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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Rent-Holiday-Homes provides beautiful holiday houses and vacation apartments to travelers all over the world. The service is free for both guests and property owners. There are no specifics as to exactly what is required by property owners when listing their property which has led to some confusion on the part of the renter. 

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The Good

  • Free to use
  • Free listings
Rent-Holiday-Homes is free for both property owners and guests. If landlords add a link to their personal site in their advertisement, they are required to place a link back from their own homepage to Rent-Holiday-Homes. Holiday homes and apartments are available in certain states within the United States and Canada and throughout the world. Phone numbers are generally not provided for property owners or managers. Some property managers can choose to include their phone number and email in the actual description of their property, but it's not easily visible on the property page.There is a link on the property page to contact the owner through email. When users click this link, it takes them to a form to be sent to the property owner with specific travel dates, number of guests, and questions about the property. Other benefits include:
  • Free Listings - It's free to list a holiday home on Rent-Holiday-Homes.
  • Photos - There are multiple pictures available for each property listing.
  • Property Descriptions - Each rental listing has information about the property like square footage, number of guests it can accommodate, and amenities. It also provides full details about the city where the property is located, how close the property is to different modes of transportation, and nearby activities. At the very bottom of the property page, there is a calendar to show travelers when the property is available through 2016.
Travelers are not able to make reservations directly on the Rent-Holiday-Homes site. Reservations must be completed with the individual property owners.

The Bad

  • Cancellation policies vary
  • Website issues
  • Reviews not available
Cancellation policies are determined by the individual property owners. Travelers are responsible to ask potential landlords what their policies are. Rent-Holiday-Homes does not allow users to pay for rental properties through the site, so all refund and cancellations need to take place between the traveler and the property owner. Other disadvantages include:
  • Site Design - Rent-Holiday-Homes' site looks more like an ecommerce site than a vacation rental service. The search feature is hidden under the header and the rest of the homepage is full of text. The overall design is not inviting to potential travelers.
  • Ads - Rent-Holiday-Homes allows ads on their site. In their left sidebar there are ads for competitors like VRBO, Trivago, and HouseTrip. This makes it easy for customers to leave their site to go to competing services.
  • Selection - Rent-Holiday-Homes has a fraction of the rental properties as their competitors. For example, they have 3 rental properties in Paris, when most of their competitors have hundreds to choose from. And there's a good chance the search results won't actually be in the traveler's desired city.
  • Search Feature - When searching for rental properties, travelers are not able to enter their desired dates. So there is a good chance that the properties that show up in the search results will not be available at the time travelers want them. The search results sometimes don't reflect the search criteria. For example, when looking up Paris accommodations, there are 3 results, one in Paris, one in Brazil, and one in Albania.
  • Foreign - Rent-Holiday-Homes is not an American company, which could cause problems for American travelers when it comes to communication and currency. Because it is a foreign company, much of the text on the American site is incomplete or does not make sense.
  • FAQs - When searching for answers to questions about the rental service, users will find that most of the FAQs have to do with property owners changing their advertisements on the site. There is very little helpful information on the site for travelers.
  • Company Information - There is no company information listed on the site, so customers have no way of contacting or gathering substantial information about the company.
  • Consumer Reviews - Guest reviews are not available on the site for properties or property owners. When reserving a rental property, travelers have to trust what they see on the Rent-Holiday-Homes website and what is communicated by the property owner.
Rent-Holiday-Homes does not have a mobile friendly website. They use their desktop design for mobile devices, which is already hard to navigate when viewing on a desktop computer. They don't offer a mobile app.

The Bottom Line

Don't use Rent-Holiday-Homes for vacation rentals. There are too many good rental services available to take a chance on Rent-Holiday-Homes. They provide a fraction of the rental properties that their competitors do. It's extremely difficult to find a rental property in the desired area because their search feature doesn't actually provide search results that meet users' search criteria. There are no consumer reviews, so travelers just have to trust the property owner and the pictures posted for the property page. There are also no reviews of property owners, so travelers have no way of knowing if the person they are dealing with is trustworthy. Rent-Holiday-Homes is also a foreign company. So American customers may have additional problems with communication and currency.
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