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Claim this Profile was founded in 1996 and has over 60,000 vacation rental properties in over 79 countries worldwide. It’s a great source to find vacation accommodations to fit any traveler’s needs. Travelers can search for short- or long-term rental properties for free. Properties on Perfect Places include homes, condominiums, villas, cabins, bed and breakfasts, and more.

Perfect Places is a privately owned company headquartered in Mountain View, California with additional offices in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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The Good

  • Direct communication with owner
  • No additional fees
  • Great features

Perfect Places has property listings throughout the United States and in over 79 countries worldwide. Travelers can choose to contact the property owner through email using the "Send Email" button on the property page. Guests are asked to fill out a contact form with specific travel dates and any other questions for the property owner. A telephone number is also provided if travelers prefer to communicate by phone. Perfect Places has over 60,000 vacation rental properties in over 79 countries worldwide.

There are no additional fees beyond the nightly or weekly rental fee From Perfect Places. Depending on the rental property, there may be additional fees from the property owner for cleaning, local taxes, and refundable damage deposits. Additional fees may exist for maid service, pool heating, telephone calls, etc. The additional fees should be spelled out in the rental agreement. Other benefits include:

  • Search Feature - Perfect Places allows users to search specific locations and dates and number of guests on the homepage before creating an account.
  • Photos - Pictures are available for each property listing.
  • Manager Website - The property page has external links to the property owner's personal website if one is available, so travelers can get more information about the property owner before booking.
  • Variety - Perfect Places has over 60,000 private rental properties in more than 79 countries.
  • Social Media Buttons - At the top of homepage and the property pages, users can easily like on Facebook, tweet, or +1 on Google+.

The Bad

  • Reservations are not made on Perfect Places site
  • Cancellation policies vary
  • No consumer reviews

Travelers are not able to make reservations directly through the Perfect Places site. Perfect Places is a service that allows property owners/managers to advertise their vacation rentals and helps potential renters find a suitable vacation rental property. To rent properties, travelers must contact the property owner/manager using the contact information provided with each vacation rental listing.

Payments are made directly to the property owner/manager. Since the vacation rentals are individually owned and operated, payment methods and schedules will vary. Other disadvantages include:

  • Consumer Reviews - There are no reviews for properties or property owners, so travelers have to trust what is shown on the Perfect Places website and what is communicated by the property owner. The closest thing to a review is the Facebook likes at the top of the property page.
  • Property Inspections - Properties are not inspected by Perfect Places, so there is no guarantee to travelers that the listings are legitimate. While fraud is rare, it can happen. Travelers should use their discretion when booking a property.
  • Payments - Since Perfect Places is just a matching service for travelers and property owners, they do not take part in the booking or payment process. Travelers must confirm with the property owner the method and type of payment they accept.
  • Cancellation Policy - Since all booking and payments go directly through the property owner, Perfect Places does not provide a universal cancellation policy. The cancellation policy should be spelled out in the rental agreement from the property owner.
  • Website Design - The homepage and property pages on the site are not laid out very well and are not easy to navigate. Because of the excess text on every page, it is hard for users to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, there is no refund or cancellation policy because Perfect Places does not take part in the booking or payment process. Travelers should ask the property owner what their cancellation policy is before booking a property. Also, Perfect Places does not have a mobile friendly website, nor do they offer a mobile app.

Consumer reviews are not available for the properties or property owners. The closest thing to a review is the Facebook like at the top of the property page, so users can see how many people have liked that property through Facebook.

The Bottom Line

For travelers who want a vacation rental service to be involved in booking, payment, and refunds and cancellations, Perfect Places is not a good option. Since Perfect Places is just a matching service that introduces travelers to property owners, they are minimally involved in the actual rental process. They are also clear that they do not inspect any of the properties listed on their site, so they do not guarantee that any of the properties are legitimate. The lack of consumer reviews for the properties and property owners means that travelers have to trust what is on the site or what the property owner communicates.

Since most vacation rental services provide their directory and booking services for free to travelers, it's safer for both travelers and hosts to go with a rental company that is more trusted and provides more services like VRBO and Airbnb.


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Dave Pearson
September 28th, 2018 Greensboro, NC DETAILS
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My wife and I rented Moosetracks Lodge in Cherryfield, MA. The place was advertised as 2BR, 1BA, newly decorated. In reality, it has NO bedrooms, only an open loft with 2 sleeping areas. The place has tawdry furnishings, is dirty inside, and is minimally furnished. Furthermore, it is 20-30 minutes by car from anything, The closest store is a motel convenience shop 20 minutes away. Gas is 1 hour away. Groceries are even further. Entry is via a terrible rutted road that takes 20 minutes to navigate each way. Our deposit refund was 6 weeks in coming. Stay away.

July 13th, 2018 Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

I worked at one of your "perfect places" and I think that only the photos are perfect. The places can be extremely dirty, and is dishonest to call them perfect.