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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2019
InterCall is one of the standard conferencing tools in the web conferencing industry. We found that they had been in business since 1991. They claim that more than 2.5 million people in 65,000 organizations use their product for web conferencing. In 2013, the company claimed that 25 billion conference call minutes happened with Intercall technology, creating over $2.6 billion in revenue. In 2003, a company called West Corporation acquired Intercall. Eventually, West Corporation and Intercall purchased many different companies, including, Sprint Conferencing, and others.  

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The Good

  • Reputation
  • Features
  • Training resources
Intercall is pretty big with top companies. On their website, Intercall claims that 85% of Fortune 100 companies use Intercall for their web, audio, and video conferencing needs. The company helps many different businesses, offering enterprise-level and small business calling services for its customers. Intercall has also received industry recognition for providing one of the top services in the world. We found that they had received some of the following awards over the years:
  • Best Virtual Learning Environment, 2014
  • 2014 Silver Stevie Winner
  • Blue Jeans Network-2013 Partner of the Year.
  • And many other reviews and rewards for best business conferencing environment.
One of the many things that we immediately noticed with Intercall was their strong reputation. We felt like they had one of the best reputation in the web conferencing industry based on the following:
  • The numerous awards that the company has been awarded, such as the Best Virtual Learning Environment in 2014.
  • Serving 85% of Fortune 100 companies.
Another thing that we saw with Intercall was that they offer multiple platforms for their clients. They use United Meeting 5, from Cisco, and Adobe Connect to help clients meet their individual needs. We felt that Intercall was in the perfect position to provide both large businesses and education enterprises the right utility to do business with. We really liked the ease of showing presentations, managing your audio calls, and having face-to-face video meetings with the following solutions:
  • The ability to schedule your meeting with Outlook and Google plug-ins.
  • The meeting automatically starts with just a few clicks.
  • You can share applications and presentations from your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.
The only issue not met by the Intercall platform is the lack of ability to start a meeting from your mobile device at this time. Another great feature of Intercall is the prices. Many companies in the industry that we reviewed only market their own proprietary platform. Intercall uses both Adobe and Cisco solutions. This lets Intercall deliver customized products at reasonable solutions. Also, Intercall fulfills the role of "consultant," making sure that the products are the best fit for the business. We also felt like Intercall had some great training resources. There is a powerful FAQ section on the webpage. While the video resources are somewhat lacking in some ways, there are some basic video tutorials for how to set up meetings and get the ball rolling. We also found the comparison of the Unified Meeting 5 and Adobe Connect solutions offered by Intercall. This made it easier for the decision maker to choose the best chat solution for their company.

The Bad

  • HD video
  • Clout sharing
  • User interface

Intercall does not have HD video capabilities, as we found, but it is possible to integrate video conferencing into InterCall if your business has a Citrix cloud setup.

We had some concerns with Intercall, especially with the lack of HD Video and a cloud sharing file system. We also had reviewed Adobe Connect, one of the solutions offered by Intercall. What we found out was that the maximum available video quality was 460 p. There are some plugins available for Adobe Connect from third-party providers, but we weren't sure how well this would work with the solution provided by Intercall. We also had some questions about cloud sharing. While there was a file-sharing feature available, we weren't sure how easy it would be for team members to edit documents and leave comments in real time. With Intercall, a company might also need to get a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud or a Cisco Cloud to make live annotation and document storage a possibility. The Unified Meeting 5 and Adobe Connect chat platforms provided by Intercall are solid. However, we were somewhat concerned by the overall user interface of the system. With Adobe Connect, we had found that the Share Pod and presentation side were both a little bit clunky. Uploading a PPT presentation causes all the slide thumbnails to show, making the display complicated. The UI might be a little bit complicated with these solutions for the basic or beginning user.

The Bottom Line

We also saw the "consultant" role built into this company's service platform. They help their customers choose the best fit from the solutions available through Unified Meeting 5 and Adobe Connect. This makes it easy for customers to choose from two world-class platforms. It's 2015 and we would like to see some direct HD video solutions. Right now, Intercall has limited video options available for their clients, which can make it difficult to share videos live. Other companies in the industry have had HD video options available for a while. While the support resources are great, we felt like a few more videos demonstrating the functions of products would be helpful. Overall, this is a great company to go with, as most of the Fortune 100 companies out there choose Intercall for their web conferencing needs.
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