencing program for technical support. It is also a robust platform for screen sharing and allowing leader control. We found that a lot of organizations that use Mikogo used it for technical support around the world. The screen sharing functionality makes it easy for you to take control of a client's computer and fix their tech bug. Mikogo doesn't have any video functionality, which makes it difficult for businesses that need to have face-to-face conversations remotely. We do recommend Mikogo, however, because it is a great fit for businesses that just need VoIP-quality audio and high-powered screen sharing (by the way, you have amazing control over screen sharing resolution with Mikogo).
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