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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Roomorama was founded on the idea that travel is more than just visiting to complete a checklist or see tourist attractions. The company began when Roomorama's two executives started renting our their New York apartments to friendly travelers who wanted to live like locals. Their goal is to be the one-stop shop for travelers looking for short-term rentals.  

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The Good

Roomorama provides an easy way to book unique short term and vacation rentals worldwide. They work with corporate partners and verified hosts to provide accommodations that travelers can trust. With Roomorama Instant, travelers are guaranteed that their booking for their upcoming holiday home is confirmed instantly. With the Roomorama technology, their platform proves a space for thousands of properties to be listed with complete descriptions and details. They search the globe for professionally-managed holiday homes, homestays, and vacation rentals to bring travelers reliable and quality accommodations. Their properties can be found in major cities around the world from London, New York, Miami, San Francisco to Singapore. Other benefits include:
  • Search Feature - Travelers are able to search through available spaces without creating an account with Roomorama.
  • Room Types - Travelers can specify what type of accommodations they want: apartment, house, bedroom, B&B, hostel, or hotel. They also have the option of only viewing accommodations that are instantly bookable, so they don't need to talk to property owners before reserving their space. Guests can also specify amenities they want included in their search results.
  • Photos - Photos are included in each property listing so travelers get a good idea of the space before they book.
  • Reviews - Properties have a simple "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating in addition to written reviews so travelers can easily see if their experience was positive or negative.
  • Customer Service - Roomorama offers 24/7 customer service, so both property owners and travelers can contact them at any time from anywhere.
  • Managed Properties - Roomorama's property listings are all professionally managed, giving guests assurance that their stay will be pleasant.
Their online app is another tool users can use to browse and book holiday accommodations. Additionally, users can take advantage of their "travel community" through social media platforms. There is also the option to read through blogs which include helpful tips and advice.

The Bad

While Roomorama has a lot to offer, there are also aspects and features missing from their overall service. These services or features may cause a traveler to use another booking service. Other disadvantages of using Roomorama include:
    • Payment - Hosts have complained about never receiving payments from their travelers. There have also been complaints that hosts have not received payments for cancelled bookings even though their policy says hosts still get payment for cancelled reservations.
    • Payment Type - For the most part, payment is transferred to the host when they enter the payment code into Roomorama. However, there have been cases where the payment doesn't go through and Roomorama has to send the host a check, which can be very inconvenient for property owners.
    • Customer Service - There have been complaints from hosts that they were not been able to get in touch with Roomorama's customer service to resolve billing issues.
    • Sub-Par Accommodations - As with any vacation rental company, Roomorama has been known to rent unclean rooms that don't match the property descriptions.
Travelers should weigh both the pros and cons of using Roomorama's service prior to making any solid plans concerning their vacation rentals.

The Bottom Line

For travelers who are confident in their travel plans and feel comfortable with their chosen property owner, Roomorama is a great option. While there are complaints about dirty rooms and billing issues, these problems can be avoided by communicating clearly with the property owner and verifying your travel plans before booking to avoid using the cancellation policy. Those that use Roomorama can expect the following from the service:
      1. Sorting tool
      2. Thousands of rentals and destinations
      3. Helpful descriptions of accommodations
      4. Complicated payment
      5. Lack of customer service
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Maxine Watson

Roomorama is the worst service I have ever dealt with, lack of customer service, giving us the wrong phone numbers, inaccurate property pictures, poor communication from host, last minute cancellations on the part of Roomorama, taking too long to return our money and shorting us money with conversion! You name it but we called it the "bait and switch" cheap price on an apartment that was OK and then having the host cancel it on us, then Roomorama relisted it as a three bedroom instead of a two and jacked the price up 60 pounds but only on the days we had rented it.........Roomorama pulled their listing and still held onto our money for a month......the only way I could get through was to email Joanne W directly and demand our money to be returned. I threatened her with our Autistic son's disappointment and finally got most of our money back. Both the host and Roomorama were deceitful and not forthcoming to us at any point, but quick to take our money!!

4 years ago

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Alexandria Paula Bautista

This is the lousiest customer service I ever encounter. They were fast at first in replying to our inquiries but when we cancelled it because of the misleading informations. When we are asking regarding to our refund they never gave us a definite schedule or any update as to when they are going to pay us back for our refund. Its been 2 weeks already and they don't have a live operator and the address in their website doesn't exist anymore. The number they have in SG is owned by a different person who doesn't have any connections to roomorama.. hows that? Are you a scam? Or what? We paid a big amount and we need it back!!!

4 years ago

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Roomorama stopped it's activities in july 2017, but promised to honor outstanding bookings made before July, however they donot respond on any question send to their emailadress [email protected] So I think outstanding bookings are not honored and the outstanding money for those bookings is 'gone with the wind' , together with the management of Roomorama

4 years ago

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Chris Hansen Woodland, CA

Can not talk to anyone at Customer Service. Host cancelled reservation and was sent an email from Roomarama with a phone number to call for refund or re-book. That phone number has been disconnected. Only one other number could be found and it sends you straight to voice mail. Only other option is to email. I left 5 messages on voice mail and sent numerous emails for refund. Did get refund a week later. Just forget about talking to anyone!

5 years ago

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We've been trying to contact Roomorama for 3 weeks. We've been hosting the guest that booked through their platform and have not received the payment the guest paid through his card. We reached out through: Zendesk (their support), facebook, twitter and linkedin without ANY response.

4 years ago

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Takayuki Yamada

No costumer service what so ever over a month. Unable to get the property online.

4 years ago