6 Creative Ways to Care for the Elderly


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Written by Chad Zollinger | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
Chad Allen Zollinger is a Content Management Specialist for Best Company. Majoring in Writing Studies, Chad is an avid reader, a lifelong writer, and once completed the Rubik's Cube in 34 seconds.

Grandpa and grandson walking on beach6 Creative Ways to Care for the Elderly

There are numerous ways to care for the elderly, whether it’s meeting face-to-face, installing home comfort systems, or participating in awareness campaigns. Unfortunately, finding the perfect healthcare solution for your aging loved one can be difficult due to failing health and perhaps even declining interests. Creative solutions for elderly care become more important as loved ones get older, so don’t be afraid to explore a wide variety of options on your own. Even providing laughter or smiles can be therapeutic. For now, try out some of these creative ways to care for the elderly.

The Care Bank Trend

One of the more enterprising trends in elderly care is the care bank trend in which individuals around the world earn points by helping other aging members of the community. Though you have to be a member to earn official time dollars, the dollars you earn can be spent on care for your family members. The care bank trend is just one way people are innovating in order to help senior citizens.

Exercise Games

Exercise improves both physical and mental health. Exercise can be more complicated for seniors, so they must rely on more creative ideas for improving health through exercise. Though the Nintendo Wii is commonly thought to be a child’s toy, some games are designed specifically for adults. For example, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports, and Walk It Out are all games perfectly suited for older adults who might be too sick to go outside when weather is bad. Games like Big Brain Academy are designed to help stimulate mental health.

Reading with the Elderly

Stories not only help people by stimulating the mind, they can also be a huge stress relief for seniors—that relief is amplified when the ones doing the reading are close friends or family. According to Psychology Today, a special effort to concentrate will help improve memory because it consolidates new learning into forming long-term memories. Though it isn’t the newest innovative idea in caring for senior citizens, it is one of the most underrated.

Walk for a Cause

There are plenty of charity walks that focus on raising awareness for illnesses or money for research—all you have to do is sign up, invite your more healthy elderly loved ones, and start walking.

In-Home Care

You’ve likely already heard about the medical services and programs available for in-home elderly care. Aging individuals who need extra help but want to spend their time at home can get in-home care from professional health care aides. These aides will assist loved ones in taking medication, take care of hygiene needs, and even run errands in many cases.

Walk-in Tubs and Home Comfort Services

Consider installing a walk-in tub in the homes of your aging loved ones. Not only do these tubs soothe aching muscles, they are also therapeutic and greatly increase comfort at home. Other in-home care ideas include meal prep services, a home mobility system, accessibility options for kitchens, and errand services.

The comfort of your aging loved ones is paramount, so whether it’s spending more time face-to-face or installing a new walk-in tub, be thoughtful and explore creative options for showing the elderly in you life that you care.

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