Value Vacation Rentals is simply an online listing company that allows owners of vacation homes to list their properties. Value Vacation Rentals was started in 2003 and does not charge renters to book a vacation home; however, they do charge an annual fee for home owners to list their properties on the website. Value Vacation Rentals offers promotional options so home owners can offer additional services like online virtual tours so renters can acquire more information about an advertised vacation home. 

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The Good

  • Varied accommodations available
  • Communicate directly with owner
  • Great search

Value Vacation Rentals offer quite a bit of variety. Since each posting is individually owned, there are a range of accommodations available in each city such as homes, villas, condos, apartment, chalets, and cabins. Value Vacation Rentals also supports advertisement for vacation rentals anywhere in the US.

The best part about Value Vacation Rentals is the fact that you get to deal directly with the owner. This means you have no additional fees from booking with Value Vacation Rentals and you have flexibility with the owner depending upon their own property policies.

When travelers use Value Vacation Rentals, they have the ability to search and filter results in an effort to cut down on research time. Users that take advantage of the Value Vacation Rentals platform will be able to search by the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Property amenities
  • Individual vacation rental property listings
  • Review property descriptions and photos
  • Direct communication

Additionally, when you book directly from the owner, that means you get their contact information so you can have local support and attention if needed while on your vacation. Lastly, there is an annual fee that owners have to pay for to advertise on Value Vacation Rentals, which minimizes the potential for fraudulent advertisements.

The Bad

  • Lack of security
  • Annual posting fee
  • Inconvenient browsing options

Booking directly with a private owner has a lot of perks (as mentioned in "The Good" section); however, it also has a quite a few down sides. The biggest concern renters have with Value Vacation Rentals is their entire lack of security. Value Vacation Rentals states that it is not responsible for fraudulent booking or bookings that are misrepresented.

Even though the annual posting fee would discourage a fraudulent ad, Value Vacation Rentals does not take any responsibility for such advertisements and it is left to your discretion. Here are some other things that Value Vacation Rentals could improve:

  • No mobile app - users will not be able to download the platform on their mobile device
  • No customer service line - when there is a problem, travelers may be stuck
  • No verification - listings are not verified so there can be issues
  • No guarantees - prices are not guaranteed at a nightly rate
  • Fewer posting than competitors - there are not as many properties or locations
  • Vacation rentals only in the U.S. - travelers can't travel outside the U.S. with Value Vacation Rentals, Inc.

Additionally, the browsing options for the website are inconvenient. It is best to search directly for the state you would like to vacation in since city search only brings up a few, if any, results.

The Bottom Line

Value Vacation Rentals is a great resource for research purposes. Although there are quite a few properties available through them, they do not offer any security or support to renters. Since they do not even verify their postings, Value Vacation Rentals is not the best place to plan your next getaway. Those that use Value Vacation Rentals, Inc. can expect the following from the service:

  1. Multiple property types to choose from
  2. Direct contact with property owners
  3. Sorting tool
  4. Lack of customer service line
  5. No verification process

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