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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
proXPN is a global VPN company that started in 2009 and is based in the Netherlands. They strive to provide users with internet security as well as freedom to access user favorite sites anytime, anywhere.

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The Good

  • Price
  • Encryption Type
  • Speed
  • Transparency
  • Customer Support
proXPN offers a free VPN as well as a Premium VPN package. Monthly costs may be paid with PayPal or a major credit card and canceled at any time. Upon cancellation, Premium users' accounts are automatically downgraded to a free account as a courtesy. Basic (Free) proXPN
  • Anonymous web browsing with full encryption
  • Data Transfer and connection time is unlimited
  • All IP addresses are anonymous
  • OpenVPN connectivity
  • Limitation of 300kbps
  • Limited port selection
  • No torrenting allowed on the Basic plan
Premium VPN - from $6.25/month
  • All of the above features
  • Addition of PPTP as well as OpenVPN
  • Unlimited speed
  • Access to worldwide servers, rather than a selected few
  • Torrenting
  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • All available ports are open
  • Premium customer service
There is some confusion as as to the pricing for proXPN's Premium plan. Customer report that and the Review Team found that the company's website and customer service department both return results of the plan being "from $6.25/month" without explanation of the confusing wording.
Encryption Type
proXPN's use of OpenVPN in the Basic plan is unusual, since one would expect that the company put the higher quality of VPN tunnel encryption with the Premium product. PPTP is more widespread in the industry. It's encryption is not as secure as OpenVPN. Customers using the Premium plan can use either OpenVPN or PPTP encryption. The Review Team recommends OpenVPN because of its superiority in protecting data in the VPN tunnel. In this case, customers selecting the Basic product are being gifted a better form of encryption.
Whenever possible, the Review Team uses data from an independent, third party company to report on a VPN's speed. While these figures can give prospective customers an idea of what type of speed that they might expect using a specific VPN provider, there are many factors which can affect the speed of a connection. Some of the possible factors which can affect speed of a VPN connection include:
  • ISP Speed
  • Traffic on the VPN Server
  • Geographic distance to the VPN server (typically closer servers to the user yield higher speeds)
  • Computer speed
proXPN delivered very good speed test results with speeds at several of its servers performing above the industry average. proVPN delivered download speeds ranging from 4.18 Mbps to 12.3 Mbps and upload speeds from 0.92 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps. For a frame of reference, the average speed of a non-VPN tunneled high-speed internet connection in the United States is 20.8 Mbps and the average speed for uploads of 5.2 Mbps. proXPN customers report that their internet speed is better when they use the Premium product than the Basic one, which is intuitively expected.
proXPN is very transparent in their publication of company policies. Included in their terms of service is a statement that if one is found to have used their servers for spamming, that the company reserves the right to collect $150/hour fees to repair the damages done to the server. There is also explicit information about the trial and policy required for a refund. Many customers are conditioned to think that a trial offer is equivalent to a free use of the services for a period of time, and while proXPM does not disclose the fine print in their main pages, they do so in their terms documentation. proXPN states that they do not keep any logs of their customers or their online behavior. This practice is only available when customer purchase their VPN service from companies headquartered in countries which do not have stringent laws requiring providers to do so, such as the United States and United Kingdom.
Customer Support
proXPN offers two tiers of customer service to their customers, which coincides with their levels of services. Subscribers of the Basic plan, can request customer support via email or Twitter. For their Premium customers, support from proXPN can be handled via a toll-free US phone number. This practice is highly unique among many VPN companies with comparable pricing to proXPN.

The Bad

  • Free Trial
  • Extra features
Free Trial
proXPN does not give customers a free trial. Rather, proXPN states that they offer new customers a risk-free 30-Day trial of their Premium VPN encryption. The term of the trial is significantly longer than that of many companies. However, in the company's policies, proXPN states that they charge the user's credit card or PayPal account upon signing up for the free trial. If they are not satisfied, during the 30-Day trial, they may request a full refund, which will be awarded, no questions asked. Likewise, there are no refunds of fees past the initial 30 days, unless the company experiences significant downtime or server failure. In this case, refunds may be issued at the company's discretion.
 Extra Features
proXPN offers support for Android, iOS, MAC and Windows devices. While many of the highly-ranked VPNs offer firewalls, kill switches or phishing protection, proXPN does not advertise any of these services. The company's focus is strongly upon providing an impenetrable VPN tunnel for their customers. Along with reports of outages in the early part of 2016, there are also customer reports of the servers' IP addresses not being secure or anonymous.

The Bottom Line

proXPN has many appealing features which rate well by the Review Team and TBC's rating criteria. They are competitively priced and do well on independent speed tests. The company offers phone support for their Premium customers and is highly transparent with their terms, practices and privacy policy. The company is lacking data on uptime and security, which when coupled with customer complaints about these features give the Review Team pause. Because of these concerns about the company's uptime and security, the Review Team cannot fully recommend proXPN, but rather recommends that customers interested in their services take advantage of the money-back guarantee, which the company bills as a trial period.
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