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LAST UPDATED: April 19th, 2022

Melaleuca is an international health and wellness company. Starting in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Melaleuca is one of the fastest growing vitamin and mineral clubs in the nation. Melaleuca sells over 400 products to customers from around the globe (Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, China, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom).

As a multi-level marketing company, it has added benefits compared to many of its competitors and boasts that its company is the largest online wellness club in North America. This club has over 1 million shoppers every month, $2 billion in annual sales and a 96% monthly reorder rate.

Since 1985, Melaleuca has brought people’s attention to Melaleuca Alternifolia oil (more commonly known as tea tree oil). In its 33-year history, Melaleuca has sought to raise the standard of health and wellness products and provide men and women around the globe with quality supplements. 

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The Good

  • Large Array of Melaleuca Products
  • Customer Service
  • Online Store
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Beauty Product Selection
  • Household Products
  • Nature-Based Products
  • Loyalty Shopping Dollars

Large Array of Melaleuca Products

With over 400 products to try, customers will have a variety of supplements to select. Melaleuca has seven categories that contain numerous healthy options. Customers can narrow their search by selecting one of the following categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Beauty
  • Household
  • Bath & Body
  • Essential Oils
  • Extra Savings
  • Logo Gear

Men and women can find a variety of multivitamins for increasing bone and joint health, digestive health, prenatal care, and other health interests. There are plenty of product types such as antioxidants, calcium, fish oil & omegas, herbal extracts. Melaleuca even has healthy products for pets.

This company continues to expand its products to all parts of life, from household products such as laundry detergent and cleaning products to essential oil, this company has thousands of high-quality products at a low overall price. Among its most popular products are dietary supplements which help individuals lose weight.

Customer Service

Because of Melaleuca's business structure, one of the only types of communication between the customer and its store is through its customer service departments. This company has excelled in this area of service because potential clients can also become potential employees. Through its years of service, it has been accommodating to all of its clients.

Having received the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award in 2008, it is clear that this company has a high emphasis on ensuring the customer is satisfied.

Online Store

The Melaleuca store is entirely online. The entire store has a ton of variety, but only limited access unless you have a membership with this company. All it takes to join the club is an email, your phone number, and creating a username and password, and in turn, you will get access to all of its products.

Multi-Level Marketing

This company has grown the way it has through its multi-level marketing(also known as MLM). This creates an opportunity for the individual that is joining this club. An MLM business model is a compensation plan for members that promotes recruiting people to help sell its product, as well as paying each member that helps sell its products.

Becoming apart of Melaleuca's MLM has great bonuses for the industry of MLMs and is a great way to earn money while using its products. Either through each personal sell you have, or to recruit people to sell the product for you, you will receive a commission for each sale that comes as a result of you.

As a side note, to clarify, unlike an illegal pyramid scheme, MLM's are run as a way to promote the product, which means that the product is the focus of making money and not the initial recruiting.

Beauty Product Selection

Melaleuca offers numerous beauty products. Customers can quickly select what kind of products they’re looking to buy. Melaleuca offer products for skin, hair, facial, and dental care. Melaleuca’s beauty products range from acne treatment to shampoo to whitening toothpaste.  

Household Products

Some of this company's most popular items involve its household products. Individuals can get everything including their laundry soap and tub and tile cleaners. This is an area that almost all vitamin stores do not offer. Offering household products along with its herbs and supplements makes its variety extensive and allows for individuals to accomplish their health goals through cleaning their surroundings as well as cleaning their bodies.

Nature-Based Products

Melaleuca strives to make it possible for families to live clean by offering safer and more effective environmental and eco-friendly wellness products. Melaleuca products have biodegradable ingredients. The company stays away from products that contain bleach, ammonia, and phosphates; replacing them with clean products like thyme oil, citric acid, and enzymes. Because of its eco-conscious business culture, Melaleuca customers have helped save a total of 205 million pounds of plastic, 41 million gallons of fuel, and 46 million pounds of harmful gas emissions.  

Loyalty Shopping Dollars

Customers who enroll as a preferred customer can earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars by watching short online videos that introduce other Melaleuca products. The videos range in prices from $5-$10 and customers can earn up to $100 in the first five months. However, products purchased with your Loyalty Shopping Dollars do not count toward your Product Points commitment. 

Every month after the first five months customers can earn up to 15% on every order. Customers just need to place their order online before the 20th and watch the videos to activate the Loyalty Shopping Dollars. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Prices
  • Disclaimer
  • Complaints

Undisclosed Prices

Those just browsing the Melaleuca site will have to create an account to see any prices. Clicking on an item will pull up various information on the product but does not disclose the amount. This feature can be frustrating for shoppers who want to compare prices quickly. 


Located in terms of use, Melaleuca states that, “Melaleuca further does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the materials at this Site. Melaleuca may make changes to the materials at this Site, or to the products and prices described in them, at any time without notice. The materials at this Site may be out of date, and Melaleuca makes no commitment to update the materials at this Site. Information published at this Site may refer to products, programs or services that are intended for use only in a specific country and may not be used or relied upon in any other country.”


