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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
HouseTrip is a holiday rental site that was started in Europe in 2010. A couple that wanted to take a vacation without using a hotel started HouseTrip. They found that holiday rentals were hard to find and the process was complex. Now, their website has vacation rentals listed in over 20,000 destinations and they have over 300,000 listings posted. HouseTrip describes themselves as the ideal way to holiday, “You get all the comfort of having a home and all the excitement of being somewhere new on a holiday”. With HouseTrip you can book a home, cottage, apartment or villa. No private bedrooms are listed. However, you can also select alternative property types such as a boat or castle. HouseTrip is considered one of the largest holiday rental sites in the world and was voted as one of the top 50 websites for travel by The Times. 

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The Good

  • Secure housing
  • Free posting
  • Great customer service is dedicated to having secure housing. They have a group of employees that concentrate on verification of houses listed to ensure that no fraudulent accounts are posted. Just in case, HouseTrip also withholds payment of hosts until 24 hours after check-in. This means if you have any issues with check in or if you find out that your vacation rental is fraudulent or misrepresented you are eligible for a refund. Additionally, HouseTrip is one of the few websites that let their hosts post available homes for free. This means that hosts can post their house just for the week or two that they are out of town. HouseTrip allows people to post their homes for free, creating more safe options like:
  • Over 300,000 holiday homes, apartments, villas and cottages
  • Over 20,000 beach and rural locations around the world
  • 7 million nights booked so far
  • Over 95% guest satisfaction on vacation homes
HouseTrip also offers a 24/7-customer service line, and while they do not have any express guarantees, they do go out of their way to make sure you have a good experience with your vacation home. They do have a few security features to make sure you are comfortable with your vacation home, such as:
  • Customer reviews that are only from previous tenants
  • Screening team to verify posted homes
  • Payment is withheld from hosts until 24 hours after check in to make sure your vacation rental is exactly how it was advertised
Over great parts about using HouseTrip are the convenient search options, easy to use mobile app, and informative FAQs page. HouseTrip also has a cancellation ranking system so you can choose homes that have a flexible cancellation schedule. This way, you can customize your holiday rental to fit your needs.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Lacking details
HouseTrip has a few things to keep in mind while planning your next vacation. Firstly, HouseTrip has a few fees with usage and leaves a lot of options open to the discretion of the host. Here is what to plan for:
  • 3% service fee associated with booking any vacation rental
  • Hosts can add on additional fees like cleaning and processing fees
  • Hosts get to decide how strict their cancellation policies are
  • Customer Service lines are the last resort, they encourage you to first speak with our host about any issues
  • No specific guarantees about service or fraud issues, just a general implication that they would resolve the issue if it came up
HouseTrip claims to investigate each posting for fraud but they do not share any specific details about how they verify or protect against fraudulent postings. Lastly, although HouseTrip has a wide variety of locations and homes-their top competitors boast almost double the amount of properties listed.

The Bottom Line

We recommend HouseTrip as an excellent place to plan your next vacation rental. HouseTrip offers a vide variety of views and boasts over 95% customer satisfaction. Be aware of the 3.3% booking fee and make sure you can't find a better deal somewhere else. However, when it comes to finding a nice place to stay, HouseTrip has a place for you. Those that use House Trip can expect the following:
  1. Thousands of properties to choose from
  2. Verified listings
  3. Real user reviews/feedback
  4. Varying cancelation policies
  5. Issues of fraud
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NEVER,NEVER,NEVER & NEVER AGAIN!!! We booked our apartment in Miami south beach more than 6 months ago due to we were attending to the Ultramusic festival. During that week Miami is fully booked well in advance so we decided to don't take any risk. Our surprise was 1 DAY BEFORE OUR STAY, housetrip sent us an email saying the apartment has been CANCELLED by the host!!!! They said they would tried to find an alternative and we only received 5 star hotels outside housetrip as obviously there was nothing available by then. The cheapest we would end up paying extra $1500 for 3 days! And housetrip said they won't cover any of the extra cost, UNBELIEVABLE! The story didn't ends there as we called tens of times asking for an urgent solution...we also called he host who said there was some damage in the building but housetrip has told us before some problems with the administrator of the building....LIES, LIES and more LIES and no one was responsible for our frustation. The funniest thing we discovered at the end the apartment had been rented to someone else , probably for 2 or 5 times higher price we paid originally....(due to the festival) We felt let down , cheated and RIPPED OFF, please don't rent anything wth them, they will ruin your vacation! PD: Last minute we found an affordable apartment from one friend of a friend of a friend...who lived in Miami and allow us to stay on his apartment despite adifferent location we were so relieved!!!

