The Benefits of Investing in VoIP Services


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Written by Lindsey Marx | Last Updated February 24th, 2020
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Business people meeting around a tableWith all of the new and emerging technologies at our finger tips, it is hard to know which technologies are worth the investment and effort for your business. Have you been wondering if you should invest in VoIP services? Our experts share why they've benefited from using VoIP services and reccommend their favorite products:

The benefits of using VoIP services

William Taylor, CareerDevelopment Manager at MintResume

“In my previous company, we used VoIP to easily conference call multiple people from different departments. It helped us break down corporate silos and promote interdepartmental dialogue. We could communicate more effectively with a larger group of people. It also helped us save a lot of time and resources by scheduling conference calls instead of meeting in-person.

Prosper Shaked, Owner of The Law Offices of Prosper Shaked

“I've been using VoIP since the day I opened my law firm. There are several benefits: 

  1. These services are cheaper than traditional phone providers and don't require bundled services. 
  2. These services allow users to set up sophisticated call forwarding. You can manage your phone lines very easily online. This is especially important for businesses with multiple phone lines and extensions. Caller IDs can be changed on the fly. 
  3. VoIP services allow businesses to scale at their own pace. Adding a new phone line is incredibly easy. You do not need to rely on the placement of a phone jack for the placement of a phone. Many VoIP phones are Wi-Fi capable. 
  4. Most VoIP services provide a mobile app that allow the user to make and receive phone calls from their cell phones. No need to setup call forwarding while out of the office. The VoIP can be set to ring on a cell phone and desk phone simultaneously.”

David Mitroff, Ph.D., Founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc.

“For me, using VoIP has been the most cost-effective and flexible experience for business communications. As VoIP entirely relies on your internet connection, which means that you only need to deal with one bill for both the internet and phone. VoIP generally has fewer extra expenses. It does not require any traditional phone line. Whether your office is on the other side of the world as long as you have internet access, you can reach online there any time, anywhere. Thus, VoIP is much more convenient than any traditional phone line.”

Man sitting in front of two computer monitors

Two expert-recommended products

Matt Glodz, Founder and Managing Partner of Resume Pilots

“We have been using MagicJack for our executive resume writing business for over a year after a recommendation from a friend. 

I'm incredibly impressed by both its cost-effectiveness (a flat annual fee for unlimited calling) and call quality. To date, I've never had a call drop when working with a client and the sound is crystal clear.

When I'm out of the office, calls are automatically redirected to the MagicApp on my iPhone, and all voicemails arrive in my inbox.

As a result, VoIP service has helped with both our conversion rate and customer satisfaction, as I'm able to respond to potential and existing clients faster."

Brian Mills, Aflac

“ saved us a tremendous amount of money. I've been a customer for over six years, and it is one of the best decisions I've made.

The bottom line

VOIP can increase your customer interaction quality, assist in all of your business needs, and help organize communication. Check out our real customer reviews to see which VOIP service is right for you.

The Top VOIP Providers Companies

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#1 RingCentral chevron_right
8.9 Overall Score
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#2 CallTower chevron_right
8.4 Overall Score
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#3 Jive chevron_right
7.8 Overall Score

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