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LAST UPDATED: May 29th, 2020

Nutrition Express was created 32 years ago when the mail order division of Lindburg Nutrition Retail became too large it needed to become its own corporation. The website offers its customers the chance to order products from a variety of nutrition companies, shipped through Nutrition Express. The company ship products from over 200 different nutrition companies offered on its website.

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The Good

  • Wide Selection of Products
  • Easy to Use Website
  • Prices are Updated Consistently

Wide Selection of Products

Nutrition Express ships brands from many different companies. Because of this, it has a wide selection of products and many different options of brands. It offers 12 main categories which include: protein, sports nutrition, diet, bars, omega 3-6-9, bath & beauty, vitamins & minerals, supplements, herbs, health concerns, hot specials, and best sellers.

Easy to Use Website

The website is very simple to use, no pop-ups interfere with the shopping experience and products are easy to find and view. Each product provides a description and information regarding it. It gives links to the ingredients, reviews and related articles. Each product also shows the nutritional label. The picture of the label is as it would appear on the product, so the consumer can easily read information about what they are purchasing.

Prices are Updated Consistently

The prices on Nutrition Express are constantly being updated to be the best price available. As the manufacturers change the prices, Nutrition Express updates its website to reflect that. It allows customers to see a competitive view of manufactures side by side with the most current prices. There is also an option to select "specials" from the top of the page. This takes you to see all the products that are currently on sale. Having this page allows the customer to see all the sale prices in one place rather than searching for them by category. Nutrition Express offers a large number of products, but is still quite easy to navigate. The top of its website has its main categories and when scrolled over, it shows the most popular products in that category as well as more specific subcategories to choose from. When a product is selected, off to the right side there is a box telling you about other flavors or sizes available for this product rather than making them an entire separate item to look up. Nutrition Express has been in business for quite a long time at 32 years and has proven that it is a reliable source for nutrition products.


The Bad

  • No Loyalty Program
  • Return Policy Issues

No Loyalty Program

The company does not offer any type of loyalty program for its customers. There is a place to sign up for an account with them, but it does not grant the customer any type of reward. There is also no free shipping offered directly on the website. It does not have a flat rate to earn free shipping, but it does offer free shipping from time to time through promotional codes. While the website updates prices to match the manufactures, it does not offer to price match any competitors.

Return Policy Issues

The return policy is harder to manage than other websites as well. It does accept returns for up to 30 days after purchase, but a request to return the item has to be submitted and approved first. The consumer must contact customer care to find out if their item is accepted as a return before they are able to send it back. This is an extra step that must be taken, which is not required on most other websites, before a customer can return an unwanted product.


The Bottom Line

Nutrition Express does not offer very many promotionsand does not offer some of the same luxuries as some of its competitors. But it is very straight forward company offering products from a variety of manufactures. It gives sufficient information about its products and allow users to read different related health articles. It also offer a place for consumers to look at multiple manufactures of products, shipped from one website. It also show the most recent prices and any specials being run so customers can know they are getting the best price. Nutrition Express would help those wanting a lot of options on a basic website.

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Logan Sanders Torrance, CA

Nutrition Express is one of my go to places to buy protein, vitamins and more. Being in college, I am always scouring the web for the cheapest products - without sacrificing quality. I have found that the Lindberg and Fitness Labs brands sold solely on Nutrition Express provide a perfect combination of both. I got a 1000 grams of creatine for $20! Unlike some companies out there that have proprietary blends in their label and have marketing teams of 10+ people writing fake reviews for their products, I have found the label information for Lindberg and Fitness Labs brand provided by Nutrition Express are very transparent. Thank you Nutrition Express for being honest - you have secured a long time customer!

5 years ago

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Joanne Raymond Fogelsville, PA

I have been ordering from Nutrition Express for almost 3 years, and I'm never disappointed! They have the protein powders I can't find anywhere else plus the kelp I take as a supplement after thyroid surgery. Prices are reasonable for the quality you get, and shipping is fast. It may not be free but I always order the minimum amount to get a free gift. That helps offset the shipping cost. All in all, I'm a completely satisfied customer.

