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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
ClickMeeting is a company that provides its customers with live chat and webinar solutions. We found that a larger company called Implix, which has offices all over the world, owns the company. ClickMeeting, unlike some of the other chat services in the industry, has some apps and integrations available and even invites developers to submit apps for integration into the platform. The web conferencing tools available with Click Meeting have a lot of room for expansion. If you are a small business that might need to do a quick conference, the $30 per month plan is great. Larger businesses can pay more per month and have up to 1000 participants. Click Meeting also has done some great work in making their product affordable for non-profits. If you choose Click Meeting for your non-profit organization, you are eligible for up to 40% off for any of the pricing plans for as long as you use the service. Additionally, Click Meeting lets you try the product for up to 30 days before requiring payment--enough time to take the platform for a test drive.

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The Good

  • Scalability
  • Features and tools
  • Apps
Right away, we noticed the scalability of this product and service. The low-end level costs $30 per month and lets 25 participants join a web conference. Additionally, we liked that the high-scale product, for $280 per month, lets up to 1000 users participate in a web conference. The file sharing, annotation tools, and app integrations maximize the meeting performance. We liked the app center that was listed on the website. We were able to see some of the following integrations available with Click Meeting:
  • Google Integration: Including Gmail, Google Calendar, and YouTube.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Chrome
  • Moodle
  • Adobe
While this list is still growing, we would like to see some CRM and other platforms added. We need to see these if Click Meeting is going to be used as a tool for ecommerce companies. There is also a developer's hub, which promises flexibility to those want to expand Click Meeting's potential. Another thing that we learned about Click Meeting was that there is the potential for meeting room rebranding. While some platforms in the web conferencing industry don't include much for brand identity, we found that Click Meeting is pretty cool in this regard. Click Meeting lets users rebrand their room with:
  • Logos, colors, fonts, and graphics.
  • Create a waiting room for clients to see brands that are sold and promoted by your company.
  • Brand template suites, for as your company continues to grow.
For the web conferencing industry, we felt that Click Meeting does a great job in providing the best brand flexibility of some of the products that we reviewed. We liked screen sharing and remote control of your conference attendee's desktops. This is a great feature necessary for demonstrating software products, as well as helping customers find what they want in a web conference. You can share your desktop with your attendees, as well as give them some remote control. We also liked the moderated Q and A, as well as the private chat. Let's say that an attendee needs to run away and grab lunch during a conference. They can easily come back and ask questions, which are answered by other moderators. This can allow a webcast to go on seamlessly--no need to slow down the conference when you are on a tight schedule. Everything is also confidential. None of the other conference attendees can see the information about a person who is asking a question in a Q and A applet. We also snuck into the Click Meeting development center to see what tweaks we could make to integrate this into a company's core cloud systems. You can easily submit your secret API key to incorporate it into your software-as-a-service platform. The archiving tools in Click Meeting are also pretty robust and sleek. If you are saving images from your chat session, you can instantly pull these up at a later date with your Flickr account. We also didn't encounter any limitations on how long conferences and webinars could be stored for. We also found that the admin tools were really powerful. For a web conferencing meeting, you could easily set the audio and video participation of your participants. If you don't want your attendees to interrupt, you can disable voice features for them during certain parts of your conference. Additionally, there is a Q and A mode that is really powerful. Your attendees can submit their requests to chat. The presenters can then determine which questions are relevant and then grant the appropriate attendees voice privileges. We liked the apps available with Click Meeting. Even though BlackBerry is on the downswing, there are BlackBerry apps available for users who still have a Research-in-Motion phone. When we reviewed the competitors' mobile apps, some of them weren't very good. With Click Meeting, the user experience is attractive, and the mobile devices are very easy to use.

The Bad

  • Video streams
  • Quality
We did have some concerns about Click Meeting. We were only able to see four different video streams available--the number of maximum presenters in meetings and webinars. We did have some concerns about the latency and quality of video as the number of participants increased. Across the industry, we saw that more users could reduce the speed of the web conferencing experience.

The Bottom Line

We wholeheartedly recommend Click Meeting as a web conferencing service. The product is growing, with more new apps rolling out in the future. One of the concerns that we had was with the lack of transparency in who actually owned Click Meeting. The company appears to have changed hands a few time, and Click Meeting does not have a lot of information about their industry accolades and partnerships on their website. We would like to see this included for greater transparency.
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