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LAST UPDATED: July 12th, 2019
Love Home Swap is a platform that allows users to literally trade houses for a desired period of time. Their slogan, "You go to their. They come to yours," simply explains the Love Home Swap business model. 

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The Good

  • Home swapping
  • Free trial
Love Home Swap is a true home swapping service where travelers can see the world without having to stay in standard hotels. When a user creates an account, they can either choose to also list their home or take advantage of swap points. From there, travelers can start making travel arrangements that work with their schedule. There is a relatively solid selection of properties and destinations for travelers to choose from. On the Love Home Swap site, there are over 95,000+ homes available for direct swap or swap points. These listings can be found in over 195 different countries with language translation tools available for open communication. To get started, users can opt to test out the service free of charge for the first fourteen days. This is highly recommend so that travelers can get used to the feel of the platform before making any travel plans. Home swapping is then conducted by following three relatively simple steps:
  1. Join -  travelers will create a profile. This is where they can choose the free trial option when singing up.
  2. Find a swap - start browsing homes in popular destinations. Once a traveler finds a home they like, they can read reviews and then view available dates.
  3. Swap - message the other members and arrange the house swapping
There are two different ways for travelers to swap. Since not everyone is going to directly list their own property, but instead want to take advantage of a vacation home, there is an option through Home Swap. There are also those who wish to swap directly. Both provide a unique way to travel and rent.
  • Direct Swap - this is where you go to theirs and they come to yours. Travelers can either swap homes at the same time or agree to stay on separate dates that do not coincide. It's entirely up to the travelers to figure out.
  • Swap Points - this form of travel allows users to stay in other members' homes without doing a direct swap (and vice versa). They essentially act as hot spots around the world.
Members can swap homes as often as they want. There are not time limits or restrictions. Everything is agreed upon by the actual home owners/listers. To make sure travelers are satisfied with their rental, there are over 700,000 verified reviews and a customer support team ready at the drop of a hat. On average, the star rating for members' trips is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Making arrangements is easy with the online calendar that allows users to discover instantly if a home is available or not for rent. Travelers can also take advantage of Love Home Swap exclusive travel benefits. These benefits include airport lounge passes to local guides.

The Bad

  • Can be expensive
  • Expensive trip protection
Love Home Swap can be a little pricey to use. Since users can't just conduct research to see if it is a viable option without creating a membership, it may deter some users from even trying. Most services do not charge travelers a fee just to look at available rentals, but this is how Love Home Swap has set up their service fees. There are three different membership options that are broken down as follows:
  1. Lite - $20/month, includes two week trial membership, access to all 95,000 homes and more than one way to swap.
  2. Standard - $34/month, includes everything in Lite package and access to see who's shortlisted your property, ability to list more than one home, access to exclusive member benefits, free airport lounge passes, and verified member status.
  3. Platinum - $68/month, includes everything in Lite and Standard packages, as well as prominent featured listings and dedicated swap team.
On top of that, members are encouraged to purchase the trip protection pack which is another $79. These fees do not go towards the rentals themselves, these are charges on top of the actual trip. This protection includes both damage protection for your home and travel protections.

The Bottom Line

Love Home Swap is perfect for those who want to stay in unique travel accommodations that provide a sense of home while in another country or city. The service does cost quite a bit, so unless a traveler anticipates using it regularly, it may not be the best option. Those that use Love Home Swap for their vacation rental (whether they list their property or travel with it) can expect the following from the service:
  1. Access to thousands of homes in hundreds of different countries
  2. Easy way to swap and stay
  3. Multiple swapping options
  4. Good user reviews/feedback
  5. Monthly service costs required
  6. Trip protection encouraged
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I think to make this system work, you have to be really consistent, and not being turned off by the no answer or decline answer. You have to send a lot of requests and be flexible about the area/type of accomodation. The first year, I didn't do it properly and didn't do any swaps, and paid my membership for nothing, I was annoyed. This year, I accepted swap points for 8days, and I stayed in 2 houses in California, one I used swap points for 4 days and the other will be non simultaneous swap. I have met 3 lovely families in just one month My advice is, ask for longer period, people don't want to host for 2 days, as it's the same ampount of preparation/cleaning. Don't be put off by no replies or decline, be more flexible, don't be scared of sending 10-20 requests for one stay. Most people are exetremly nice, they can have many reasons for not replying. Like they only swap during school breaks, and after a few requests for september, they just give up, I am not saying it's ok, but to understand both sides But I agree, it is hard to find people who accept swap points, I wish more people would be on board with this system as I find it brilliant

4 years ago

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Udo Cosgrave

Really annoying that people dont accept points, literally whats'the point then? Our subscription runs out before we can use up the points that we have earned, that's a rip off!! Unless of course we sign up again!! Our points should be valid to use until we can manage to find someone who accepts them. But the most annoying thing is that many participants just dont respond to swap requests, What is it? can they just not t be bothered? It is even so simple to decline (if you want to be so rude!) by pressing a 'Decline"button as soon as you have read the request, at least that way people know one way or another. Having said that, the few swaps we have done have worked well, just wish there was some way to kick the non-respondents off the site!!

4 years ago

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Cynthia Buffalo, WY

I joined this website because of the points system. I manage my vacation rentals through summer months, as we are in a seasonal area, therefore I can only Vacation in the winter months .the points system seem like a winner! WRONG!!! I had contacted property owners in Two different states, only to be told they are not taking any more points from this website! Anywhere worth going is not available. I was told by customer service that I did not try hard enough. They informed me that I should have reached out to at least 20 property owners before giving up. Can you imagine how long of a process that would be? After contacting property owners , I would have to wait for them all to reply. Holy cow! For now on I will stick with online booking websites where I can get a reservation immediately . What a waste of money

4 years ago

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Debbie Phoenix, AZ

I tried this service and even did a year membership. I was never able to swap anything through this company. I receive my credit card bill with a charge of $816 dollars from home swap. I logged into my account trying to figure out what the heck this charge is. They said my account was setup for automatic renewal and I had a 14 day grace to cancel. Well it would have been nice to receive a letter or email in regards to this. The price doubled. I told that I had never used it or was able to swap anything and I wanted to cancel I miss the grace period by 3 day. So please Charge me for those day and cancel my account. They where like no sorry we can't but if you need help swapping give us a call. Really. This is the worst company with the worst service. They are theirs Don't not use,,!!

5 years ago

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rene halligan Burdett, NY

Don't trust Love Home Swap.I subscribed to the 14 days trial. For that, you need to leave your credit card and they say you can cancel the trial whenever you want. I decided to cancel on the same day I subscribed because the website is not what I expected. I sent them an email as there is no option to cancel on their website. . I wrote a several emails and they never answered. I called twice and got a recording. This company cannot be trusted. I joined on 6/3/19. I tried to cancel about an hour later and I am still trying to cancel with no response from the company.

3 years ago

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I'm on the free 4 week trial for Lovehomeswap. It looks like a great idea but what they don't tell you is that during the trial you can't actually swap homes. I was ready to take my trip with my travel paid for only to be told I couldn't go . Feel cheated.and misled.

5 years ago

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Brian wood

These people are money grinning sharks. Try and cancel your free trial. They just take the money. The web site is awful. Useless.

2 years ago

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Kobus Kritzinger

They have just stolen quite a bit of money from me with an unauthorised credit card transaction. Stay away - stay very far away.

5 years ago