4 Reasons to Get Residential VoIP


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Written by: Riley Clark | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2020

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VoIP is a modern phone system that uses the internet connection that your household already uses to carry out phone calls. This bypasses the necessity for traditional phone lines

VoIP can be a great option for residential or commercial use. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, VoIP can save you money and give you a quality phone service. 

1. Save money


Compared to many other phone providers, the price for VoIP residential services are generally much more affordable. VoIP providers can charge much lower than traditional phone providers because they use the internet to transmit calls to others instead of having to pay the fees to deliver your calls over phone lines.

Residential VoIP also gives customers more flexibility in the plan that they choose. Customers can choose a plan depending on their needs for their phone service. Each plan has a different price range.

Dennis Vu, the CEO and cofounder of Ringblaze explains, "If you make a lot of calls every day, residential VoIP makes a lot more sense. For just a few dollars per month, you can make unlimited calls, which is a hard offer to beat."

Kenny Trinh, the managing editor of GeekWithLaptop shares, “The biggest benefit of VoIP is that it's really cheap. The majority of VoIP providers are cheaper than standard providers. And because this is directly connected to the internet, your VoIP won’t need much hardware to run compared to your standard telephone.”

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Customer Review for MagicJack: Grant Lofgreen

"Absolute best phone service I've had. Unbelievably well priced, works very well. Home integration and set up was painless."

2. Make international calls


Carla Diaz, cofounder of Broadband Search adds, “VoIP really shines when it comes to international calling. You’re likely to find cheaper rates using VoIP than a cell phone and certainly a landline. In most cases, if you’re calling within your network, international calls are free up to a preset number of minutes.”

Residential VoIP providers also typically offer international calling plans that can be added to their normal plans. If you are someone who calls internationally often, then an international plan can be a viable option.

3. Enjoy more features

By using a residential VoIP service, you'll have many more features available than those available to a typical landline. Many of the VoIP companies allow you to call other people using the same VoIP service for free. You can block telemarketers, use call waiting and forwarding, and enjoy many others depending on the VoIP service. 

Trinh says, “Some VoIP phones allow you to forward calls as well as take video calls via Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing software. They also allow for multitasking so you can send images and files while talking to the person on the phone. These VoIP phones are usually better and more convenient than your standard landline phone.”

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Customer Review for Ooma: Jamie

"We have used Ooma for many years now. We have been very happy with it! It is nice to be able to keep a landline for our younger kids who don't have mobile phones yet. It is also nice to have a "home" number I can give out when I don't want to give my cell number out. I also love that we can check our voicemail message online."

4. Keep your existing phone number

old phone

Most residential VoIP providers give their customers the option to stick with the phone number that they previously had. Sometimes this comes with a small fee of $10–$20 but eliminates the hassle of letting others know your new phone number.

Trinh adds, “Multifunctionality of features like call forwarding, call waiting, paging, group calls, speed dialing, and a lot of other features delivers more enhanced call processing opportunities that can bring higher productivity.”

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Customer Review for AT&T: Cathy

"We've had AT&T for a home phone in 2 locations for 40 yrs now. Never an issue with the phone service."

What's next?

If you feel like the best option for you is utilizing a residential VoIP in your home, take a look at the top VoIP companies and read other real experiences that customers have had with each company. 

If you're not entirely sold or need more information, do a bit more research with these useful articles:

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The Top VOIP Providers Companies

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9.4 Overall Score
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9.3 Overall Score
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