5 years ago

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First of all, AVOID HOUSETRIP!!! And again, seriously, AVOID HOUSETRIP! Please, read the whole story to understand better our frustrations. I can see that there are many reviews with five stars. Well, it could be that those people have not experienced any problem. But if something goes wrong, seriously wrong, then you will realize what kind of company you're dealing with. Here is what happened to us, in as short description as possible. About arrangement: - We (4 persons family) booked a flat in Madrid (Apartmentos 2 – address – Calle Penafiel 18 – owner Susana Munoz) from 31.03 to 09.04.2015. - We contacted Susana and she confirmed that the flat is free in that time interval. - It is 2 bedrooms flat, with a place for 6 people to sleep (2 sofas in living room) - We were allowed to take our little dog with us. - Susana agreed with us that two more people (6 at all) could come and stay with us (10 euro more pr. man pr. night) - HOUSETRIP has withdrawn our booking amount few weeks before the trip started (approx. 800 euros). In Madrid: - We arrived from airport 31.04.15 about 19:15 at apartment. Pablo Munoz (Susana's father) has been waiting for us. - He could only speak Spanish. - He showed us the flat. And it was flat with only one bedroom. We protested, because it wasn't the same flat we booked. And there were no place for 4 people to sleep, not to mention that we were supposed to be 6 in short time. - As we couldn't discuss it with Pablo (lack of English) we phoned to HOUSETRIP. - We got to know that our apartment is already booked (Pablo said it to their Spanish speaking consultant), and that we can get this one with one bedroom. It was not acceptable for us (4 adults plus 2 more arriving). - About 20:00 o'clock we were outside on the street. With lots of baggage and a dog. Now what?! Communication with HOUSETRIP (31.03.15): - I called HOUSETRIP to hear what we were supposed to do. Where to go, where to sleep. Hotline consultant said he'll try to find another flat for us. - He called back 20 minutes later to tell us that he can't get owners of other apartments on the phone, and that we have to spend the night in hotel. In the meantime they (HOUSETRIP) will try to book another flat for us. OK, I said, but, who is paying for hotel? HOUSETRIP is paying, he said. It is fair, I thought. - We got hint form him which hotel ( on the other end of Madrid, but, OK, there is a Metro) has available rooms. - We checked in hotel about 23:20 . Communication with HOUSETRIP (01.04.15): - Well, it is vacation, but we can't enjoy it, because we don't know what is our next step. HOUSETRIP will call us as soon as they booked another flat for us. It was almost 12:00 o'clock, and we have to check out from hotel or they will charge us for another day (will HOUSETRIP pay for it? Unknown…) - Nobody called us from HOUSETRIP again and therefore I called them. Got another consultant on. She said that she doesn't know anything about our case, and after I told her a story, she promised she will do anything to help us (find another flat  ). Fine, I said, but… what are we supposed to do now? Stay in hotel another night? Will they pay for two nights? Then, THEN… she said, their rules are that they will pay for hotel, for both nights, but WITH MY MONEY!!! And for the rest of the money they will try to book another flat. WTF!!! It means following – we already paid 800 euro for 9 days in apartment, then… one night / two rooms in hotel costs 118 euro (two nights = 236 euro)… 800 – 236 = 564 euro. THEY WIL HELP ME PAYING WITH MY MONEY!!!?? I lost apartment which I have booked via HOUSETRIPs website because of HOUSETRIP's affiliates, and it is me who is paying for those extra costs!?! On the other side, I understood, too, that other potential flats costs much more than 1000 euro, which means, too, that we risk to end on 1400-1500 euros instead of 800 euros for 9 nights. I said that I 've no intention to pay more than I already paid, and that I want 2 bedrooms apartment for 9 nights as I booked. I said, too, that it was not my fault that I'm on the street now, and that it is HOUSETRIP's responsibility for their partner had double booking. Hotline consultant said that IT IS NOT HOUSETRIP RESPONSIBILITY! Period. We are only mediators, consultant said. On my claim that if you are earning money as mediator then you have responsibility, too, consultant wasn't agree. So, HOUSETRIP is not in charge if anything goes wrong. Apartments owner is not in charge, neither. Nobody is in charge, and it is nobody's responsibility that your vacation became nightmare. And, not only that, HOUSETRIP will try to sell you another apartment!?!? Much more expensive!!! ( It is farce, it is game, there are NO EMPTY FLATS!!!) Well, it was clear, if we choose to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat for us, we can't go out and enjoy Madrid (day 2 of our vacation will be lost). HOUSETRIP refused to pay for extra costs their host has caused to us, and at last, if they maybe, MAYBE (!!) find another flat, we risk to pay much, much more for 9 nights in Madrid than planned. The only way out was – cancel the deal. We have done it. We stayed at hotel, paid 250 euros more than planned, but… that's it. Resume: - It took 2-3 days to come over everything we experienced with HOUSETRIP host, discussing with HOUSETRIP's consultants, realizing that no help will come from them, realizing that HOUSETRIP has no understanding, that HOUSETRIP has no responsibility, that HOUSETRIP is not in charge for anything in their business. No consequences, no compensations, nothing. PS. After some time (after we cancelled the whole booking with HOUSETRIP) we got few e-mails with info that all flats in Madrid are booked and that they can't help us?!?! Imagine what would happened if we have chosen to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat? We would spend 2-3 days in hotel waiting and doing nothing. Anyhow, HOUSETRIP, great coordination, superior professional's. With one word HOUSETRIP. No two words - AVOID HOUSETRIP!!! You deserve better. NOT HOUSETRIP!

