Tripping was started in 2009 and is the largest search engine for vacation rentals. Currently, there are over two million listings on Tripping and listings can be found in more than 100,000 cities worldwide. Tripping is partnered with over 7 different rental sites, but displays results from over 30 popular sites so renters can easily compare different prices and amenities all from Tripping is a popular site since you can find anything from a mansion in Hawaii to a bungalow in the tropics. also gives advice for home owners to rent properties; however, they recommend posting an ad to one of their partner websites in order to get your home advertised on 

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The Good

  • Housing options
  • Great features
  • Comparison feature

The biggest benefit to using Tripping is the wide variety of housing options. Since Tripping is simply a search engine, you will get more results on than on any other website. Tripping displays more than 2 million rental spaces in over 100,000 cities across the world. With all those options, you are guaranteed to find a place that fits in your vacation plans. Here is what's good:

  • Easy search by city
  • Narrow results with arrival/departure dates
  • Compare multiple booking agencies
  • More results
  • Filter results by amenities
  • Filter results by guest ratings
  • See the latest discounts from every website is the best place to go if you want to see the results of many different booking agencies in one spot. This way, you are guaranteed to find the lowest price without having to search multiple websites. Tripping also allows you to customize your vacation rental search by location, price, bedrooms, amenities, ratings, etc.This way you can search for exactly what you need for your perfect vacation.

The Bad

  • Possible additional fees
  • No customer service
  • Lacking information

There are a few downsides to using as a search engine for your vacation rental. First of all, you have no idea what kind of fees or verification policies each booking company has until you find your vacation home and then research the company. Most companies partnered with Tripping do a verification check to make sure the proper amenities are advertised; however, only some companies offer guarantees or rental insurance and is not responsible for the policies set in place by the booking agency that you choose. Here is what Tripping could improve:

  • No verification
  • No guarantees
  • No customer service line
  • No cancellation policies
  • No clearly displayed booking fees

Essentially, all of the aforementioned items could possibly be offered by the agency that you choose to book with. However, Tripping does not offer any solid information on these important topics. We recommend that after you find the right place of Tripping you do some research to make sure your booking agency has important things like verification and low booking fees.

The Bottom Line

Tripping is a great place to explore options from many different websites. Tripping will give you the flexibility to find the place that fits your vacation needs. However, we do caution you to completely research the booking fees of the agency you choose. Booking fees can make a huge difference to your overall trip cost. Those that use Tripping to rent a vacation home can expect the following:

  1. Sorting tool
  2. No guarantees
  3. Fast research process
  4. No customer service
  5. Unclear booking fees

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