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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Global Meet is manufactured by PGi, Premiere Global Services, Inc. The company is a worldwide provider of web conferencing and collaboration products for businesses. They offer audio and web conferencing, web casting, and video conferencing. Their virtual meeting products include iMeet and Global Meet. PGi has its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Over 2,100 employees staff offices in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, New York, and other major cities throughout the world. As of 2013, the company posted just over $520 million in revenue.  

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The Good

  • User interface
  • Features
  • Recording
The user interface (UI) with Global Meet is slick and fast. When we looked at the product screen shots and tutorials, we found that most things can be done with the click of a button. The integration with Microsoft Lync is superior, letting Lync users run the chat paradigm as they'd like. A Lync user can easily import their contacts and share files in a meeting. Overall, we liked the Global Meet tool. For a "basic" web conferencing tool, it contained very robust features:
  • Limited HD ability for customers who only need to see a presenter speaking.
  • An easy-to-use UI.
  • The ability to record meetings for later.
  • White board and document annotation powered by the cloud solutions.
  • Easily integrated into Outlook, for storing contacts and scheduling.
  • An easy web portal for guests, powered by a downloaded app from the meeting facilitator.
In this business, many customers like web conferencing platforms that are purely web-based. Other users like a download that integrates well with their desktop and web user needs. Global Meet combines the best of both worlds. With Global Meet, the facilitator downloads a software package for:
  • Their Mac
  • Their Windows PC
  • A specialized app that integrates with Microsoft Lync.
  • For their tablet or smartphone that is powered by BlackBerry, iOS, or Android.
When the facilitator wants to start a meeting, he or she invites other users with a simple process, a one-click web link. Global Meet also makes it very easy to record your meetings. The robust recording tool works across all platforms. You can save your meeting and archive it in the cloud for later playback. Archiving a meeting can help clients store a meeting for later reference or let users who missed a meeting participate after the fact. Global Meet helps with the annotation tools. We found that the annotation tools lets you edit documents that are shared within the cloud. There is also a full suite of white board tools, letting you interact with your attendees. You can easily draw their attention to presentation highlights with the annotation tools. You do have to save the document again if you are storing it in the cloud. We also found out that Global Meet works very well with Outlook. Also, Outlook and Global Meet can supplement your approach to customer relationship management. Perhaps the best feature of Global Meet is the web link invite for conference attendees. You don't need to ask your attendees to download the chat platform. With their web browser, they can easily beam into your conferences and meetings.

The Bad

  • Video demonstrations
  • Complaints
  • Reports
One thing that we would like to see improved about their service is the number of video demonstrations of the product on the website. With Global Meet, we didn't see a lot of neat demonstration of the product in their FAQ or their support section. There are two things that customers frequently don't like about the program. The first is that it's hard to see which client needs to be muted at times during the conference call. Sometimes, the host has to scroll down and doesn't have enough time to see which client is making the extra "noise." The reports on the system are a bit difficult for users to access at times. When downloading the analytics after a conference, the user has a hard time sorting them in spreadsheets or tables. This can make it difficult to determine who downloaded which files. One user complained about tracking customers who had participated. Sometimes, a customer can get booted from the meeting and will show up as two participants in the meeting when they get logged back in.

The Bottom Line

Global Meet is a great tool for business decision makers that want to get meeting attendees involved quickly. We liked the number of HD video features for customers making a presentation, a powerful user interface, and the ability to record meetings for later. The white board and document annotation, powered by the cloud, make this meeting software very useful for complicated conferences. Also, we felt that the Outlook integration made web meetings really easy, with the click of a button. The web access for customers is also a great feature. We would like customers, in future versions, to be able to see more than just the presenter over their HD video.
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