6 years ago

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Danielle Jones Hanover, NH

EXORBITANT CANCELLATION POLICY! On Thursday, March 19th, 2015 I made a reservation to stay at a property in Prague during August. On Friday, March 20th, 2015 (less than 24 hours after I made the original reservation), I notified the property owner and Housetrip I needed to cancel my reservation. Housetop informed me they would only reimburse me 85% of the transaction amount net of their commission fee. I am disputing this charge via Paypal and my credit card company because it is an unfair/illegal policy. In the U.S. we are allowed to cancel a purchase within 24 hours and receive a full refund. I recommend you DO NOT BOOK with Housetrip because of their inflexible, unfair refund policy.

6 years ago

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Ozgur Polat

I booked a house 2 months before my holiday. 3 weeks before my trip, the host said that she made a mistake and cancelled our booking. the site found us another house, we made another booking and my credit card was charged. The site charges your account immediately even if the booking is not confirmed, so if the host denies the booking your funds are returned. That's what happened, now I am trying to book another house. I am not sure if it will be possible three weeks before. This site and their booking system is not very good, and I do not like the fact that they charge your account immediately even if the booking is not confirmed.

6 years ago

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Jean Linda

NEVER USE HOUSE TRIP. A terrible company! As they didn't receive my messages through their website contact form the insisted that I did not send them. The customer service representative called me a LIAR!! So they refused to resolve my problem saying that i did not inform them, despite my several attempts to contact them through their contact message system on their website which clearly wasn't working.

6 years ago

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Joanna Hickey

Had a very bad experience with housetrip. First and last time I've used them. Basically thrown out of our apartment due to council changing locks as host failed to keep up fire regulations. Advised them host also had other apartments closed the same day, ongoing saga. To top it all asked my friend who booked it to review them,

5 years ago

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Jen Frantz New York, NY

NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They are horrible. I wish I had read more reviews before using. Their host cancelled my booking and their only answer was to send me some alternative listings which were not in the area I needed or the type of properties. You have no recourse when your host cancels and ruins your vacation!

5 years ago

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Booking all went straightforward. I am a bit wary though, as there is no direct email address for them. I always feel that companies that don't have a customer email address have something to hide. Time will tell.

5 years ago

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Tanja Furby

Since Trip Advisor took over, it is shambles. And now we cannot access our past bookings - not past from years ago, I cannot even access the booking from earlier this month!! Awful.

4 years ago

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