5 years ago

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Steve Korf St Louis, MO

I've been ordering from Nutrition Express for over 10 years now and they have some great products you can't find anywhere else like their NutraFit powder. The taste is a lot better than Optimum Nutrition's whey and I can use it for dieting. So far have had no problems with shipping either and it usually gets to my place in 3-5 days.

2 years ago

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Michel Albuquerque, NM

When we move to Ohio over 20 years ago we stayed with Linberg nutrition because their prices could not be beat. They’re shipping is prompt and currently if you spend a certain amount it’s free shipping which I’ve never had until now so even better!

3 years ago

star star star star star

Mr Remley Torrance, CA

I have been a long time customer of Nutrition Express, and it is my go-to place for supplements. They have a huge selection, and I normally get my order delivered next day, even though I only pay around $5 for standard delivery. Customer Service is awesome. I would recommend,

5 years ago

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jbaine Orlando, FL

I have been a loyal Nutrition Express customer for over 10 years and have tried many different types of their protein powders. My most recent order included the Whey Fit Isolate Dutch Chocolate (which I used previously) There is something wrong with this particular batch. My wife, son and I have all tried it and agrees it not only tastes like plastic it makes us nauseous. Customer service said they have tested their most recent lot and nothing is wrong with it and will do nothing to refund me or replace the bad product that I have. I am done with them. There are many other businesses that know how to do customer service the right way and I will be spending my money with them from now on. DO NOT ORDER FROM NUTRITION EXPRESS

2 years ago

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Vic Cooper Bloomington, IL

First off, I have been ordering from Nutrition Express for over 15 years and after the other day's and today's conversation with the reps from their customer NO-Care service, I will never do business with them again! I ordered this powder for the first time and received it last week. I open it and there is no scoop. I sift through it and even dump the entire contents into another container and NO SCOOP. I call them and got their answering service. They said they would leave a message for them to call me. 2 days later, I decide to call back because I never received a call. The woman told me in short that I was SOL that there was no scoop in the container and apologized, and that they could not send me one either. I said okay I guess I would figure it out. I then try the powder. It does NOT mix at all with anything, but sits on top and clumps, and the taste is terrible. Take your average one-a-day and smash it up and throw it in water. I (attempt to) mix it with room-temperature water and it is nothing but frustrating. So, I call today to see if I can return the stuff and the answer was “no, not unless there is something wrong with it”. IT DOESN'T MIX WITH ANYTHING AND IT TASTES TERRIBLE, THAT DOESN'T CONSTITUTE AS SOMETHING WRONG?? So, in short, if you are unhappy with a product from these people, you have to live with it is pretty much is what I was told. The person told me “we sell plenty of this”. Why am I the first to write a review then? GOODBYE NUTRITION EXPRESS!

6 years ago

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Frank S Cutler

I have been ordering from Nutrition Express since early 2014, they do have great products at a reasonable price. I live on the East coast and up till a year ago it took 4-6 Days to get my products I ordered shipped to my door step. Now that they are using the USPS to ship and not FEDEX so much anymore, it takes 12-14 days to receive my products. Makes you wonder how long they have been sitting out in the Hot sun before you get them. I'm finding myself going back to buying products from the Health food store. I use to us Pro Source and I'm starting to Order more from them once again!

4 years ago

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Martin Miller Seattle, WA

Called and gave my information, phone was disconnected, called and finally got a supervisor... told him I was possibly hung up on... he took my order, credit card and it was never sent. Thank you Nutrition Express. Perhaps you guys need to take some integrity pills too, besides selling them.

1 year ago

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C Rheem

I had to ship and pay for myself for the return within 1 day and still haven't received refund after 2 weeks. I specifically requested it to be refunded for a preferred pay method, but it did not confirm on that. Very frustrating experience for the first time buyer.

2 years ago