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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Starting as an experiment in virtual private networks in 2006, PureVPN has grown to a global provider of internet security with over 500 servers in 180 locations in 141 countries. PureVPN began offering their VPN commercially in 2007 and has rapidly grown to be a solid leader in the industry. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and subject to their country’s jurisdiction. PureVPN offers VPNs for personal and commercial use. In this review, the Review Team explores their personal VPN product. PureVPN offers their customers unlimited speed and bandwidth and can be used by up to five devices simultaneously. Their pricing is competitive and additional features are affordable. The company is also available as a white-label product for resellers.

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The Good

  • Price
  • Easy Cancellation Policy
  • Speed
Each subscriber to PureVPN receives the same base service and the primary difference in the plans is the term of the subscription. PureVPN offers their service with three billing terms - monthly, semi-annually and annually. The company offers special pricing offers on their website regularly. PureVPN often has exceptional specials for customers. These specials are subject to change at any time, and the Review Team does not guarantee any special will be available from PureVPN. Pricing for PureVPN is as follows:
  • One Month - $10.95
  • Six Months - $8.95/month ($44.95 due upon subscription)
PureVPN offers their customers three additional add-ons from which to chose which are paid monthly according to the term which they have selected.
  • NAT Firewall - $1.99 /Mo
  • Dedicated IP - $1.99 /Mo
  • Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection - $2.99 /Mo
Customers may use the following payment methods with PureVPN: Major credit cards, AliPay, Bitcoin, Cashu, PaymentWall and PayPal.
Easy Cancellation Policy
An area which PureVPN sets themselves apart from their competitors is that they have easy-to-access customer service and that online services are widely available. They allow their customers to cancel their services via email or live chat.
PureVPN states that they have the fastest VPN available. According to speed tests, they are fast, but not the fastest. It is important to note that there are several factors which affect speed, and as such, the speed of a VPN is best checked with the user's hardware, ISP, and at various times of the day. As a general rule, VPN users sacrifice some speed for security. Additionally, the delays which users experience while using a VPN are measured in microseconds, and in most cases negligible in practical use. PureVPN's average download speed has been calculated as 37.4 Mbps and average upload speed is 4.27 Mbps. As a frame of reference, the average speed of non-VPN tunneled internet in the United States of 20.8 Mbps and uploads of 5.2 Mbps.

The Bad

  • Free Trial
  • Transparency
Free Trial
Customers have reported some confusion about PureVPN offering conflicting information about their trial policy. There is reference to a free trial in the company's refund policy document, yet nothing else. Taken directly from the company's refund policy: Trial Account Refund Policy: Please note PureVPN 3 days trial account is not subject to any refund under any circumstances. The company offers their customer refunds within the first seven days of a new subscription, so customers are able to try the service and receive refunds if needed. The Review Team strongly recommends that all prospective customers read the company's refund policy which is very specific to the conditions for refunds for every type of subscription from PureVPN.
PureVPN publishes comprehensive privacy and terms of use documents on their website. These are written in easy-to-understand English and should be read thoroughly before committing to a subscription for VPN services, as the brief summary below is not exclusive and does not replace a full perusal of PureVPN's policies. The company states that they are not legally required to provide information to any entity, but should it be discovered that a user is using their VPN service for illegal activities and if accompanied by proper legal requests, that the company will comply in providing requested information, provided that the company has the requested information available. This statement begs the question about whether there is some information stored or not. PureVPN only offers file or data sharing on servers in some countries, roughly half of all the countries in which servers are located. For a complete list of these 80 locations, prospective customers are counseled to visit PureVPN's Privacy Policy.

The Bottom Line

PureVPN has much to offer their customers. They have a comprehensive network of servers from which to select. Users can split their VPN services between up to five devices for one subscription and the service works for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux devices. Of note are areas of confusion about the availability of logs, with the question being logs provided to law enforcement. It is reasonable to expect that here are either logs kept or not, and if the company states that they will. If constrained, and certain guidelines and conditions are met provide data to law enforcement, that the company keeps some records of some variety. The TBC Review Team recommends PureVPN as a company worth further investigation when shopping for VPN services, based on the outweighing of positive features and benefits outweighing those which are negative.
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