Although this company has a lot of good things going for it, they have a few issues that consumers have mentioned in reviews. The melaleuca complaints consist mainly of becoming a member. Being a member gives access to all of its products, but there is a minimum payment that customers have to make to stay members. Most people have only positive things to say, but in the few complaints that we have received, almost are all about its minimum payment for its products.


The Bottom Line

For shoppers hoping to compare prices to other health and wellness companies, will find that to see any costs for vitamins unless they sign up on the website. This can be a slight annoyance to customers that do not clearly understand Melaleuca's vision. This company is hoping to help its customer not only find enjoyable, and cheap products, but also to have a chance to gain money for sharing this product with friends, family, and co-workers. 

Melaleuca has plenty of benefits for its members. It is offering a large selection of vitamins and minerals, supplements, essential oils, as well as other wellness products in various flavors, formulas, and sizes. The company boasts that it would take members more than three years to try all the Melaleuca products. Since the company is both the manufacturer and retailer of its products, it's not likely customers will come across these products in their local grocery store, so shoppers will have to buy Melaleuca products online, which is, from our analysis, one of the best options to choose.

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Ellen B Madison, WI

Don’t join! I’ve been a Shaklee member for years and years and have loved it. Thought I’d try Melaleuca because I was pressured by a business colleague. Wow - what a difference in companies! I had to purchase a specific amount of products per month. This seemed ok...but after Month 2 I knew it wouldn’t work for me. to cancel? Called the woman so eager to get me in as a member. Nope, gotta call the company. Called the company. Nope, had to be sent a special email. Ok, got the email. Now a link to cancel. Then paperwork to fill out which the customer service person cannot simply email to you. Seriously? No way to simply cancel online? Nope, too easy. This way they will usually get at least an extra month out of people, I’m sure. I’ve heard great things about the products. But I couldn’t try any in advance of joining. The products, once I did get them, are no better than what I can get from Shaklee (without the required purchase or the bs) or the Co-op. I will NEVER use this company and, unless you’re absolutely sure you want to be married for life, you shouldn’t either.

3 years ago

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Noemi Sandoval Sanger, CA

Unfortunately, this company it’s not willing to work with you. They don’t seem to care for customer, customer service and that besides the product. If not careful this product can actually make you sick since it’s not we’ll monitor. I took for just one month and it messed with my hormones. I didn’t get my period (and I was freaking out) as soon as I stop it came back false alarm! I was not aware this was going to be send to me automatically so after a few months I got a message that they were sending it. I told them it made me sick I should have to pay for it or the shipping and they were not willing to listen and kept repeating the same thing. So over the shipping they will now loose my two sisters as well as my mother as customers.

3 years ago

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Fiona Cook

This company does not offer a detailed ingredient listing for their products. They claim that their blends are proprietary which is a huge red flag. This usually means they have nothing special to reveal or want to hide standard ingredients. While I did like some of their products their environmental claims are meaningless if everyone has single units delivered to their home by trucks. If everyone switched to this way of buying the C02 emissions would be significant and would far outweigh the purported benefits of using concentrated products. In addition, the expensive shipping costs no longer made sense as I can now buy local and Canadian.

3 years ago

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Nikki Bay City, MI

I got excited about the idea of healthy cleaning and hygiene products, but then get turned off by the high pressure to sign up and commit to spending 35 “points” (why not just call it the $60-70 plus shipping a month) instead of just ordering when I wanted something, and then adding the high cost of shipping. I have several friends that are always trying to get me to sign up now, it’s super a turn-off how pushy they are and how they seem to need to push so hard, makes me wonder if it’s company promoted. Now, some of the products (I’m looking at you lotion) are amazing, I will buy that from some friends who were cajoled into signing up and now regret it but haven’t yet left the company yet and are required to spend a lot a month whether they need anything or not. While I like some of the cleaning products as well, there are comparable products you can buy in the store (without shipping costs) that are actually clean and healthy for you, while if you look into some of the ingredients in some of this companies products (check EWG’s website) they aren’t “quite” as healthy for you as you may think at first.

3 years ago

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Drew Irwin Flower Mound, TX

No customer service. They read from a script. Canceling and order or your membership is very difficult by design so they can keep charging you and claim they didn’t get your cancellation. Read the hundreds of complaints about this on BBB website. If hundreds of people took the time to write in think of the thousands they have done this to who didn’t write in because they were exhausted after dealing with them. My CC on file had to be replaced due to fraud. Melaleuca charged to my account a “back up order” even though they couldn’t charge my card. I called to cancel that months order before it shipped. (I verified no UPS shipping slip was in the system with my UPS account) Melaleuca “customer service” said they couldn’t cancel the order, wouldn’t stop the shipment and I would have to pay the return shipping and then they would credit my account. I said they could just cancel my membership since they can’t offer good customer service resolutions. Then I was transferred around and put on hold and finally told I had go through a long cancellation process. First you wait for an email from them to get a link to their cancellation form. (Which is difficult to even find on their website) You must use a computer because their site and form are not mobile compatible. Then you login to your account print off the form. Hand sign the form. Take a picture. Load that in to an email and send it. Or you can fax it! (Really?) Or send in vial snail mail and hope they don’t “lose it”. Then you wait and wait and wait till they get around to acknowledging it. Hopefully before your next automatic shipment that they will continue to charge you for.

