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LAST UPDATED: August 9th, 2021
GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service designed by the online division of Citrix Systems. It utilizes audio, desktop sharing, and video conferencing tools that let users meet with other users, customers, and team members over the Internet in real time. The system broadcasts the desktop of the host's computer to other meeting attendees through the Internet. The meeting is protected with high-level security and passwords. Ultimately, GoToMeeting is one of the most secure online meeting systems, encrypted with Citrix's high-level security features.  

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The Good

  • Products
  • Easy access
  • Features and tools
There are several "Go To" products that are manufactured by Citrix. There is the GoToWebinar and GoToTraining packages, also. All of these products can be combined within an enterprise-level solution after a consultation with Citrix. All the different products support many of the same features. Each system, however, is designed with a different audience in mind. Here are the numbers that Citrix's "Go To" products support:
  • GoToMeeting: Up to 100 people
  • GoToWebinar: Up to 200 people
  • GoToTraining: Up to 1000 people
Citrix does a pretty good job of describing their products on their website. Each core feature has a short, detailed explanation of how it can benefit the user. Also, there is occasionally a screenshot that shows how a particular function is achieved within one of the "Go To" products. We liked GoToMeeting as an enterprise-level solution for customers. The price tiers are acceptable and promise the user a wide array of features. Citrix has done a good job of building the following benefits into the system:
  • Easy access for decision makers and leaders within a meeting.
  • HD video conferencing for up to six people.
  • Easy web interface.
  • Keyboard and mouse control for users who want to try something on the presenter's computer.
  • Annotation tools for enhancing collaboration.
  • Easy one-click recording for meeting archival.
  • "Bulk" package purchase possible for enterprise-level business of GoToMeeting, Go To Webinar, and Go To Training.
We liked the easy access for decision makers and leaders within a meeting. This was probably one of the most robust features of GoToMeeting. We found that the meeting presenter could empower other attendees by giving them the virtual "floor," letting them annotate in a presentation, and bringing them to the centerfold in a streaming video conversation. The HD video conferencing feature isn't perfect, but it provides high resolution for up to 6 people in a conference. This makes it very easy for customers to do interviews and other types of one-on-one meetings for smaller intimate groups. We also liked that the platform is accessible over the web. Anyone with a MacBook, PC, ChromeBook, or mobile device can use GoToMeeting. Citrix is perhaps the only platform in the industry that also supports Linux and ChromeBook, two up and coming popular operating systems in the business world. One of the neat features of GoToMeeting is that you can let other people take over the keyboard and mouse of your machine from anywhere in the world. This is a great feature not available in other screen sharing apps. This makes GoToMeeting a great training tool. The annotation tools in GoToMeeting are a bit clunky, but they are there. It is possible to use a pen to draw on the presentation and place arrows. The power of this feature is that you can turn it on and off for different users in the meeting. We also liked the fact that there is an easy one-click solution for recording the meeting. If someone doesn't make the virtual meeting, you can record the conversation, video, and desktop sharing and send the meeting to a user later via email. Finally, we like that you can combine GoToMeeting, Go To Webinar, and Go To Training. Some individuals in your company might need access to the training portal, and this can be easily accomplished by selecting the right product for the key person in your company.

The Bad

  • File sharing
  • Annotation tools
  • Video sharing
There were a few concerns that we had with GoToMeeting. Overall, the price is pretty good for the features, however we felt that GoToMeeting lacked:
  • File sharing in one platform (Citrix makes a separate sharing client)
  • Limited annotation tools
  • "Labs" feature that let users stream HD video from desktop
  • Only 6 participants may use video during a web conference
The file sharing in GoToMeeting is pretty clunky too. Citrix has a program called ShareFile that you must use in addition to GoToMeeting if you want to share documents with clients. This makes the process a little bit confusing, as other conferencing programs let customers edit documents in real time. The limited annotation tools are also a problem. As of right now, all you can do in GoToMeeting is annotate on the screen with a pen and arrow tool. Finally, the video sharing in GoToMeeting is not quite yet perfected. You have to use a tool available in Citrix's labs that lets you stream files from your desktop.

The Bottom Line

If your business needs are pretty basic to intermediate in terms of web conferencing, we recommend GoToMeeting. Some features that we really liked are the powerful admin and leadership tools within the platform, the 30-day trial period with a 100% money back guarantee, and the HD video capabilities for video chat. The scalability of the platform and ease to choose other products, such as GoToWebinar and GoToTraining for the appropriate users in your company. Finally, the high quality customer experience that is backed by Citrix goes a long way towards our endorsement of GoToMeeting.
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Mary Gunn Dhaka, 13

Overall its a fantastic collaboration tool.You can maintain a meeting up to 200+ people throughout it. Excellent video quality with record option. Through scree sharing easily possible to share any presentation.

9 months ago

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Jim Portland, OR

I have no complaints about the product itself. It works as advertized, easy to schedule with others, and easy to use while conducting online training. I do have concern about the monthly service fee. Seems high for something that is used infrequently in our business. I think they should offer a fee based service instead of a standard monthly charge.

7 years ago

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AB Cambridge, MA

We run a small business serving clients throughout the US. Much of our work involves consulting on the phone or via computer. In all the years we've been collaborating with other businesses, whenever someone sends us a link to meet them on GoToMeeting, we invariably have problems. We click the link, but have to download software (their "opener"). And without fail, we get a message that this has failed and we end up missing the meeting. The irony is GoToMeeting markets its product as "instant meeting." It is most certainly NOT instant when people have to first download a program to get to their meeting (problem area #1--download failures). Since we're all busy, few of us have the time to TRY the download an hour before the scheduled meeting. So when the download fails, you have to schlep through pages and pages and pages of generic "support" literature. A massive waste of company time. We just missed yet another meeting a client schedule on GoToMeeting. We're sending out a message to our associates that from now on we won't respond to requests to meet via GoToMeeting. If your potential clients can't get your information because of a technical issue, then the technology has just cost you business. That's the opposite of what business technology is supposed to do. Oh, and good luck finding timely, live customer service with GoToMeeting if you're the potential client and can't get their opener download software to work. For that meeting you were scheduled in fifteen minutes ago.

2 years ago

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Stu Akerson Somerset, NJ

I found the program to be quite useful. It was nice to be able to communicate with your peers, live and in person. I did find it to be a little be a little confusing when you had more than one person speaking at the same time. I also found it to be limiting by only allowing six people to be seen six people on the call.

7 years ago

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Seth Somerset, NJ

Overall a very good option for groups to meet. Switching users & sharing screens seemed very easy to do - which I think is the most applicable benefit for our company. It also didn't seem like there was much of a delay in seeing the real-time actions of the presenter; which is crucial when conducting training.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Jacinda E Sandy, UT

I have used this webinar site when I was building my business. Easy to use and it has nice features to present products.

4 years ago