How a Walk-In Tub Can Relieve Your Pain


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Written by Carlee Linden | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
Carlee Linden is a Content Management Strategist for Best Company. Having majored in Writing Studies, Carlee spends her time refurbishing furniture, watching Netflix, and dreaming of vacationing in Australia.

Man sitting on tree stump looking stressedFor those struggling with injuries, illness, stress, or even just the everyday aches and pains from aging, there are few better feelings than coming home from a long day and soaking in the tub. A regular tub doesn’t provide the necessary features to relieve chronic pain, soothe aching muscles, or deep massage sore joints. If you are living with arthritis, diabetes, a sleep disorder, stress, injuries, etc., you may want to consider a walk-in tub to combat your condition.

Therapeutic walk-in tubs are designed for maximum comfort. Since there are multiple reasons to get a hydrotherapy tub, it’s important to understand which tub will benefit you the most. While you can add extra features, there are a few basic therapy tubs that are important to know.


Whirlpool tubs use jets to project water in a circular motion. More like a deep tissue massage, whirlpool tubs offer quick relief for sore muscles, relieve joint pain, and improve blood circulation. Jets are specifically placed to soothe muscles, but many whirlpool tubs offer adjustable jets, allowing you to target specific areas. Whirlpool tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that works for your home. The other advantage to a whirlpool tub is being able to receive the same care as you would in a therapy clinic from the privacy of your own home.

Air Tubs

Unlike the Whirlpool tub that targets specific areas with pressurized jets, air tubs offer a much more relaxing and soothing experience. Air tubs use low pressure coming through drilled holes that allow heated air into the water. The air bubbles rise to the top of the water providing a gentle, soft tissue massage. On most models, you can adjust the speed at which the air is released and if you want the air to pulsate. Air tubs assist with healthy blood flow and are believed to cleanse the body.

Air Tub/Whirlpool Combination

A combination of the Whirlpool tub and the Air tub is an excellent way to take advantage of each tub’s benefits. By combining the pressurized jets and the heated air bubbles, you’ll achieve ultimate alleviation. For those dealing with more than one condition, a combination tub gives the option to use the different therapies one at a time or simultaneously. A combination tub is an excellent option for those who want to utilize the unique features of both the Air tubs and the Whirlpool tubs.

Knowing which tub will work best for you and your condition will help to alleviate your pain most effectively. While the whirlpool tub, air tub, and the combination tub provide different types of therapies, there are a few other optional features that can provide additional comfort and health benefits.


Aromatherapy is a holistic strategy that uses natural plant oils and extracts to help heal the mind and body. Scents are usually inhaled, but can also be applied topically. An Aromatherapy tub uses aromatic beads or drops to infuse a scent into the bath. Aromatherapy oils have been used to reduce stress and anxiety, everyday muscle aches, insomnia, circulation problems, and digestive problems. In addition to the deep massaging jets or the gentle massaging bubbles, the fresh aroma will make your bathroom routine feel more like a day at the spa.


Chromatherapy is the use of light and color in your bath. According to chromatherapy practices, every color triggers an emotion or feeling within our bodies. Each color has an effect that is based on the color characteristics. Specific health benefits are associated with each color; warm colors energize and stimulate the mind, whereas cool colors relax and relieve tension. Using chromatherapy in walk-in tubs is believed to heal the body physically and emotionally.

Heat Therapy

A warm bath has been known to provide pain relief and many healing benefits. Heat therapy is used for persistent body pain like cramping, soreness, muscle knots, or pain that seems to be everywhere. This can include the following conditions: fibromyalgia, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases, and more. Heat therapy will relieve pain as it allows oxygen to flow to the muscles, helping heal the tissue. You’ll want to ask if the tub you’re considering offers anti-scald technology. This technology will regulate the water temperature and prevent the water from getting too hot. 

Walk-in tubs are a big investment and it’s important to choose something that will help relieve your pain. With so many options, do your research to find the best walk-in tub company for your needs.

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