3 years ago

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Karen Moylen Absecon, NJ

I really like most Melaleuca products. Especially the cleaning products. But being held hostage to a monthly minimum is horrible. And being snubbed by my "rep" when I wanted to cancel left a very bad taste in my mouth. Didn't like the cosmetics at all. Very little product, the containers always broke, or the writing wore off. Not the quality you would expect from their marketing. I also don't see the wildly promoted "cost savings" when I'm paying between $15-20 per month to ship my items. I can make a $25 purchase on and my order ships free. THAT is savings. The products are NOT worth being part of this cult.

4 years ago

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Bummed Fox Virginia Beach, VA

THIS HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE! Worst financial decision I have ever made. Stay away from Melaleuca! They will give you the run around and will never answer any questions you have. If you contact them through email, they respond with call their office. And if you call the office the automated phone guy will give you some bull excuse as to why they are closed that day. Worst one I got was, "We are temporary closed to allow our associates to attend a business meeting." Really?! You couldn't do that before you open like most normal companies do? Not to mention I called several times that same day. I guess the meeting is 8 hours long... Also, the worst part is they somehow got my new debit card information. I purposely left my account updated with my old card that way they couldn't charge and send me awful products while I was mailing in the membership cancellation form. Well somehow they got it and I'm now charged and stuck with products I don't want since THEY DON'T ANSWER THEIR PHONES! As to a review on the products? My husband is a nut when it comes to vitamins, and I stupidly didn't have him look at the ones I got from Melaleuca before I bought them... I have never been so sick in my life. One of their ingredients in the vitamins is used in jet fuel FYI. I thought I did enough research on this company beforehand, but I guess the whole "you can make money" thing just grabbed me in. I will be copying and pasting my review to every site I can find to try and prevent people from making the same awful mistake I did. And even after reading my review if you still want to try Melaleuca then please, try multiple products before asking your friends and family to join. Thanks for listening and good luck.

4 years ago

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Elizabeth Geller

For a company that preaches "wellness" and a healthier, more natural way of life, they are far from it. I decided to give it a try after moving to the south and having some difficulty finding healthier alternatives to household and personal products. The first thing I couldn't believe was the monthly shipping cost. They act like they're saving you so much money with the "member discount," but it all adds back up when you checkout. As I started trying more and more of their products, I really didn't like most of them. I started noticing that their products are far from natural- they contain artificial colors and fragrances. It's 2017 and we all know detergent and shampoo shouldn't be blue. The face wash I ordered had silica in it- why would I want to wash my face with plastic and pollute the planet? It also killed me how much paper and packaging they waste- I would get tons of useless paper materials (magazines, newspapers, etc) in the box. Just such a waste when everything is online now. I really felt like what this company claims to be and what they really are don't match whatsoever and it's a shame.

5 years ago

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Jourdan Despot Houma, LA

The mandate to spend a certain number of points each month is too high. It creates a feeling of a scam that you are forcing me to spend money and your points to dollar ratio is not 1:1 which makes it even more scam feeling. Even your cancellation form is made to keep people from cancelling in that you have to print and email. It could be automated but you choose to make it hard. Run from this company if you like to keep the money you earn!

3 years ago

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Please do not waste your money on this company's products. Been a member for a year and have tried it all from the vitamins, weight loss supplements, and even the toothpaste. I've spent less going to a store and getting better results. If you want to go "green", prepare to pay extra for it and deal with a lot of red tape and struggle when you finally decide to cancel your membership.

4 years ago

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Stacey Hattendorf Reading, PA

Not wellness. Still lots of chemicals. I'm not understanding this company. If you want to be natural then be natural. Artificial fragrances and toxic preservatives are not ' wellness'. I will stick with true natural products People who don't know how to read labels ate thinking they got something good when they don't. I guess products work OK, but for price I'm going a different route yo truly natural and wellness products. Then name alone is false advertising... Meleluca is Tee tree. I don't see many products with tee tree oil in it!

5 years ago

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Lopez Clifton II Cincinnati, OH

Products are OKAY. Not special. Customer service is horrible and condescending when u have a issue. There billing is atrocious and underhanded. Con ARTIST.

2 years ago

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Roseanne Stahlberger San Diego, CA

Charged me for 2 months of boxes and I canceled my membership. The customer service was awful and rude. Never will I sign up for this company again.

3 years ago

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Josh Milbridge, ME

Absolutely absurd cancellation policy. The only reason for a ploicy like they have is rip off as many people as possible.

4 years ago

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Brandon Royce Louisville, CO

Melaleuca tricks you into signing a contract, and won't let you out of it easily. Don't do business with them.

5 years ago

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Hellow guys how can i join.pls hlp me iam in northern cape kuruman ,south Africa

5 years ago

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Edward San Diego, CA

Melaleuca is not an MLM.

7 years ago