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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

PGi is the parent company that carries iMeet. The company is a global provider of conferencing and chatting solutions. They offer audio conferencing, webcasting, and virtual meeting solutions. iMeet and GlobalMeet are two of the most popular products that the company carries. PGi’s options are offered as a SaaS (software as a service). These services are offered to small-, medium-, and enterprise-level companies, making PGi one of the biggest providers of “virtual rooms” to companies in the world. PGi has been steadily growing over the years. They’ve acquired several different companies and created new products. One of the neatest products that we learned about was Agenday...a calendar integration for Android and iOS that has received rave reviews in the news. We also found that PGi has acquired almost ten new companies in the decade. We predict that PGi’s iMeet will grow in popularity and functionality as the company grows.


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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Free trial
  • User interface
  • Onboarding guests
  • Recording and archiving meetings
If we weren't reviewing and were actually looking to purchase a web conferencing solution, we would definitely go with PGi's iMeet. The price point and great features caught our eye right away. Here are the prices for each iMeet subscription:
  • $9/month: 5 users
  • $29/month: 35 users
  • $49/month: 125 users
That's're not being charged per user, which makes this product one of the most affordable in the industry. We couldn't find a similar price with all the features that we were looking for. We really liked that we could spend very little per month and get a product that let you have up to 15 video streams at once. There is also a free trial with iMeet. We expected there to be a short 7-day or 14-day free trial with the low price that we saw. But we really liked the 30-day trial period that users get to see if this product really fits them well. We felt like the user interface in iMeet was one of the best "out-of-the-box" tools that we've seen in quite some time. Across all devices, the iMeet platform is fast, slick, and seamless. This makes it easy for video conferencing. With some of the competition, we saw a UI that looked fresh out of 1995, but with iMeet, we really enjoyed the slick, sleek interface that users encountered. In the industry, we saw some companies that charged you to bring guests on board. With one product, we saw that they charged $20 per hour per guest...but not with iMeet. iMeet lets you onboard guests for conference calling. It's really easy to join a conference call as a guest. You just tell iMeet to call the person you want to bring to the meeting and they beam in for no cost whatsoever. In fact, we saw no hidden fees with iMeet, which made us feel great about using this service. iMeet also allows users to record and archive meetings for later. This is an important tool for a business that might want to use iMeet videos as a substitute for physical written minutes of a meeting. Recording and archival also helps people who might have missed a conference.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Mobile functionality
  • Integrations
  • Compatibility
As with any service, there are some under-the-cuff things that bothered us about iMeet. This was mostly in the fine print section that is also called the "terms of service." No where on the website, except the terms of service, does it say that you are held to a 1-year contract. We expected that PGi would be transparent with this on their website. Another thing that caught us off-guard with iMeet was the lowest subscription plan, the $9 per month one. You actually have to pay for the entire year of service up front, so the total one-time cost is actually $108. We didn't see this on the website until we selected the product and selected "check out." When it comes to mobile functionality, we only had one concern. How many streams can participants access in the smartphone apps? The whole fifteen video streams might take up a lot of bandwidth, as well as use critical space on the screen. Where are the integrations at? We couldn't find anything about apps or integrations, except for a "dead chat" in the community support center. In this industry, app integrations can be hard to come by sometimes. However, we expected more with iMeet. For us, this was kind of a big deal. In the community, however, we did see the term "API" thrown around, which leads us to think that developers might be able to integrate this platform easily across a company. SalesForce was mentioned on the website under the tech specs, but an iMeet team member, in the community support, said that SalesForce is not yet available. The lack of apps and integrations makes this a difficult tool to deploy within an organization. We got hyped up about the iMeet toolbar that was mentioned on the website. This excited us, but, at the same time, we found out that it was only available to PC users.

The Bottom Line

We were excited about iMeet...leading to it being one of our top recommendations. While the apps are limited, we feel that this is a scalable and affordable product for small- to large-sized businesses. We were kind of taken aback by the one-year commitment, but iMeet does need to make a margin to keep this great product available to customers at the lowest possible price.
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