1. 5 Ways to Have a Healthy Start to the Day

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Start to the Day


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Written by: Guest | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: February 24th, 2020

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Guest post by Cynthia Lopez

Sometimes, getting a healthy start to the day is easier said than done. We all wish to start the morning doing all the things we know we should do. But changing our routine to fit in these healthy habits seems too complicated. There are, however, relatively straightforward ways to ensure that we start the day to our full potential. Here are five tips that will make a substantial difference in getting your morning off to a healthy start.

1. Focus your mind

There are few better ways to start the day than by meditating. Meditation may not yet be on your radar, but after you read about the host of health benefits it offers, you may change your mind. Scientifically based research shows some of the benefits of meditation: reduced anxiety, enhancement of well-being, better sleep cycle, and lower blood pressure.

Not only are there tons of YouTube channels with different types of meditation practice for you to try, but there’s also no shortage of apps dedicated to the method. Just five minutes a day will make a considerable difference to your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

2. Make a healthy breakfast

We all know that eating a healthy breakfast is essential. We're told time and time again not to skip this important meal, or to swap the Lucky Charms for a bowl of oats. But many of us ignore this advice due to time constraints or the bother of making a proper breakfast.

The thing is, eating a healthy breakfast will give you the necessary fuel to power your day. Moreover, making a proper breakfast doesn’t have to take long, nor does it have to be complicated. You can prepare many breakfasts the night before, like overnight oats, and there are some store-bought options, like a healthy muesli mix. Check out quick and healthy breakfast ideas for more inspiration.

3. Boost your vitamin intake

Vitamin deficiency is surprisingly common. Whether it’s because we’re not eating the right foods, or our bodies naturally find it harder to process certain vitamins, this problem is one we should tackle to have a healthy start to the day.

So how do we ensure our vitamin levels are sufficient? Start getting in the habit of taking vitamin supplements. Doing so will help ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs to function optimally. Depending on the vitamin you’re lacking, you may find after regularly taking the right supplement, you are more energetic, less prone to sickness, and overall healthier.

4. Get your heart pumping

If there’s one thing many of us find hard to do in the mornings, it’s exercise. We make all kinds of excuses, but we must understand exercise is crucial for overall happiness and a good start to the day. You will feel incredible after sweating in the gym, at home, or wherever you are because endorphins will be produced. Plus, morning exercise means you'll get it over and done with before you have the chance to make any excuses!

Angela Stringfellow, the executive editor at Adventure Digest, says “The key is to find an exercise you actually enjoy doing. That way, you’ll be more likely to maintain a routine and — dare we say it — grow to look forward to it.”

5. Try to face any challenges calmly

It’s so easy to get stressed in the morning, helping kids get ready for school, arriving on time to work, making lunches, and everything else can cause acute stress. No wonder we find ourselves frazzled, forgetting where we put things and become short-tempered.

Actively making an effort to be calmer and more mindful of what’s going on will help ensure that you start the day on the right foot. Meditation can aid you to transform your mindset. As you follow these steps, you’ll feel calmer about decisions, you will be able to concentrate better on the essential tasks in your morning, and you will get off to the right start.

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