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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
ElectroMeet is software that you can use for meetings, distance education, remote labs, training, and more. It comes as a software download that is free. There are product licenses to get access to higher-level features. ElectroMeet makes money by selling provider licenses. Anyone who wants to join an ElectroMeet room can download the software for free, but providers must get a license. Here is the pricing information for the provider licenses:
  • Trial License: Free
  • Silver License: $350 per month
  • Gold License: $750 per month
ElectroMeet is kind of like a less sophisticated version of BlackBoard collaborate, but with added functionality outside of education. This is one of the few web conferencing platforms that we encountered that is good for laboratory testing and scientists. There are proctoring features in this product that are not found anywhere in the web conferencing industry.

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The Good

  • Full audio
  • Polling and proctoring
What we really liked about ElectroMeet, for being a company with a severely limited platform, is that they do serve a niche sector. They have a product that is aimed towards researchers and training. No other product that we reviewed in the industry has an environment that is suited towards scientists and labs. There are several features that drive the value of their product.
Full Audio
We really liked the efficacy of the audio chat of the product. If the presenter doesn't want to change the video stream to show the person asking a question, the audio feature will let the presenter flag who is speaking with two-channel audio that is streamed to all participants. In the list of users, the person is flagged so that everyone can see who is talking.
Polling and Proctoring
These are some features that work perfectly for adding integrity to the session. The facilitator can ask questions of participants, with the answers being private. We did like that the proctoring feature routinely takes screenshots. The audio and video are also recorded, adding integrity to the session.

The Bad

  • No information on video participants
  • Website hasn't been updated since 2009
  • No mobile functionality
  • Price
  • Privacy
  • No Mac version
We really weren't all that impressed with ElectroMeet. We felt that there might be a few niche businesses that might benefit from it. Also, it might be a good fit for scientists, researchers, and education providers (in very special circumstances). We did have a few concerns that we will address below:
No Information on Video Participants
We really wanted to know how many people could participate by sending video streams. There wasn't any information provided on the website about this feature. We did gather that the presenter could shift the video between themselves and participants. If there is only one stream available, this could make it very difficult to capture the interaction if the presenter has to shift between different video streams.
Website Hasn't Been Updated Since 2009
While we were browsing around their website, which looked like it had been designed in 1995, we saw that they hadn't updated their copyright date since 2009. This was a little bit of a concern to us. It made us wonder how up-to-date the service was and how well it worked on the various versions of desktop operating systems that are out there. There are, however, links to the download that were dated as being 2014.
No Mobile Functionality
We were somewhat concerned that there were no mobile apps for this product. We would like to see mobile functionality, especially if this app is going to be used in education. Blackboard Collaborate has mobile apps that make educational use ideal.
While this seems to be a pretty nifty product for educational, scientific, and training situations, this product is way overpriced for the ancient technology. Most of the conferencing platforms in the industry are cloud-based. Who wants to download software to host 120 participants for $750 per month when other providers can do more for cheaper? We did like the "freemium" version that lets up to 50 people participate in a conference for free, though.
While the polling and proctoring features are great, we were concerned about the screenshots that were taken in ElectroMeet. Even though this is a great tool to make sure that participants are not on Facebook, it concerned us that the presenter might be able to take a screenshot of a participant's computer. This creates a little bit of concern as to what the presenter can see without the audience's permission.
No Mac Version
We were on the website to try downloading the product and went straight to the download portion of the website. The download page doesn't say which operating system the system works on. When we started downloading the product, we saw that it was an .exe file (for Windows). We went to the requirements page and saw that this was a Windows-only product.

The Bottom Line

We wouldn't recommend this ancient platform for web conferencing. We didn't like the fact that this product is downloaded and not cloud-based. Additionally, we felt like the interface was really clunky. Also, we didn't like the fact that this is a Windows-only product. ElectroMeet simply did not meet our requirements and needs. Additionally, no mobile app makes this product a dinosaur.
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