5 Delegation Tools to Work More Efficiently


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Written by Guest | June 26th, 2019
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Guest Post by Emily Morgan
Mastering delegation can mean complexity, headaches, and questions for many leaders. It’s easy to say, “I’ll just do everything myself.” The problem with that mindset is that time is finite, and if you can’t master and stabilize a delegation system, you will hit a ceiling which will stunt your growth and likely overwhelm and distract you from your most important work. The great news is that you can utilize technology to maximize collaboration, teamwork, and, most importantly, results.


Technology at its core is automated teamwork. So, when you take technology and combine it with people, magical things can happen. One of the most impactful tools to start with is a task and project management system. Our go-to tool of choice is Asana. This web-based tool is free up to the first 15 users and has a smartphone app. Establishing this type of system creates accountability and alignment around who is doing what by when, which builds trust. It allows for streamlined and clear communication at the task level. It’s also great to capture recurring activities. Simply create a template so your team knows what the steps are every time.


Another great delegation tool is Zapier. This tool makes two tools talk to each other, eliminating basic administrative tasks off the plates of humans. For example, if I label a contact in my Gmail, this tool triggers an action to enter it into my CRM. If someone signs up in a Wufoo form online, it can zap into MailChimp so they become a contact. This affordable tool is all about saving time through automation 


Streamlining communication is an important part of successful delegation. One of the most important shifts we recommend to our clients is to use email for external communication only. Using email to manage internal communication is a total time waster. Details about various tasks often get lost in threaded details about other projects and more time is spent trying to sift through and keep track of all that information. If it’s a basic task or project-based communication, it can live in Asana. If it’s back and forth, quick-hit style communication, use an instant messaging platform like Slack. Slack allows you to create direct messages to have focused conversations or create custom channels such as your sales team, project teams, etc. and have broadcast style communication with them. This tool is free to start and frees teams from the burden of email.

Acuity or Calendly

One of the easiest ways to free up time is to delegate your scheduling. Because of the plethora of available technology, we believe that humans should not be spending their time scheduling. Think about your scheduling by components. By thinking about it this way, you’re not offloading all scheduling but offloading one part of your scheduling to technology.

For example, you can look at what repeated meetings are going on in your business?  Perhaps your team needs to meet with you each week, and they are constantly pinging you to go back and forth to find a time. Or, perhaps you run coaching calls with clients and spend time trying to identify best times.

Using an automated scheduling system in your scheduling mix such as Acuity or Calendly allows you to give people a link to your calendar and ask them to select a time that works for them. Check out the different features available such as meeting confirmations, branding options, repeatable meeting options, time zone conversions, etc. Check out both and compare which works for you, but they are both really affordable about around $10 a month. You can even have a link to your online calendar in your Slack profile making it easy for your team to quickly grab time with you.

Offloading even a component of scheduling to technology helps you become intentional about your time, counts as a delegation, and saves the world from more back and forth email.
Emily Morgan is the CEO of Delegate Solutions, whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs with strategic workforce options to help them grow more efficiently and effectively. Visit www.delegatesolutions.com to find out more.

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