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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
BolehVPN has been offering VPN tunnels for their customers since 2007. They are headquartered in Malaysia, and as such are not required to maintain logs of their customers or their online behavior, as are many other countries, including the United States and United Kingdom. Their service is reasonably priced and their customer service is available via social media. The company is not one which is completely transparent, and they do not have a privacy policy available for study before committing to a subscription. 

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The Good

  • Price
  • Encryption Type
  • Customer Support
  • Extra Features
  • Speed
BolehVPN offers both VPN tunnel technology as well as Game Hosting. Game Hosting pricing is not available on the website and must be requested from the company at [email protected] BolehVPN's packages offer the same features and paid for by the length of the billing term.
  • 1 Day Trial - Free upon request and only with administrative approval
  • 7 Day Trial - $3.70
  • 30 Day Subscription - $9.99
  • 60 Day Subscription - $16.99
  • 180 Day Subscription - $44.99
  • 365 Day Subscription - $79.99
Encryption Type
BolehVPN uses both OpenVPN and L2TP as the encryption for their VPN tunnel. OpenVPN by BolehVPN uses a secure 256 bit encryption in most cases. There are a few servers which are more specialized for streaming with BolehVPN which connect with 128 bit encryption. The Review Team found that there are superior security measures which are employed by BolehVPN in most applications and practical use.
 Customer Support
BolehVPN is based in Malaysia, and customer support is more readily available during business times there. For reference, there is a twelve-hour difference between the time in the eastern time zone and the current time in Malaysia, with Malaysia being ahead of the United States. The Review Team found that the best chance of contacting a customer service agent was via social media, with contact using Facebook performing slightly better than that for Twitter. Agents responded within several hours on average using both social media platforms. BolehVPN offers a live chat option, which is rarely available. Customers are asked to leave a message after clicking the widget with the promise that someone will respond. There are reports that there is a low response rate from the company using this method of obtaining support. Customers have reported that the support staff, when answering questions, sometimes uses language which is difficult for the average person to understand and doesn't always answer questions when given more than one. Accounting for the time difference, there are some justifiable reasons for the lack of live support, but many other companies manage to maintain support for their customers even with similar situations of being headquartered on a different continent than a significant percentage of their customer base. BolehVPN does better than most of their competitors in their price point.
Extra features
The Review Team looks for additional features in a VPN network to further protect customers' privacy. BolehVPN offers their customers a lock down or kill switch which turns off the internet connection should the VPN server go down. All servers are protected with a firewall and the company offers DNS leak protection.
The speed of any VPN is an average and is not intended to promise prospective customers that BolehVPN (or any other VPN) will perform the same. According to the test results on an independent speed testing site, BolehVPN returned average speeds of 20.5 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload. BolehVPN's download speed is comparable with the average speed of non-VPN tunneled internet in the United States of 20.8 Mbps and slower than the average speed for uploads of 5.2 Mbps. In practice, customers report that their internet speed is slightly slower than when they are using a VPN, but that the difference is negligible.

The Bad

  • Free Trial
  • Transparency
Free Trial
BolehVPN offers a one-day trial, which is subject to approval. In order to receive this trial, prospective customers must first register as a new customer and then email the company at: [email protected], requesting a trial. A brief description of the intended use of the VPN during the trial must be included. BolehVPN reserves the right to grant or deny any requests for trials at their discretion. Registration for a free trial request involves filling out a simple form with username, password, email address, full legal name and a contact telephone number. Billing information is not collected by BolehVPN in order to receive a trial. Additionally, the service simply is active for 24 hours after the company approves the trial. Should a trial be approved, users be able to fully test the service and software compatibility with their machines. BolehVPN states that they are compatible with most major ISPs, but users should check with their internet provider to be certain.
An area which BolehVPN suffers in the rating criteria by the Review Team is their company's transparency. While customers wanting a virtual private network demand privacy and anonymity, there should be at least a measure of transparency with the providers. BolehVPN is one of the most secretive companies that the Review Team has encountered in the industry. They reveal very little about their company online. The only way to really learn about the company is to ask them directly, which the Review Team did and received some information. The representatives did not volunteer information, and only gave the bare minimum responses to direct questions. This experience parallels reports from customers. An area which would be beneficial is the addition of a privacy policy and/or terms and conditions document online. While many people do not read these documents, they are a signal that a company is more transparent in their business practices and has policies in place for various situations which can arise. BolehVPN does not disclose the location of their servers, how many which they have in their network, etc. They are under no obligation to do so, but having ideas of the physical locations of servers can help prospective customers in that the closer one is to a server geographically, the faster the potential connection.

The Bottom Line

The Review Team recommends BolehVPN as a company worth considering for VPN needs. They have competitive pricing and better customer service than many of their industry partners. Added features of a kill switch and DNS protection are also unusual in their price point. Perhaps the most notable endorsement is that coming from torrenting sites and torrenters. They both rave about the level of privacy which they enjoy while using BolehVPN. The company could stand to be more transparent with their practices and policies. Having to request a free trial is irritating and unusual, but the benefit of this practice is that customers do not need to provide billing information when requesting a free trial.
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