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    Human Vitamins for Dogs: Why It’s Not Safe to Share
    Guest Post by Krystn Janisse Do you take a multivitamin every day to stay healthy, or maybe a B vitamin complex to care for your hair and nails. It stands to reason that your dog would also benefit from these supplements, ri...
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    To Take Vitamins or Not: The Ultimate Vitamins Debate
    Most people have wondered at some point whether or not they should take vitamins. Some people claim that vitamins are a scam, they don’t provide any nutritional value, and they don’t lead to visible effects for w...
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    6 Tips to Make You a Better Runner
    It can be so hard to convince yourself to go for a run. Do you struggle to wake up early to work out? Does the idea of running make you feel dissuaded to even go? Do you feel exhausted after you run? Use these following tips...
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    10 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Avoid Burnout
    Do you find yourself struggling to focus at work? Are you exhausted at the end of each day, and dreading the next day? Are you looking for a new challenge? You may be experiencing symptoms of burnout. Burnout is a serious is...
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